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###Oh My! Hentai! SoftCel Pictures Relaunches With New Adult Anime!
February 14, 2017

###SoftCel Pictures Relaunches With New Adult Anime
posted on 2017-02-15 17:20 EST
Section23 label to release The Patients of Dr. Maro, more adult anime

###The Patients of Dr. Maro License Announcement
February 14, 2017

###The Patients of Dr. Maro Blu-ray Announcement in June 2017 Slate
February 21, 2017

Yeah, Just what I want, Creepy Protagonist Hentai (end Sarcasm). No Thanks, SoftCel.

###The Devil’s Virgins Blu-ray Announcement in July 2017 Slate
March 21, 2017

SoftCel really needs it’s own section, hitting their stuff in the middle of the rest of the Sentai releases really jars.

Mark Gosdin

This is their section. :smirk:

Yes … and No, this is a place to discuss the SoftCel titles true. But, the description for The Devil’s Virgins is in the July 2017 Slate announcement in the regular PR thread. That is what I meant. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Mark Gosdin

I think I knew what you meant, I was just messing with you.

I get bored…

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Well I’m in no danger of that. :grin:

Mark Gosdin

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I see what you’re saying but I wouldn’t expect any special treatment for those titles. S23 just want it out of the way.

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Understandable, I don’t think any of us has any insight into what S23’s thinking is on the SoftCel announcements. I suspect that to a certain extent they are “Just another customer” for S23.

It’s a complex old world.

Mark Gosdin

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From what I understand, they don’t want to be tied to these titles in any way other than in official slate releases.

Pretty much.

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NSFW - The Patients of Dr. Maro Cover/Disc Art


###King of Breasts Blu-ray Announcement in August 2017 Slate
April 25, 2017

NSFW - The Devil’s Virgins Cover Art


Well… that’s certainly a lot of tentacles

Also FYI, my phone kept changing “tentacles” to “testicles”…lol

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Weirdly appropriate. :octopus:

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### SEX HYPNOTIST ZERO Blu-ray Announcement in September 2017 Slate
May 22, 2017