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Pay for Cable VOD and Online VOD?


I searched around the forums and elsewhere for the answer to this question so sorry if I missed it somewhere.

If I pay for cable VOD do I also have to pay for online VOD separately?


Yes, they are completely separate and different.

One easy analogy I can think of that may make people understand it more is if you think of videogame platforms… When you buy a game for one console on Xbox 360 vs PS3, you don’t get the rights to the same game on another console, even if that game has different exclusive features.

The amount of shows on the Online Player are significantly more. On Cable you’re paying for the Cable company to grant access, cable price deals and other infrastructural costs to Anime Network, for 10-30 hrs of content there at a time. On Anime Network Online Player the amount of content is much more at a time since Anime Network is paying for that itself. The money paid for Online subscription helps pay for servers, new licenses, new content, additional staff and production facilities to make it all happen.

Anime Network is providing many choices for its customers on a range of services. It’s up to the customer to decide which is best for their needs.


Yes, go with the online player. It’s got more content than a cable provider ever dreamed of. AND stars off to the side!


Thank You for responding and the explanation.

I missed a few episodes when I was out of town in April/May and thought I could catch them online(I prefer to watch on TV, 52" vs 15"), oh well, I might catch them if the series is repeated.

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