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My sketches


I’d like opinions on the drawings I do, if that’s alright… (tykes…)

See, I’m an art major, but I feel that my work could really use some help…

I accept all sorts of comments, or at least to a certain extent, tykes…

Here’s a drawing of Lucario that I did. I got bored and drew some wave- thing at the bottom, but I’m not even sure if that’s some sort of attack…


This is way better than my sketchs, i hardly even use an eraser on my sketchs. I downloaded this program called GIMP 2.6. Its a free drawing program. You should give it a try. It could help you color in your sketch.

Good work.


Thanks a lot. I’ll give it a shot. I dont usually color because I’m so bad at it, tykes…


I like it, Timber, but I’m probably biased.

Is he always that thin? He should eat more! :wink:

Post more!


That’s some fantastic outlining. But why no color?


:woohoo: Hmm… I cant remember if Lucario is that thin, but the majority of my characters end up thin, tykes…

I dont really color because of how bad a job I am at it. I’ll usually copy the picture and practice, or just shade it in.

Glad to see that the picture is liked, tykes! I’ll try to post more when I’m not using my Internet Channel (which I am, tykes, so cool!) Thanks a lot!


Try experimenting with inking and shading


Here’s another one I did. It’s an original character and monster(s), tykes.

I think I will give the inking/shading a shot. I do like leaving my work in black and white, thanks, Outlander!


Nice work timber. Keep the sketches coming.


Does the ‘world’ guy have a headache? He seems in pain… Or is it the fact that he has those arrows zapping him? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm… I think that Avi (the girl) probably attacked, and Heavy Comet (the ‘world’ guy, tykes) is pointing at the pain. I’m not exactly sure why, he should be retaliating instead…

Thanks, I’ll be sure to keep it coming, in fact… (tykes…)

Here’s the Fashion Disaster, a coat gone wrong. THe little smile thing is kinda like my signature, tykes.


Oh! The poor thing! Patches in his wings, and that sad face! :frowning:


Dude, really digging the artwork! You’ve got plenty of talent, that’s for sure. How long have you been at it? Take any formal classes or are you self taught?


Slowhand-I totally agree with you, tykes. He’s like a melancholy hand-me-down.

fillet- I’m glad that you like them. I’ve been drawing since 12 (now 17, tykes). Hmm… besides art class (which I really didn’t get much of during grades 5-8), I taught myself and with what booksI could find. I always drew little random monsters since I was little, and that helped a lot! (tykes!)


Here’s another two of my characters, tykes. The tall guy is Amket, and his dog on the side is Rave.

Note: Amket originally has angel wings, but the cape he wears keeps them hidden when in public.
Theme song: Boin Vs. Boin from the soundtrack of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (tykes…)


And here’s one in celebration of my new avatar!(tykes!)

Name: Allinie or, 'Ally’
Theme song: Sunset Colosseum from Pokemon Battle Revolution


if I may;
I like the long arms and the shape and expressions of the faces. The mushrooms on the second picture are amazing.
Theres just alittle thing up with the thickness some some parts but its still all excellent.


Timber wrote:

[quote]And here’s one in celebration of my new avatar!(tykes!)

Name: Allinie or, 'Ally’
Theme song: Not yet…[/quote]

I like this one, Timber (tykes)

From the cowlick on top, to the flair of the coat, to the cuffs by the wrist, this is a win!! :silly:

(But you’ve still gotta feed these munchkins!)


I’m glad to see that my drawings are liked, tykes.

Here’s a rather old one I did. He goes by number XI (Otherwise, I still need a name for him, tykes…). THe tower behing him is called the Tic-Tac- Temple.

Theme song: Bonus Round (Tawna) from the Crash Bandicoot Soundtrack


So do you have any inspiration/stories behind some of the drawings you do, or do you make them on the spot?