New Anime Streaming Service, HIDIVE, Launches


###New Anime Streaming Service, HIDIVE, Launches as Beta with Dubs, Live-Chat, and More
June 20, 2017


And so it begins. :fireworks: :grin: :fireworks: :tada:



Here we go. Signed up, let’s see what we can find.

Mark Gosdin




Can’t even sign up.


So last night they were able to fix their credit card issues and I was able to get signed up. So far, I like the site. The streaming is pretty reliable, and it has a modern, usable design. I love the fact that I’m able to preview some of the dubs I was debating on purchasing, and I finally got to see some of LoGH.

There are still some glitches with the player, but that’s to be expectedly on any brand new service, beta or not. On iOS, the sound plays, but you often get a black screen when in portrait mode. Landscape mode allows the video to play fine, and allows you to switch back to portrait mode once the video starts. It just seems that you can’t start with the phone vertically.

There is another glitch with the subtitles when switching back and forth between portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizon). In landscape, the subtitles appear a bit high up on the screen. They are just below the center of the picture. When the phone is vertical, the subtitles appear closer to the bottom of the screen, where one would expect subtitles to be. However, portrait mode seems to cause a glitch with subtitles on two lines. If two lines of text are on the screen, they will actually be in the wrong order. The second half of the text appears on the top line, while the first line of text appears on the bottom line. It appears that flipping my iPhone horizontally and viewing in landscape mode fixes the subtitle.


When can we expect a Ruko app? Also will it work on Firefox on “Linux”? Because TheAnimeNetwork works just fine on Firefox on “Linux”.


Had some fun & games with my Adblocking software and Browser, but that we solved and so far the PC based player is doing very well. Since my PC is attached to my Near Field Stereo & has a nice big screen HiDive sounds and looks very nice. No hiccups as far as the stream is concerned, in fact my son is streaming outbound with his art friends with no impact.

Mark Gosdin


@SuperSaien64 I expect it should work with Firefox on Linux, it does with my Firefox on Windows 7 as long as I set Adblock Plus to leave HiDive’s site alone.

Mark Gosdin


Otherwise I’ll have to install Google Chrome. I really want to know when the Hidive app will be available for Ruko.


reading this… maybe the wording isnt quite correct?

In one fell swoop, you’ll get to stream anime, THOUSANDS of hours of it.

well, that is what they are doing… too websites like Youtube, Twitch, etc. Seems someone should have taken an English class to phrase it properly as

In one fell swoop, you’ll get to watch streaming anime, THOUSANDS of hours of it.

no matter what page you look it it clearly states they allow you to stream anime… not just watch it. Good job! :confused: