Strike Witches / Brave Witches / Luminous Witches

Finished up ep. 08 of S2

This ep. was all about Yoshika.


Yoshika has just become too powerful, and her Striker unit won’t work anymore. But the ‘spirit’ of her father leads her to a new prototype that doesn’t have a magic limiter.

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Includes many screenshots. (The site’s ads are NSFW.)

Finished up ep. 09 of S2


Drunk Mio!

Aside from the same “theme”, the opening seconds were identical to the same episode from the first series.

I’ll have to watch them side by side one of these days to verify that.

Finished up ep. 10 of S2


That aerial competition between Hartmann & Marseille was just awesome!

Finished up ep. 11 of S2

This ep. really made me teary eyed.


Poor Mio.

Episode 12, Season 2 finale.


We just knew Miyafugi was going to go all-out awesome.

And the post-credits scene; OMG! The 504th JFW has a Palmtop Tiger!

The rest of Europa still needs to be liberated, and Rappamaru is not at the bottom of the ocean. Add to that the dojikko meganekko’s letter, there must be a Season 3!

Just finished up ep. 12 of S2, finishing up the series.


So poor Yoshika uses up all her power to save Mio, which means, she can never be a witch again.

So in the end, S2 turned out rather well, though the ending of it really didn’t explain much of anything.
Here’s to hoping we see an S3 some time in the near future with the new witches they showed us at the end.

Looks like FUNi finally started adding S2 vids to their online player.

They’re up to ep. 04 currently.

I really liked strike witches, After seeing the first episode I had a feeling that I could really get into it, and have fun watching &_& It was cute and had funny humor :smiley: No when I work out and going on my jogs, I’m thinkin im gonna be a strike withc some day. It must be so cool and so much fun to be flying around ina striker unit. The fact that they even have some fun killing neuroi is cool too :smiley:

On other sites I have had a lot of trouble talking with people about the strike withces and the anime its self. I found there to be a lot of hate toward it… Though personally i can’t see why. XD Its fun :stuck_out_tongue: plain and simple :3

I have started to watch season two and im not dissapointed now :smiley: the fun and light mood continues :smiley: and some new characters not bad not bad :smiley:


Now all they need to do is make a live-action Strike Witches and everyone will be happy. :laugh:

Strike Witches Film’s 14,100-Yen Ticket Comes with Silver Ring

posted on 2011-11-24 15:00 EST
US$183 advance pass bundled with “bonus” 501st Joint Fighter Wing military ring

Am I the only one here who sees the irony in the fact that jeans is one of the bonuses?

So, it looks like the dub for SW 2 is either almost done, or already done.
Now we just have to wait until FUNi finally solicits it.

Which probably won’t be till months after the Japanese release: reverse importation fears and all that junk…wanna make sure they make their money from both their homeland fans as well as those from overseas. They’ve learned well from Aniplex’s strategy.

Actually, the reverse importation fears these days mostly revolve around BDs.
SW2 already finished it’s singles run on BD/DVD back in Feb., so this is re-release.
If FUNi is just releasing the DVD box collections to start, it’s entirely feasable, they could solicit it for a March DVD release, coinciding with the JP BD box.

Apparently, there’s a new listing for an LE Strike Witches-Season 2 Blu Ray/DVD Combo scheduled for 2/21/2012.

Makes one wonder…
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this turns out.

Probably the original release date from a out of date solicitation someone at Amazon found. I think more so since they just sent out the March dates.