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Maid Sama! / Kaicho wa Maid-sama!

Maid Sama! / Kaicho wa Maid-sama!

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Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Themes: maid, school
Objectionable content: Mild
Plot Summary: Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president at a once all boys school turned co-ed. She rules the school with strict discipline demeanor. But she has a secret, she works at a maid café due to her families circumstances. One day the popular A student and notorious heart breaker Takumi Usui finds out her secret and makes a deal with her to keep it hush from the school in exchange for spending some time with him.
Number of episodes: 26
Vintage: 2010-04-01

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Jun 07, 2010 Maid Sama! Premieres This June Only on Anime Network Online

Just watched episode 1. Looks to be something I will really enjoy. The show has all the makings of a great romance/comedy so far. It’s like those great titles Geneon would pick up and then all of the people that watched the fansubs that said they loved the show would not pick it. Which means this is not to be missed. First episode was just great. Though be warned slower readers the first episode gets a little fast at some points and hard to keep up with the subtitles. The two main characters look to be great leads so it looks like this is going to be a excellent show to look forward to each week.

From the First Episode this gets a big two thumbs up.

Yeah, I watched this last night and it seems I will enjoy it as well. It reminds me just a bit of Special A. I’m very curious to see where the story will go.

Though I have to say that the guys request at the end of the episode was hardly surprising.

I just watched the first episode and really enjoyed it. It reminded me a little of Special A, too. I’ll definitely be checking it out again next week.

To me, it’s kinda like what would happen if the Hakusenkan crew merged with the students from Ame no Kisaki (especially Mariya Shido)…

At Midnight tonight (oh heck, let’s say 12:01) Thursday, June 17, the first episode of Maid Sama will be available for Registered Users to enjoy!

Just watched the first three episodes of this, I must say it’s very funny so far. Can’t wait for the others to be made available.

Episode three ending just put a giant smile on my face when he told Misa the reasoning for the color white.

The more I watch this the more hysterical I become.

Episode 6 has been better than the last…


The entire episode just kept making me laugh with that Quintet constantly following Misaki around. I did rather like the ending of it as well, where Usui jumps off the top of the school for the for the photo. After he retrieves it and tells the Quintet he is paying for her services after school just about made me fall out of my chair.

Just watched the first episode on VOD and looks like it will be a fun series.

Episode 1 -


I also agree that this is a little like Special A. Especially for the fact that Misa placed second in the exams and is determined to outdo the number one – Takumi. Reminds me a lot of “Miss Second Place”.

I can see why Misa doesn’t like men that make women cry. Her father disappeared and left the family in debt and her mother is also ill. This probably happened in her second year of junior high school when Takezawa tells Takumi she “changed”. And now she’s supporting her family with a job she really doesn’t like because it pays well.

Takumi keeps pretty much to himself and doesn’t seem to like girls - at least the ones that like him. He bumps into Misa at work one day and discovers her reasons for working at Maid Latte. I think he admires her for being so dedicated and hard working and maybe there is a little sympathy in there too. He keeps her secret but starts to show up at the café as a customer. I think he comes to care for her rather quickly, since he seems to be watching over her now.

Misa, as the Student Council President, has a lot on her plate too. Not only is she trying to keep the male students in line, but she’s also researching acceptable magazines for the student body and now she’s taking care of the budget too. In addition to this, she has to study to keep her grades up. She is showing herself to be a strong character that thinks she can do it all without help from any one else. But she can’t. She really does need to take Takumi’s advice and take things easy.

Going at this pace, of course she gets sick. Unfortunately, it’s at work and the three “idiots” that she goes after the most for breaking school rules are the ones to come across her in this state. I find it very funny that although Misa works in another town, the back alley behind the café is a pretty busy thoroughfare for people that know her! Anyway, the “idiots” try to take advantage of her and she is just too feverish to fight them off. Takumi shows up just in time to protect her and chases the other guys off. Misa apologizes to him and passes out in his arms. I think he likes this feeling of taking care of someone that is dependent on him. I’ll be interested in seeing his background story.

So, Takumi gets the other boys to keep Misa’s secret as well, but tells Misa that her job doesn’t change who she is. Misa wants to thank him for taking care of her and doesn’t want to be indebted to him. She can’t think of anything and tells Takumi to come up with something. I think he was a little too ready with his answer when he said that he’d like Misa to be his personal maid for a day. Loved the look on Misa’s face! Can’t wait to see how this situation is going to work out!

This series is fun, and causes one to contemplate why such cafes wouldn’t play well here.

Sadly, only a few really do well here in the city, but I enjoy “theme” restaurants and I’d love to see a cafe like this one sometime.

Episode 2 –


Takumi doesn’t seem interested in much at school either, saying that he can’t be bothered and yet he still protects Misa and tries to bridge the gap between her and the male students.

I enjoyed “Cat Ear Day” at the café. Misa looked like she wanted to murder someone! Takumi is a regular customer now, as are the three “idiots” which are big fans of Misa now. I liked how one of Misa’s cat ears twitched too.

It’s time for the school festival and Misa wants to get more girls to enroll and so gears the theme of the festival towards this goal. However, the boys of class 2-2 don’t really care and have their own ideas. After rejecting all of the boy’s ridiculous ideas, it’s finally decided that class 2-2 will host a coffee shop.

But I don’t think the “Super Hot!! Manly Battle Cosplay Coffee Shop” is quite what Misa had in mind! When the boys take over the coffee shop, Misa is outraged – more so to see that Takumi has joined them. She chases them out of the room, but can’t get them to help properly, so helps out herself when they leave. The boys end up watching and Takumi does come back to help. He saves Misa from an embarrassing situation when she slips and accidentally calls someone “master”.

Once the other boys see how enjoyable the café can be, they come back to help too – maybe a little too enthusiastically – but suddenly the coffee shop is a great success. And Misa smiles! And the boys like her smile! Misa is in a good mood and takes over the council duties in order to allow the rest of the members to go join in the fun. She finally realizes what her boss was telling her and is pleased with the results of the day. She later thanks Takumi once again for his help and I liked when he teased her by saying that she was his – maid that is. I think the man hater part of her is starting to soften up a bit and maybe she is starting to like Takumi a little bit too.

In all reality, there is no way id ever have the courage to walk into a maid cafe’. If any of my friends ever saw me at once I think they would either do one of two things. Never let me live it down, or they would join me, but I’m guessing choice number 1. Ha.

I think if it was done right you would. We have a Jekyll & Hyde Club restaurant and a Mars 2112 restaurant here that are great fun. Although there are people in costume, the servers don’t dress up, which I find disappointing. There are a few others where the servers do dress up - Ellen’s Stardust Diner is a 1950s restaurant where they do this and even break into singing and dancing once in a while. Medieval Times was another fun one. So, I think a maid cafe would be a great addition. Or any kind of cosplay restaurant for that matter. And I know you’d probably love to be called “master”! :lol:

I actually found a real maid cafe in CA! :laugh: I wonder if it’s still there.

Ha, maybe. I’ve never been called master, so maybe it would all go to my head and I would start acting like Usui, God forbid.

Ok, if you say so master - I mean MrBoomba. :stuck_out_tongue:

Episode #7-

I loved the part where Usui planted a great big wet one on Yukimura so Misa wouldn’t feel awkward about their kiss. Now if Yukimura gets a crush on Usui because of that kiss I will really laugh. Although he seemed more shocked. Who will Usui have to kiss so Yukimura doesn’t feel awkward? Just kidding.

Episode 3 –


The café is having a “Younger Sister Day” and Misa is expected to be a “bundle of cute and soothing” and call the customers “Big Brother” instead of “Master”, but Misa has no idea how to do this since she doesn’t have a big brother. She decides to call the customers “Dude” instead, but she won’t be allowed to. I thought it was really funny that a twenty year old was telling a sixteen year old how to act young and cute. It was very true when Satsuki says that “some things just don’t match one’s personality” but Honoka says it’s no excuse and Misa should learn how to do the job.

Misa leaves but Satsuki catches up to her and tells her that there is also going to be a “Maid Power Ranger Day”. Takumi shows up at this point and Satsuki asks him what color Misa should wear. Takumi suggests “something transparent and revealing” and Misa calls him a pervert. Funny that Takumi asks the same question of the three idiots and that opens up a whole other can of worms!

Meanwhile, Misa does some aggressive research on little sisters, but Takumi doesn’t understand why Misa is pushing herself so hard and tells her she’s fine just the way she is. Then he blows it by saying that if Misa was his little sister, it would be “so hot” and Misa calls him a pervert again. But at least her co-workers appreciate her hard work.

The big day arrives and Misa pulls off playing a sweet, bubbly younger sister until Takumi shows up and gives her such a hard time that she blows up at him in front of the other customers. He gets up to leave, but she quickly gets back into character and a “new type of cuteness has been found.” Of course Takumi takes credit for saving the day.

At school, Takumi witnesses Misa saving a boy, but in the process, she hurts herself. He later corners her and tells her to “strip” but the way he does it causes Misa to get the wrong idea and she calls him a pervert yet again. He takes her to the infirmary and treats her injury – and it was very convenient that there wasn’t any nurse there either! I can see how he really admires her and it was really sweet when he said “you just happen to be present everywhere I go” when I think the exact opposite is true. And I love how Satsuki keeps swooning over Takumi! In the end, Takumi chooses white for Misa and it suits her very well, especially for the reason that he gives.

The more I watch this series the more I love it… Makes me happy it’s not a 13 episode series and instead a 26 episode series.

Episode #10:


Loved this episode more than the last. The way usui was introduced just in time to stop the indie band singer from kissing Misuki was just amazing. Especially when he explained how he got his hands on the waiter suit. It just made me laugh so hard. The ending to it was very sweet as well, the fact Misuki stood up for her friend and said back off after the constant questioning aobut her and not her friend sent chills down my spine with that music they always play during the uplifting parts of this series. I always know it is coming, but it still hits me hard every time. The very ending was great when they add in the last bit of comedy to show she gets in these love-crushes often so you don’t feel so bad. Great series so far and can’t wait for more!