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Genres: comedy, slice of life
Themes: Public servants
Plot Summary: Lucy’s parents had a very hard time picking a single name for her when she was born. Because of their indecisiveness, they decided to give her over a dozen different names. And it was legally approved by a civil servant no less. At an adult age, Lucy manages to land a job at the same public service office. But her reason is to seek revenge against the person who legalized her ridiculously long name. Being a civil servant is not an easy job due to dealing with many angry citizens, facing different challenges, and having to put up with wacky co-workers each day. However, Lucy is determined to do whatever it will take to get her revenge.
Number of Episodes: 14
Vintage: 2013-07-04
Opening Theme: “May I Help You?” by Ai Kayano & Mai Nakahara & Aki Toyosaki
Ending Theme: “Hachimitsu Doki (Honey Time)” by Mai Nakahara

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Karino Takatsu’s Servant × Service Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-03-29 20:45 EDT
Anime based on manga by Working!! creator premieres in July

Episode 1 –


The first day on a new job is always tough, but I think it’s harder when your supervisor asks what he should do with you. LOL At least Yamagami is a fast learner. However, she only took the job as a civil servant as revenge. She has this very long, weird name that she couldn’t even get through before lunch break and she’s there to find the civil servant that approved that name, so she can “say something” to him. But now everyone is calling her “Lucy” – a name she hates! This is so funny! I hope she finds the guy so she can have her revenge on those hated civil servants! LOL I like the Hasebe character and since he mentioned that he’s a third generation civil servant, I wonder if it was someone in his family that approved her name. It certainly would fit.

Episode 2 –


Toko is a scary girl, but I think Hasebe almost got the better of her. I love how this high school gets to “test” the new employees. Miyoshi is just too nice for her own good, but it paid off for her in this case when the little old lady that always talks to her attacks Toko for being mean to Miyoshi. And then Toko doesn’t like Yamagami’s name! LOL Who would? It turns out that Toko is Ichimiya’s younger sister, and thank goodness for that, considering how shocked everyone was that Ichimiya called a high school girl by her first name and even gave her money!

Episode 3 –


Ichimiya is having doubts about his ability to have the new employees rely on him. He thinks that Yamagami knows more than he did when he first started at the job. He’s depressed about it, but Yamagami tells Toko that he does take good care of them.

It was hysterical when Yamagami’s bra hook broke. The embarrassment! It made for an amusing time at the office as everyone tried to be polite about it. Funny that Hasebe of all people was the one to save the day. And the next day, Yamagami finds her co-workers acting weird. LOL

Hasebe trying to get Yamagami’s e-mail address all the time is annoyingly funny. He keeps popping up in the strangest places and always where Yamagami is. He does seem to have a crush on her as well, which is kind of sweet, but he has a weird way of showing it. Yamagami seems touched when Hasebe actually does something nice for her without teasing her, such as lending her his iPod during a thunderstorm. He does have his good side when he puts his mind to it. But will he ever get her e-mail address?

Episode 4 –


It’s funny that Chihaya warns Yamagami about sexual harassment from Hasebe when she isn’t too far from it herself. Chihaya really wants Yamagami to cosplay and has been secretly taking her measurements in rather funny ways. “Oops, I slipped!” LOL At least Hasebe is trying to teach Yamagami sign language. Still, Chihaya considers him a rival now and I don’t know where she got the idea that Hasebe wants Yamagami to cosplay! Miyoshi ends up warning Yamagami about both Hasebe and Chihaya.

Hasebe asks Yamagami out and she rejects him. She later worries about it though, and ends up deciding that he didn’t have any real feelings behind the words, since he seems to chase girls all the time. But Miyoshi tells her that Hasebe told her that he’s never actually asked anyone out, and Yamagami feels bad again.

Yamagami meets Hasebe on the roof and asks him why he asked her out. But he doesn’t want to tell the girl that shot him down. Anyway, she thinks that asking her out was a joke anyway. No one would ever ask out a boring girl with glasses and a ridiculous name. Hasebe thinks he was rejected for a very lame reason in that case. So, he asks her out again and gets rejected again. But he gets around it by telling Yamagami to act normal and then tells her that it’s normal for co-workers to go out and eat together. Very logical! LOL

A mystery around the office is always missing section manager. Ichimiya acts oddly when Yamagami asks about him and won’t look her in the eye. Hasebe and Miyoshi haven’t met him yet either and they happen to be discussing this with Yamagami in front of the manager’s desk. There is a stuffed pink rabbit on the desk that suddenly jumps up and starts talking. It introduces itself as the section manager, Kenzo Momoi. The girls think he’s cute and the rabbit explains that it’s remote controlled. He knows Hasebe’s father too. Yamagami asks him why he uses a stuffed animal and the manager explains that he’s very shy. Chihaya says that he’s just a grumpy old man in his fifties and Hasebe thinks that having a stuffed rabbit for a superior “sucks”. I just think it’s funny!

Chihaya finds out that Yamagami has been going out to a lot of dinners with Hasebe and warns her about his true intentions. I agree that Yamagami is very naïve in this area. As she tries to deduce Hasebe’s true intentions, she comes up with the idea that he wants to make her fat because she rejected him. She tells him this over dinner and he calls her an idiot. At the office, Chihaya starts calling her an idiot as well and even threatens to give her an Idiot Certification! Miyoshi also takes up the name calling.

The night out drinking with the section manager was pretty funny. He even gets Yamagami drunk. I laughed when Hasebe escorted her home – leading her by her cowlick! She eventually passes out and not knowing her address, Hasebe considers taking her to a love hotel – just to rest of course! However, the next morning, Yamagami wakes up next to a woman and I can’t wait to see what that’s all about!

Episode 5 –


So, Yamagami wakes up next to a woman and that woman is – Hasebe!? Yamagami is thrown into a panic and Hasebe tells Yamagami to keep it a secret from the people at the office. Then the real Hasebe walks in. What a relief! It turns out that the woman is Hasebe’s older sister, Kaoru, and her hobby is playing tricks on people. She is definitely Hasebe’s sister!

Hasebe explains why they’re at his sister’s place, but Yamagami doesn’t seem to get it. Boy, she’s dense! Kaoru is worse for thinking that Hasebe wanted a threesome with his girlfriend and his sister – and the fact that Kaoru didn’t mind in the least!

On the way home, Yamagami begs Hasebe to let her do something for him by way of an apology for putting out him and his sister. That is just asking for trouble! But Hasebe is nice – or maybe not – when he says that he add it up as points towards asking her for a huge favor later on. Yamagami swears that she’ll never drink again.

Yamagami visits Kaoru to thank her properly and it’s funny that Kaoru knows her entire name. Kaoru suggest they visit her brother and says that Yamagami will be her gift to him. It seems that Kaoru knows that Hasebe likes Yamagami and wanted to see him in an awkward situation. And she is amused when Yamagami starts asking Hasebe about girls. Thankfully, they don’t stay long and Hasebe ends up apologizing for his sister.

The way Yamagami described the evening to Ichimiya earned Hasebe a hit on the head. LOL Chihaya berates Yamagami as well. Ichimiya later tells Hasebe that he has a girlfriend and Hasebe thinks it’s his sister! But Chihaya drops a bomb and says that it’s her. She then says it’s a joke, but it doesn’t look that way, judging by the way Ichimiya’s acting. At least the initial shock cured Yamagami of her hiccups.

When Miyoshi takes out Toko for the day, Chihaya shows up at Ichimiya’s place. Yup, they’re dating. Toko wants to be a civil servant after she graduates high school, but it looks like she’d really rather go to college. Ichimiya really doesn’t know how to treat his girlfriend and his constant apologizing annoys Chihaya. Saying that she’s going home, she runs into Toko’s room and soon comes out wearing her uniform. Cosplay! LOL

Chihaya wants Ichimiya to tell her that he loves her, but he can’t with her dressed like that. He tells her to take the uniform off and Chihaya calls him perverted as she begins to undress. But that wasn’t how he meant it! And Chihaya knows it too. LOL In the middle of all this, Toko comes home. At least Chihaya has a good excuse for being there, but Ichimiya still looks guilty. By the time Chihaya leaves, Ichimiya is just a complete mess. Back at the office, he tells Hasebe to avoid the trouble of office love affairs. But you know that won’t stop Hasebe from chasing after Yamagami.

Episode 6 –


The section manager kills me! Not only must it be annoying to report to a stuffed rabbit, but the employees have to carry him around as well. And he wonders about morale? LOL I wonder if he’ll ever appear as a human. His daughter is very cute and she brings him his tail. So, that’s why he felt something was lacking!

Toko keeps showing up at the office and Ichimiya is worried that she doesn’t have any friends. I guess he still doesn’t get it. But Toko and Kanon are friends and when Toko asks about the stuffed rabbit, Toko covers nicely for her father by saying he’s the office mascot. Kanon gets Toko out of the office as well, much to everyone’s relief.

If the manger is remote controlled, why does he feel the need to go home? It’s funny seeing this little pink rabbit going to and from the office, with his little briefcase. Miyoshi is feeling the job pressure. Between Mrs. Tanaka, Toko, and the manger, the poor girl is totally burnt out. Hasebe hears her say that she wants to quit, but she protests that she really doesn’t want to, she just regrets not finishing graduate school.

Then Mrs. Tanaka asks Miyoshi to marry her grandson! And she’s serious. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to marry into that family. Poor Miyoshi! I wonder how she’s going to get out of it. And it seems that she may end up meeting him too.

Episode 7 –


Toko is really dense when it comes to her brother. Even Kanon knew right away that Chihaya and Ichimiya were dating. And Ichimiya is just as dense when it comes to Chihaya. Another dense one is Yamagami, thinking that Hasebe is interested in Miyoshi. But the one that is even more dense is the manager for not seeing what is right under his nose! LOL

Tanaka is a strange one and I wonder at the relationship between him and Hasebe. They grew up together and seem to be rivals, but Hasebe does act oddly when Tanaka is around. It also looks like Mrs. Tanaka is a good matchmaker – Tanaka seems to really like Miyoshi. And she seems to dislike Tanaka for some reason. And Chihaya is saying things again. Like maybe Tanaka has a crush on Hasebe. LOL

Episode 8 –


More people are calling Yamagami by her first name and the poor girl just looks so depressed. Hasebe inviting “Lucy” to dinner is the last straw and she just slams a book into his face! LOL She’s immediately contrite afterwards and apologizes to him, and actually accepts his dinner invitation.

Dinner was funny and Hasebe and Yamagami learn a little more about each other, but Yamagami still declines Hasebe’s offer of going out with him. Again, everything comes back to her name, but she won’t hurt her parents by changing it. Even Hasebe is ready to complain to the person that approved her name at this point!

Tanaka kidnaps Yamagami! Well, not really, but he does forcefully drag her off to have dinner with him. At the restaurant, Yamagami comes up with a plan to get Tanaka drunk so she can escape. That will probably end up being a disaster! LOL Five bottles of wine later, Tanaka is still quite sober. He begins to talk about Hasebe and how he has never beaten him at anything.

Yamagami also finds out that Tanaka is actually upset that Hasebe never really applied himself and has ended up as a civil servant. He also insults Yamagami and she learns that Hasebe has never hit on a girl before, although she doesn’t quite believe that.

Tanaka then asks Yamagami out! But his motive is selfish. He just wants to steal the girl that Hasebe wants, so he can finally win something against Hasebe and see him fail. How dare he use Yamagami like that! Yamagami declines several time, but Tanaka won’t take no for an answer. He doesn’t even like her! Thankfully, like the white knight he’s turning out to be, Hasebe comes to save Yamagami, hitting Tanaka in the process.

Tanaka also ruined his chances with Miyoshi, since she saw him drag Yamagami off, and I think that really saddened him a bit. It turned out that Tanaka was drunk after all and now formally apologizes to Yamagami for being “insensitive”. LOL But his plan to ask Yamagami out wouldn’t have changed even if he hadn’t gotten drunk, which causes Hasebe to hit him again.

Hasebe offers to walk Yamagami home and Tanaka apologizes once again and also tells her that he will send her an apology e-mail. That makes Hasebe hit him again, saying that he doesn’t even have her e-mail address yet. LOL Maybe he’ll get it now.

So many apologies! Walking home together, Yamagami apologizes to Hasebe for causing trouble and he apologizes to her, since Tanaka was his friend. He asks her what they talked about and she admits Tanaka talked about him. Yamagami is beginning to think that Hasebe really might be a “suffering genius” and tries to cheer him up. Sadly, that just makes Hasebe like Yamagami even more. He leaves her to walk home by himself. Poor guy!

The following day, Hasebe doesn’t seem to be himself and is messing up at work. Everyone is noticing this. At lunchtime, Hasebe finds Yamagami eating alone and this time, she really insists on repaying him. Reminded that he had been saving up points, Hasebe now redeems them and asks for a date. That throws Yamagami into a panic and she tells him that she’s busy for the next two months. She panics more when Hasebe says that he’ll wait. And he wants her to wear a skirt! LOL

Insisting that she can’t do both a date and a skirt, Hasebe picks the skirts and tells her to wear one to work. Yamagami looks like she wants to die! She begs to be able to do something else. But Hasebe is adamant – a skirt to work or a skirt on a date. She’s about to pick the date to avoid the embarrassment of wearing a skirt to work, but Chihaya has overheard everything and declines on her behalf.

Even though Chihaya threatens Hasebe with sexually harassment, he’s happy to let Chihaya pick out Yamagami’s outfit for that day. LOL I love the way he ignored everything she said. And Hasebe was smart to mention cosplay, because now Chihaya is ready to help him! Now much to Yamagami’s mortification, she has a date with Hasebe and Chihaya gets to dress her however she likes. I can’t wait to see this! I also liked Hasebe’s reaction afterwards. For all his bravado, he really is just a normal guy.

Episode 9 –


It was interesting to see how Chihaya and Ichimiya first got together. But now it even isn’t like they’re dating. And that seems to be annoying her. Granted, Ichimiya is still nice to her, as he is to everyone, but he doesn’t act like much of a boyfriend.

Yamagami is still trying to get out of her date with Hasebe, but it isn’t working. The skirt shopping made me laugh. Chihaya is just so deadpan, it makes her funnier.

Miyoshi and Yamagami hear more about Tanaka from Hasebe’s sister. Afterwards, Miyoshi and Yamagami feel a little better towards him, but Miyoshi still can’t forgive what he did to Yamagami.

Hasebe later gets the mistaken impression that Yamagami is getting married. Poor devastated guy can’t even concentrate on his work. He just keeps going downhill until Yamagami mentions that it’s his sister that’s getting married. He just goes off the deep end after that and even breaks his phone. At least he tells Yamagami that he was going to erase all of those girl’s e-mail addresses he’s collected, but she doesn’t get the hint. So, Hasebe is blunt and tells Yamagami that she’s the only girl he needs. It leaves her stunned! But Hasebe still doesn’t have her e-mail address – the one he wants the most.

Episode 10 –


Chihaya decides to tell Toko that she’s dating her brother. But Toko already feels she’s in the way and wants to be on her own and away from her brother as soon as possible. Chihaya almost wavers at that, but tells Toko anyway. However, Toko misunderstands and falls asleep before Chihaya can explain.

Too funny that Miyoshi labels Yamagami a “smart idiot”! But I guess it’s true, once you think about it. Miyoshi warns Chihaya not to have any regrets. And regrets can be very funny things! Unfortunately too, Toko finds out about the Section Manager and his little secret.

Episode 11 –


Hasebe seems to be avoiding Yamagami, since his little confession. The Section Manager helps Yamagami to look for Hasebe outside and they end up at a bazaar where the manager is accidently sold. Her co-workers aren’t too concerned either, but at least Yamagami got him back, although she still hasn’t found Hasebe.

Hasebe actually comes across Yamagami when he goes up to the roof to have lunch and finds her eating bread crusts. It was sweet of him to give her his sandwich. Yamagami tries to clear the air after what Hasebe had said, but just makes things worse. He tries again to tell her that he likes her, but she won’t let him, and runs away.

Miyoshi tries to psych herself up for her date with Tanaka by walking around the city. Unfortunately, she bumps into her co-workers, as well as Mrs. Tanaka. She vows never to go out on her day off ever again. LOL She’s still apprehensive about her date though.

Tanaka picks her up from work and takes her to a restaurant, but all he talks about is Hasebe! He’s drinking too much wine again too. Miyoshi tries to get him to talk about something other than Hasebe, and she unthinkingly takes a sip of wine and passes out. When Miyoshi wakes up, Tanaka is carrying her. She apologizes when he puts her down. Tanaka then asks for another date! And Miyoshi accepts!

Episode 12 –


Chihaya still makes me laugh. She takes time off to finish her cosplay outfits and tells Ichimiya not to contact her or go to her house when she really wants him to, but he takes her at her word and promises not to. Even Hasebe is beginning to think Ichimiya doesn’t like Chihaya all that much after all.

But it was nice to finally see Ichimiya visit Chihaya anyway. And he even blew off his sister so he could do so. Chihaya protested, but I think she was really happy to see him. It was funny when she attacked him and then fell asleep. He was too nice to move her and ended up spending the night. Hasebe and Miyoshi noticed right away that he must have spent the night too, since he’s wearing the same clothes at the office.

Chihaya presents Yamagami with her date outfit and pretends ignorance when Yamagami notices that it’s a lot shorter than it should be. Chihaya then blames misjudging the length on being tired, but of course it’s too late to fix it since the date is the following day. LOL I know she did that on purpose!

Chihaya gives Yamagami some last minute date advice and a final warming about Hasebe. Yamagami tries on the outfit and decides it’s too embarrassing and wants to cancel the date. But she doesn’t have Hasebe’s number! Chihaya thinks Hasebe planned it that way too. LOL I really think she’s making him out to be something he isn’t

Hasebe ends up waiting a long time for Yamagami and he can’t even contact her to find out why she’s so late. He ends up attributing too much to Chihaya! LOL Yamagami finally shows up and Hasebe is dazzled by her beauty. She does look very cute. But she’s wearing contacts and Hasebe prefers glasses. He even buys her a pair and takes her picture.

Perfect date! Hasebe takes Yamagami to a bookstore. Toko tells Chihaya she suspects that her brother has a girlfriend. Chihaya thinks it might be a good time to bring the subject up, but Hasebe and Yamagami show up at the café. Chihaya makes Toko leave with her, so she can’t interfere in their date. Hasebe turns out to be the perfect gentleman and Yamagami mistakenly believes it’s because he has too much experience with women, which frightens her.

Chihaya brings up the subject of Ichimiya having a girlfriend and Toko seems okay with it. But Chihaya still doesn’t tell Toko that she’s the girlfriend. Hasebe tricks Yamagami into holding hands and asks her out again, saying that he doesn’t care about her name. It was really sweet until Yamagami started arguing with him and Hasebe tells her that she’s only using her name as an excuse.

But a phone call cuts the date short as Hasebe explains that he’s supposed to meet his sister’s fiancé. He also tells her that the date was more important which was sweet again. Hasebe also mentions his “future bride”, but that only frazzles Yamagami. I like what happened to her cowlick when Hasebe said that! Yamagami understands and promises to “redo” the date another time, which surprises and pleases Hasebe once he realizes that she’s serious.

It’s hard for Yamagami to face Hasebe at work, but he acts more than normal so she feels better, but also feels a little depressed that he wasn’t at all flustered. However, he really is a mess! He’s making constant mistakes and not slaking off. It’s enough to worry the others. They talk to him and find out that the one that approved Yamagami’s name – the one she wants to find and give a piece of her mind to – is none other than Hasebe’s father! I knew it! I figured it was someone in his family. Of course this means that he may lose his chance with Yamagami. No wonder he’s acting so weird!

Episode 13 –


It takes a while, but Hasebe finally gets the story out. His father approving that name was kind of an accident. Little Hasebe was in the hospital and a worried dad wasn’t really concentrating on his work. Now, Hasebe feels that it was his fault after all. Chihaya, Miyoshi, and Ichimiya try to cheer Hasebe up, but that just keeps backfiring.

But now they have to figure out a way to tell Yamagami, although Hasebe doesn’t want to. He feels that she will hate him, no matter how gently the news is broken to her, and that’s the last thing Hasebe wants! Yamagami and the manager walk into the room, causing it to empty out. And as Hasebe passes her, Yamagami can see that something is wrong.

Over lunch, Yamagami confesses to the girls that Hasebe is avoiding her, and she isn’t sure why. She thinks that she might have done something during their date that annoyed him, and she feels bad now. Yamagami remembers something that Chihaya had said before her date, and thinks maybe that Hasebe has dumped her. That really bothers her too.

Miyoshi would really like to find a way to resolve the problem, but Chihaya warns her against it. Chihaya also comes up with different scenarios and with each one, Hasebe is still hated. And the next time Yamagami bumps into Hasebe, he calls her “Yamagami-san” instead of Lucy. The bothers her even more and she tells him to continue calling her Lucy. She tries to ask him how things went with the visit to his family, but that was not the thing to say to Hasebe!

Now, Yamagami is out of sorts and can’t concentrate on her job. All she can think about is Hasebe, and the strange way he’s acting. Chihaya confronts Hasebe and ends up making him feel worse. Both Chihaya and Ichimiya urge Hasebe to talk to Yamagami, and he decides to take their advice. But once Hasebe leaves, Chihaya gets annoyed with Ichimiya because he still can’t tell his sister that he’s dating Chihaya. He apologizes and promises to tell Toko about them! However, it’s still a matter of when. LOL

Hasebe stops Yamagami as she’s leaving for the day, and she tries to apologize for doing something bad on the date, but Hasebe tells her that isn’t it. With the other three eavesdropping, Hasebe grabs Yamagami by the shoulders and says he has to tell her something - tomorrow. LOL That only makes Yamagami apologize again, urging him to say what he has to say – as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with her name. Hasebe gets flustered and yells it out anyway, without meaning to.

Hasebe gets even more flustered and ends up blurting out the whole story. But Hasebe is stunned when Yamagami doesn’t blame him. However, with all his protesting, Yamagami does decide to blame him and tells him that he has to make it up to her, since it’s his fault that she has such a weird name. But she likes when Hasebe calls her Lucy and wants him to keep doing it. He grabs her hand and it looks like he’s about to tell her more – like maybe confessing his feelings for her, but Tanaka walks in and spoils it!

It was funny when Miyoshi jumped in front of Tanaka and said Hasebe wasn’t there when he was standing right in front of him. She ends up pulling Tanaka around a corner and out of sight. But then Toko shows up with Kanon and Ichimiya goes into action, grabbing them both and running around another corner. The next interruption is the section manager and Chihaya just viciously stomps on him and drags him off.

Hasebe and Lucy wander outside and he asks her to go out with him again. Lucy flatly refuses him - again. But then she softens it with a “not yet”. But when he tries to ask her about it, Tanaka shows up again, accusing Hasebe of avoiding him. He’s followed by a complaining Toko, and the section manager, and everyone else. It just ends in mass confusion! LOL

Ichimiya finally sits down with Toko and Chihaya and still can’t say that he’s dating Chihaya. So much for good intentions. Miyoshi is seen having dinner with Tanaka again and scolding him. It looks like Tanaka is finally put in his place. Yamagami wants to repay Chihaya for making her outfit and makes the mistake of saying that she’ll do anything. Anything? Chihaya finally gets Lucy to cosplay! And she looks adorable, even if she is ready to die from embarrassment. Actually, Chihaya got all the girls to cosplay. LOL

Hasebe is still trying to get Lucy to have dinner with him, but is in competition with his sister. I liked the scene with Kanon repairing her father. Best of all was seeing Hasebe walking on air and glowing! And life in the office is the usual everyday hilarity. In the end, Hasebe finally gets Lucy’s e-mail address. Success! And he immediately sends her an e-mail – “go out with me”. She again tells him “not yet”, but he keeps pressing her as to when that will be. Everyone comes over to watch, and I loved Chihaya’s final comment – “Happy people, explode.” I guess Ichimiya still hasn’t told Toko about Chihaya. LOL What a fun show! I thoroughly enjoyed it, from beginning to end!

Aniplex USA Schedules Servant x Service DVD Set

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Series will be released for US$59.98 on May 27

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