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Space Runaway Ideon / Densetsu Kyojin Ideon

Space Runaway Ideon, Ep 38, is live at HIDIVE

Space Runaway Ideon, Ep 39, :end: is live at HIDIVE

Maiden Japan Home Video Release Announcement

October 23, 2018
Cancels standard edition pre-orders

Maiden Japan Cancels SD Space Runaway Ideon Blu-ray, Plans HD Release

posted on 2018-10-23 14:00 EDT by Karen Ressler

Awesome glad they listened to the fans and took another look . Can’t wait .

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Thank you for the move slowhand . I was about to after I realized where I replied to and it vanished .

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I’m very sneaky. :wink:

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Complete Series Cover/Disc Art



Shelf Life - Space Runaway Ideon

by Paul Jensen, James Beckett, Feb 18th 2019

HIDIVE Streaming Announcement for Ideon movies

March 18, 2019


Space Runaway Ideon: Contact is live at HIDIVE

Space Runaway Ideon: Be Invoked is live at HIDIVE

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Good to know . I’ve gotten them all ,but nice they stay in print . Ideon is probably one of Maiden Japan’s best looking releases to .

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Now give us a Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector and all will be good.

Any news on this title? I’ve wanted to own Ideon for years but missed this release?