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Subscription question


I am currently subscribed to Anime on Demand, but I was wondering if that means I can watch premium shows here on this website too? Or is that a separate subscription I would have to pay for? Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this ^^; I’ve never posted here before


It’s a seperate subscription.

VOD is directly through your cable provider.
Online is directly through Anime Network.


What do i get for upgrading to a premium package. I am more interested in knowing if I will still be sbujected to the advertisements that play throughout the episodes.


Zaknafen wrote:

No, there are no advertisements that play during the episodes. The only ads are the banners at the top of the page.

What you get for upgrading to the Premium Package is access to ALL episodes in EVERY anime here on the Online Player.

Then to see what’s Coming Soon, Here is the