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Pocky! What's YOUR Favorite Flavor?


One time, when I was at a mall, I saw that this smoothie place was selling pockies…So I decided I’d get an orange smoothie (yum) and a chocolate pocky…which led to me buying two or three more, because they’re so good. Anyone else enjoy a chocolate pocky, or maybe some other crayzay flavor? :smiley:


I think that Pocky is cool, although I am not a fanatic like my sister is. We have a Wal-Mart here that just started to stock it regularly, so we are always buying the chocolate. Last week, we found the strawberry also in stock, so we bought some to try. We both fell in love with it, so now strawberry is our favorite.:laugh:


I should try strawberry…it sounds good, but usually I’m not a fan of strawberry-flavored foods.


You guys should check out the Pocky Group in the Community section as well.

My favorite flavor is Maccha (Green Tea), next to that is the strawberry with the little strawberry chunks stuck to it. Out of all of them though, the original chocolate is probably the one I like the least. I remember when I used to have to hunt around for Pocky though, now most grocery stores in my area have started to at least stock the original chocolate and strawberry.


Good idea…there’s a Pocky group? Hrm…I’ll check it out, thanks! And your nickname made me rofl when I saw it. shankajew. xD


My favorite was the pineapple I got a few years ago from Anime Castle.


Pineapple? o__o Whoa. That’s awesome. And does anyone know where pineapples come from? I thought trees, but…I’m not sure. o.o;


They come from Hawaii, of course.

I’ve only had strawberry, the once, but I’d try it again -


Yeah yeah yeah but I meant like what plant or something? I thought trees? And I’ve been hearing a lot about strawberry flavored pocky…I should try it.


I like the “Fancy Decore” pocky. They have several different flavors, but I like the white chocolate with the almond drizzle. The double chocolate is also good.


D-d-d-d-d…duh duh duh…DOUBLE chocolate??? o____o Tell me more?


It has an extra thick milk chocolate coating, then has more chocolate drizzled on top. It’s one of my favorites, but it’s very hard to find. An anime store near me usually has it around Christmas time, but that’s about the only place and time I can find it.


D’aww, that bites. Only place that sells anime remotely near me is either a bookstore, a HUGE DVD store with a small selection of anime, orrr this chinese shop in the mall. Other than that, for pockies or anything, I have to order it off of the internet. x.x You’re lucky, man.


My favorite’s Almond Crush. Besides that, I’ve only tried chocolate, Men’s chocolate, milk coffee and the two strawberry flavors.


KleinKiesling wrote:

I’m pretty sure that pineapples are grown in the ground, kinda like potatoes or something.

I didn’t know that there were so many different flavors of Pocky, although I guess it makes sense that there are more flavors than the chocolate and strawberry that I am familiar with. I will have to go searching…:slight_smile:


Not trying to seem like an advertising bot, but I know and have a ton of stuff from Japan, as well as a HUGE (OVER 20 LONG PAGES!!) snack section, so if you want to “search” for a specific pocky flavor, you wanna check with them. :3


Thanks for the info, Klein. I’ll have to take a look. :wink:


No problem, I skimmed by there a few times and I saw some pocky…I got to the bottom of the page and saw they had more than 18 additional pages in the “snack” section, so…I hope you have some free time x3 ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO FIND A BUNCHA POCKY/OTHER JAPANESE SNACKS: orrr
Same site, but JBox is without the 18+ stuff. They also have figurines and stuff…I saw some TTGL glasses. Yes, glasses, like drinking glasses. oooh o3o



Pocky is the snack of choice where I work. I bring in a big bag of them and they are gone in less than a day


KleinKiesling wrote:

Darn…I was hoping they were the big, pointy sunglasses. I would buy those