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its a bit dark



The demons have stolen my heart
and smashed it like a glass vase
taking my feelings and
snapping them like twigs
leaving me a hollowed out husk of girl
not worth watching as their eyes follow
the tiniest movement I make
their claws leaving holes in
my words as I speak out
using the only thing
they haven’t taken to free my dark soul


I look outside in the darkness
hoping to glimpse the hollowed
beam which was told of
by the singing winds ,
the sirens of the elementals
the first to be heard by the
chosen few who believe
in them will be granted
their ears to hear their
blessed music


The black sands of time
in my hour glass fall so
fast it feel like you slip
from my grasp as they
speed up and slow down
as they part my time
of my life force in to
seconds and months

Every tear is like a
grain of my black sand
in my hourglass
falling to the bottom
of my time here
on the ground
beneath the Skies


my heart bleeds as
I sit and watch
drowning in feelings
I can’t handle
causing my hands
to shake as I draw
what its doing to

My heart is tightening
up so tight I can barely
breath from the pain


Watch my heart break right in front of you
see the cracks of the twice repaired vessel
be shattered more so no one will ever know
what it was once a beating thing


I made wolf ears


Great Ears


Thanks :blush: I made them out clay and leather


Thats cool. Youre Welcome.


See the lights in the distance
watch them dim to nothing
but the light coming from
beside me keeps glowing
no matter how much its


Nice Poems Sky.


Thank you Kyouta


My soul feels hollow as I try to hide my anxious thoughts and empty smiles behind eyes who shine falsely at the people who pass me by
Those who push meaningless words at me every turn of the daily rush
Never to understand when I am being false or real .


I’m unsure ,unseen ,invisible ,unnoticed in the seam , back pressed against the wall as the world flashes , gathering steam . Eyes cloudy as they gaze past me into being a different being , one made in perfect mold of people of old , another age of living , a trend thats gone bad , out of season . I’m tired of trying to match genes with stereotypes who just wanna be sheep , following blindly in line , under eyes who glare malice and unseeing . Its like matching wits with lice , these people live in the open , under the lights . I rather stick to the dark , away from eyes who pull apart the nice stitches and seams of the outcasts and Misfits like me .


That’d make a good basis for character in a story.


Yeah it would … Just stuff that pops in my head and won’t rattle free til I write it down


Why do you think stars fall , is it because the souls die or is it the angels striking the devil who plague the innocent , causing people souls to turn dark and making more of the lost ones . The stars may be the holy light that is the only weapon powerful enough to blind their enemies