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I think I used this forum more than a year ago, though I can’t find my old thread, but I think I knew the moderator Slowhand, as a nice commenter on my characters.

I plan to maybe use this thread as another art post of mine, in an attempt to share my characters with more people, so, if I like it here, I’ll post whatever new art I make from now on.

To at least start with something, this was the last thing I made, which was yesterday:

But I normally don’t spend that much time on a piece, and I usually focus on 1 character at a time.

Hi Andrew! Welcome back!!

We lost our old forum and everything in it… this new forum started up last April. That’s why you can’t find your old thread…

As usual, great art! And I love the expressions on their faces! :slight_smile:

It’s a great pic for Lazy Day!

Again Welcome back!

aw yay, my love!!=D

to be honest i didn’t even know you were a mod when i knew you before, i only remember your awesome comments on my art! in fact, i found this forum by googling “anime forum slowhand” because i forgot the url!

i always wish i saved the comment you gave for this old piece because it was so funny and awesome, something about her looking like she’s saying “what? i already passed you the remote control…” xD i wish i coulda used it to at least show my deviantart watchers what kinda comments i like! i’ve always experienced a severe lack of insightful comments D; if you just so happen to use DA, please add me to your watchlist <33333

yeah i realized the forum looks very different now=) i looked at the options a bit… sorry for the basic questions, but is there a way to have signatures? or to hide avatars?

august 8th is ‘lazy day’?=) i haven’t heard of that before xD;;


It’s been a slow process, we lost everything! We have avatars, but no sigs yet - but they tell us that’s coming soon…

Hiding avatars?? :unsure: Dunno about that one. I’ll check around. (You want to hide my cute avatar?)

To find out what day it is… or a multitude of other things, try my thread “On This Date” (shameless plug),com_kunena/Itemid,65/catid,11/func,view/id,323/limit,10/limitstart,150/

I have gone to your DeviantArt site quite a few times since our other site has ‘gone away’ and I remain impressed. So, please, post more stuff here and I’ll try to be witty and awesome(!) again.

Thought you were locked away in the nut house. Bring back the art!

Hey Andrew, as always, love your stuff. It’s nice to see you posting back on TAN again. Keep em coming.

the hiding-avi’s thing is just because of how intensely i try to avoid external influences in terms of artwork=) i’m like the freakin Amish when it comes to that…blocking images using firefox and so forth…

aw so you visited my DA sometimes?u yay!! i certainly shall post when i make new stuff!:3

they let me back out fillet!:>

hey slick!! i remember you wanted me to draw a wolf or something! your avi does a fine job of it though!xD i almost never draw something besides girlies anyway these days~<3

Your work is amazing, tykes! Its stuff like yours that encourages me and makes me break my neck to work harder on my works, tykes! >:]

awww, glad to hear it, tykes!=D it’s nice not hearing a comment like that end in feeling discouraged instead, as that happens more often!=)

Luckily, I dont get discouraged easily, tykes! I actually have a dA myself, but it’s the same stuff you’ll see in my thread, really… (tykes…)

“Oh hello, I’m Izzy and this isn’t really mine, I just found it on the floor…”

I like this smile a lot! Very genuine looking and almost a caught-in-the-act look. The slippers are a nice touch. I almost feel sorry for the stuffed animal being man-handled… :slight_smile:

lawl that’s the stuff T_T good ol’ slowhand comments<33333

I gotta ask about that hallway two pics up. There’s a water fountain in there! It’s great to see you back at work. Or is this back at work? How long do you usually go between projects?

lawl wtf@water fountain question?!XD

they’re not really ‘projects,’ usually just 1.5hr drawings i do for fun!=)

AndrewAnimation1 wrote:

[quote]lawl that’s the stuff T_T good ol’ slowhand comments<33333


And if I did leave the orange juice open on the counter??

AndrewAnimation1 wrote:



Yes, I noticed that the water was green. Yes, my hair was blonde this morning. Your point?