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Saint Seiya


Genres: action
Themes: bishounen, constellations, fighting, gods
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: Ages ago, the goddess Athena was served by fighters called Saints who channeled the power of the Cosmos within them. Now a youth named Seiya has trained to become a Saint himself by earning the mystical Cloth of Pegasus. He is joined by other Saints with Cloths of their own to fight for Athena.
Number of episodes: 114
Vintage: 1986-10-11 to 1989-04-01

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Saint Seiya Omega


Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy
Themes: constellations, fighting, special abilities, tragedy
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: The god of war and guardian of his namesake planet, Mars, was once sealed away by Seiya, but time has passed and his revival is at hand. Meanwhile, Saori Kido (Athena) is raising the boy Kōga, whose life Seiya saved, and he’s been training every day to become a Saint in order to prepare for the coming crisis… Unaware of his destiny, when Kōga awakens to the power of his Cosmo hidden inside him, the curtain will rise upon the legend of a new Saint.
Number of Episodes: 65
Vintage: 2012-04-01

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Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold / Saint Seiya -Ōgonkon-

Plot Summary: During the battle with Hades, in the underworld, the twelve Gold Saints sacrificed their lives, destroying the Wailing Wall to open Seiya’s breach. However, Aiolia and the other Gold Saints, who should have been annihilated, are resurrected in a beautiful world, overflowing with light. These men, who should have been destroyed, are reborn. Aiolia becomes embroiled in a battle with this large mystery remaining. When he raises his Cosmo to the limit… Leo’s Cloth transforms.
Number of Episodes: 13
Vintage: 2015-04-11

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Saint Seiya: Saintia Shō (ONA)


Plot Summary: In the wake of a space-wide civil war instigated by Saga–the Gemini Gold Saint–a new team of Saints comes together with the goal of protecting their goddess Athena. This first all-woman team of armored warriors, powered by the Zodiac, will use their cunning, strength, and compassion to defend their worlds and oppose their very destinies.
Vintage: 2018-12-10

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Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya (ONA)

Number of episodes: 12
Vintage: 2019-07

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Saint Seiya Movie: Evil Goddess Eris Vintage: 1987-07-18
Saint Seiya Movie: The Heated Battle of the Gods Vintage: 1988-03-12
Saint Seiya Movie: Legend of Crimson Youth Vintage: 1988-07-23
Saint Seiya Movie: Warriors of the Final Holy Battle Vintage: 1989-03-18
Saint Seiya Movie: The Heaven Chapter - overture Vintage: 2004-02-14
Saint Seiya Movie: Legend of Sanctuary Vintage: 2014-06-11

Saint Seiya OVA: The Hades Chapter - Sanctuary Vintage: 2002-11
Saint Seiya OVA: The Hades Chapter - Inferno Vintage: 2005-12-17 to 2006-02-18
Saint Seiya OVA: The Hades Chapter - Elysion Vintage: 2008-03-07 to 2008-08-14
Saint Seiya OVA: The Lost Canvas Vintage: 2009-06-24 to 2010-04-21
Saint Seiya OVA: The Lost Canvas 2 Vintage: 2011-02-23

Saint Seiya Returns in New Omega TV Anime Series

posted on 2012-02-06 16:18 EST
1st TV anime for mythical fantasy in quarter century to feature a new generation

I’d love for Sentai to jump on this license.

I’d be happy if they just got the rest of Sanctuary . Heck I’d be happy if Toei would just put it online. I just want more. Though I think we’d have a better chance of someone like Rightstuf/Nozomi licensing it.

Well, this explains the quick re-release ADV put out a while back. They often put out one last release before the license lapses.

I really can’t see Sentai touching it though, even in Toei was willing to license it back out. You have to remember that this show was very successful worldwide and had a lot of popular TV deals. It could be difficult for someone to get all of it in North America without significant TV and licensing deals, which are unlikely. In the unlikely chance that Toei would loosen their grip on it, it would most likely be done in sub-only boxsets for the seasons that are not dubbed.

This definitely seems more of a Nozomi pickup, rather than anyone else, especially given their pickup of Dirty Pair. However, I still think Toei may be a significant road block.

Well, I think Fist of the North Star was a fairly successful title around the world as well, but even with its fairly good English dub and TV presense on Encore and Starz it didn’t really make a dent over here… Yet here we are, getting the TV series now in its entirety via Discotek.

I think if a show had its chance and didn’t do that well, ala Saint Seiya or Fist of the North Star, then Toei might not be as picky with it as they would be with a title like Sailor Moon, which was a hit in North America and the rest of the world and obviously would require something to keep that popularity there. I really think dubbing the rest would be a risky thing to do with Sentai; there’s a difference between dubbing a recent adaptation of an older manga, ala Golgo 13 TV, and to continue dubbing a show that has age on it, like Saint Seiya TV… Hell, there could even be a chance that they might not be able to get all of the original cast back to continue dubbing it.

Also, though it did improve as it went on, Saint Seiya’s ADV dub wasn’t considered one of their better ones, and I think most people who want to watch the rest of the show would be fine with sub-only releases.

You guys could be right. Toei has a habit of over estimating the value of its titles around the globe. I wonder why Toei hasn’t been chosen for the new Saint Seiya OVAs.

I want to see the rest of this series. I only watch dubbed stuff though.

Ghost Sweeper Mikami (TV)just got announced by Sentai Filmworks today.,com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,4/func,view/id,56749/#56749

Maybe and hopefully it’s part of a larger bundle deal from Toei that will include more Saint Seiya .

That would be my hope as well. Mikami does seem like an odd series for them to just pick up out of the blue, Saint Seiya not so much.

Yeah, I have to agree with that as well. I mean, Mikami is not an unknown name over here, but it’s such a small name that the only real solution must be that either someone at Sentai is a giant Mikami fan or it had to be part of an old-school anime package deal from Toei.

See? Like I said, this seems to be the best time to license old-school anime!

Perhaps so, but the question remains “is it the best time to make money off old-school anime?” I guess only time will tell.

Well, I personally don’t go into that kind of detail, as I would think that the people who run the companies would know what’s a risk worth taking and what isn’t. If I was in charge of an anime company, then I’d think about those things, but right now all I can say is how I feel about what happens.

I think it’s a pretty good time. The younger generations are more the streaming it’s got to look crisp and new generation and the ones I think DVD’s are getting more aimed back at is the older generation so might as well license stuff us older guys might want to see.

I also think Funimation is really picking up a lot more of the new stuff and with the decline in quantity of shows in Japan over the years really only one place they can go to “back”.

I have to wonder if the recent surge in older licenses has to do with the general lack of originality and (arguably) quality in newer titles. Fans have been clamoring for more variety.

I agree with you both. It seems that most of the new stuff coming out of the Japan is the same almost with every season(Visual Novel adaptation,Video Game crossover, On going series). There is almost a goldmine of marketable shows that have never made it to the US.

Discotek Media
Saint Seiya Movies 1-4 coming soon!
Movie 1: Evil Goddess Iris
Movie 2: The Heated Battle of the Gods
Movie 3: Legend of Crimson Youth
Movie 4: Warriors of the Final Holy Battle

Hopefully they do well enough for them to at least license the first series. Since ADV was only able to release 60 of the 114 episodes.

Day one purchase for me.

Saint Seiya Omega TV Anime to End in March (Update 3)

posted on 2014-02-23 23:05 EST

New ‘Saint Seiya’ movie to hit cinemas in summer 2014

May 19, 2014

Saint Seiya CG Film’s New Video Pits Brother vs. Brother

posted on 2014-06-10 01:00 EDT

Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary CG Film’s 2nd Trailer, New Video Posted

posted on 2014-06-13 09:00 EDT

Saint Seiya CG Film’s New Video Showcases Saints’ Powers

posted on 2014-06-17 07:23 EDT

New ‘Saint Seiya’ feature wows audiences with gritty realism

July 31, 2014