Important notice for anime network online users

Big changes are underway at Anime Network Online, and we want you to be among the first to know.

Anime Network Online will cease streaming content at effective August 19, 2017 at 11:59 PM CT.

Is that your sad face?

Never fear-- our friends and family at are taking up the torch so you won’t miss a thing. Plus they’ve got some seriously super surprises in store for you. HIDIVE is a new anime and pop culture streaming service that offers a better video player, live chat, and customizable viewing features just for you! Be one of the first to join the HIDIVE party by clicking here: JOIN HIDIVE!

Your current ANO subscription will be expiring 30 days after your most recent billing period. However, if you have a yearly ANO subscription, you can claim for a limited time, a generous HIDIVE subscription credit.

The changes to Anime Network Online do not affect our friends at Anime Network TV. We are leaving them a gift. From August 20, 2017, will be relaunched solely in support of the Anime Network television and cable VOD service. There you will find schedule and programming information for local providers.

So long and thanks for your support. Anime Network Online signing off.


But… what if I just like hanging out?


Don’t worry, Anime Network’s Forums are remaining with Anime Network’s website. :slight_smile:


I’m letting out a sigh of relief right now. :heart_eyes:


Excellent, there is a treasure trove of information in this Forum that would be impossible to reproduce.

Mark Gosdin


Not to mention, posts and stories from some people who are no longer with us. I would have hated to see that lost.


TAN is immortal :wink:


dear god, we need to archive the whole of the outlands
just in case


Hey, guys. Can anyone cue me in on how the Hi-Dive subscription credit thing works?

“However, if you have a yearly ANO subscription, you can claim for a limited time, a generous HIDIVE subscription credit.”

I have been scouring both this and HD’s website for info on this without much luck. :frowning:

An Invitation for Quarterly and Yearly ANO Subscribers from HIDIVE

July 26, 2017
Your pro-rated HIDIVE Premium Membership awaits!


Your answer in the above post.