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NOVEMBER 4, 2019
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As I understand it, Jango and Boba Fett basically LARPed as Mandalorians.

But both Boba and Jango seemed way more skilled than the actual Mandalorian in the trailer. I mean, I can’t imagine either of the Fetts actually getting shot by a random thug in a run of the mill bar brawl.

I get that this isn’t supposed to be Boba Fett, but it sure looks like Boba and it just causes a hangup for me that he doesn’t act like I expect Boba would.

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I mean to be fair Boba Fett did get eaten by a giant sand monster that can’t move. As a Mandalorian that has to rank up there with most embarrassing things to not want to share with coworkers.


I’m confused about this “Remington Steele in Space” meme I’m seeing for The Mandalorian. What’s up with it?

I’m doubly confused as Remington Steele is not a series that I expected the Star Wars fandom to remember :smiley:


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:white_check_mark: Star Wars Resistance (Season 2), Ep 7, ”The Relic Raiders” is now available.

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