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Queen's Blade / Rurō no Senshi

Queen’s Blade: Rurō no Senshi

Genres: adventure, fantasy, tournament
Themes: ecchi, fanservice, swordplay, women warriors
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: In four years time the competition that will decide who the next Queen shall be will start. The strongest warrior will continue to rule the country according to tradition and expand it. The contestants need only be older than 12 years. They need not be human, intelligent or even of that country. The rules for the tournament are simple: murder is allowed. Any weapon can be chosen. The winner is decided when one of the participants flees or can’t move anymore. The event is broadcast by the court’s magic teacher through a crystal sphere to the whole population to see and enjoy.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2009-04-02 to 2009-06-18

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Queen’s Blade 2: The Evil Eye

Genres: action, fantasy, tournament
Themes: ecchi, fanservice, Magical girl, swordplay, women warriors, Yuri
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: In the city of Gainos, Reina the vagrant warrior enters the competition of Queen’s Blade to decide the new queen of the continent, but there are a number of obstacles in her way, each with their own reason for fighting.
Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2009-09-24 to 2009-12-10

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Queen’s Blade: Rebellion

Genres: fantasy
Themes: ecchi, fanservice, female warriors, swordplay
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: Annelotte, a wandering knight, quickly become involved in an insurrection against the increasingly corrupt nobility and fanatical Church, as she and her growing band of fellow warriors fight to bring about justice and set right what has gone wrong.
Number of Episodes: 12
Vintage: 2012-04-03

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Queen’s Blade: Rebellion TV Anime Green-Lit

posted on 2011-10-22 03:34 EDT
Rebellion storyline from Hobby Japan’s games already inspired 2 anime DVDs

Queen’s Blade: Beautiful Warriors

Genres: fantasy
Themes: ecchi, fanservice, female warriors, swordplay
Objectionable content: Intense
Plot Summary: After the end of the Queen’s Blade competition in Gyokuza o Tsugumono, the separate stories of many warriors are further developed to bring closure and, in some cases, intertwined again.
Number of episodes: 6
Vintage: 2010-08-08 to 2011-02-13 (TV Broadcast)

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Queen’s Blade Premium Visual Book (OAV) Vintage: 2011-10-29
Vanquished Queens (OAV) Vintage: 2013-03-29
Queen’s Blade: Grimoire (OAV) Vintage: 2016-01-29
Queen’s Blade Unlimited (OAV) Vintage: 2018-07-13

WTF man, WTF.

I have three words for the curious:

I like this show and am freaked out by this show in equal proportions. Anyone else caught this one yet?

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Yup, I’ve caught and episode or two and all I can say is…Hmmm, veerrryyy interesting…VERRRY interesting indeed.

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I haven’t seen it… only have seen the trailers and all the hype and discussion surrounding the title.

I hope ADV picks it up. B)

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If not that, how bout them picking up Kodomo No Jikan season 1, 2, and the OVA’s. Controversy is always good for business.

My review for this anime was actually just one word:

Honestly, this anime serves as decent fap material, but little else. The art is decent enough and there is heaping servings of ecchi in it, but that’s really all it has. The story sucks, the characters are uninteresting at best and …wait, did I say story? Not so much story as a weak plot point that connects one tit-filled scene to another. Even the action scenes aren’t done very well.

The only thing this anime does well is ecchi. It falls far short on all other fronts. (No pun intended)

Also, tonka, don’t ever compare this show to Kodomo no Jikan. Kodomo no Jikan was controversial, but it also has a good story and likable characters. Unlike Queens Blade I actually watched KnJ for the story, not the ecchi.

Don’t remember ever comparing the two shows to each other…
hmmm…wait let me see…mmmm…nope can see it…
I might be missing something…oh well…

I’m off to safe the world…

Well, you mentioned KnJ. I didn’t mean that you literally compared them. =P

Dragoon: Why would you want ADV to get this anime? It sucks…

wonder if this will be a next license rescue by Sentai?

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 01 is now LIVE![/b]

I hope it’s as good as season 1&2

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 02 is now LIVE![/b]
[url=][/url] [b]Episode 03 is now LIVE![/b]
[url=][/url] [b]Episode 04 is now LIVE![/b]

Okay, I’ve finally gotten a chance to start watching this series and I have a question. Where does this one sit in relation to Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin? That’s the only other Queen’s Blade series I’ve watched, and this is the first I’ve seen of any other Queen’s Blade animes but it isn’t completing the story that The Exiled Virgin started.

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According to Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin on ANN, Rebellion is a sequel to The Exiled Virgin.

Thank you. I’d seen The Exiled Virgin on Netflix streaming, and although I’ve kept my eyes open for them to have more I hadn’t seen anything else of Queen’s Blade appear there. Now if only I knew where I could go to watch The Evil Eye.


First two seasons can also be viewed at or with the crackle app .

Thanks guys, guess I’ve got a reason to wander over to Crunchy Roll soon again. Right now I’m trying to get caught up on Polyphonica Crimson S before I work any others.

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[url=][/url] [b]Episode 05 is now LIVE![/b]