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A very happy Valentines Day to all! <3
Well, not much to say about this post except that I am celebrating Valentines Day through here, as I hope to be able to do for (almost) every holiday! :3 Today’s theme is love, if you didn’t already know. :wink:

[spoiler]If it makes any difference, I have arranged them in order from my favorite to my favorite. B)

Oh no! Who are these characters? I don’t think we have covered them yet! :ohmy: If I had to pick a favorite, this would be it.

Marisa and Patchouli. |3

Alice and Marisa. |3 (If not a little sad.)

Alice and Marisa again. |3 Shorter and sweeter. (I still need to find out what is written on that paper…)[video][/video]

A theme about witches you say? Preposterous! Showing PVs that have characters we have not covered yet? Balderdash![/spoiler]


Just show them Bad Apple, that’s got a lot of characters in it :stuck_out_tongue:


Now now, let us not cut any corners. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll get to that one soon (but not soon enough :pinch: ). We can do this! All offical Touhou games will be covered!


Fine, fine… I’ll check back in a couple years then :stuck_out_tongue:


The other day I was listenings to some of the music from the game of Touhou and it was really good.


Somehow or another, I’m starting to feel like these pauses are going to become rather consistant, at least during the semester(s). :unsure: Oh well, I managed to get to it.
PV’s and music for IaMP? Sure, why not? :stuck_out_tongue:

[spoiler]YAY~! It’s Suika! Buta-Otome is turning into one of my favorite circles, so expect to hear them quite a bit. |3

I’m not sure I care about unknown characters or not anymore. We’ll get to them eventually. :stuck_out_tongue: Warning: This video contains some interesting material.

Ohh, some Haru. Another favorite circle of mine, here remixing Sukia’s theme. :3

Another arrange on Suika’s theme (you know, since she was kind of an important character). This time it’s an orchestrial piece from the unplugged/classic series! ^-^

Next up is… Hold on a second, I have something my my throat.


Cough Cough. Double post? What double post? Who said anything about double post? :whistle:
It’s not like I’m compensating or anything.

Imperishable Night (IN)

Imperishable Night is the eighth Danmaku Touhou game following the normal string of bullet hell shooters. Interestingly enough, Imperishable Night came out before Immaterial and Missing Power, coming out in its completed state on August 15, 2004; the same day the trial for IaMP was released. (The trial for IP came out on May 14, 2004.) Like many of the other Touhou games, this one is single-player, and like many other games it includes certain modefied aspects to it that other games do not have. One such change is that now you play in two-character teams consisting of the Boundary Team ( and, Magic Team ( and, Scarlet Team ( and, and the Ghost Team ( and Another such aspect is the Phantom Gauge, which will (depending on what team you pick) change between a 100% phantom (non-human) and -100% phantom (Human). I am pretty sure this mechanic helps by giving spellcard bonuses.

The story starts out the eve of the Harvest Moon Festival in Gensokyo with the Youkai very troubled by something the humans don’t seem to realize: A sliver of the moon is missing. What does this mean? Well, in short, the moon they see is fake, and someone must go to find the real moon! To buy some time to solve the incident, the team (only one solves it) causes a never-ending night. Depending on the path you chose, you will either end up fighting the one who created the fake moon, or the person who the real moon was hidden to protect.

The Characters (in order of apperance:,, (Also extra stage mid-boss),,,,, and (Extra Stage boss).

The story of Imperishable Night is connected to the traditional Japanese story of Kaguya-hime in “Taketori Monogatari” (Story of the Bamboo-cutter).


Well, I was super bored yesterday, so I decided to play through 8 to 11 and see how far I could get. I think IP is a new favorite of mine as far as the games go, but I’ll have to get back to you on that. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, here they are! I switched out one of the songs for a PV! I hope no one minds. :blush:

[spoiler]I’m not sure if it was known or apparent from anything posted before, but Keine and Mokou are said to have a very close relationship and, very often, are considered a couple. This song helps convey the barrier that stands between one being mortal, and one being immortal. :frowning:

Say hello to Udongein, everyone! I decided to change this one to a PV because, well, we didn’t have a PV in this before.

Wriggle Nightbug and her… HER great arrange. Sorry, I’m not trying to stress that it’s her’s, I’m just trying to stress that Wriggle is a girl, since there are some parts of the fandom who think she may be a boy. ^-^

And I don’t like to pick favorites, but I saved the best for last (or the best in my opinion, at least). Mystia’s OSTs and arranges are among my favorite and ealiest tracks. This one was my first listen, favorite, and repeat from IN. :3

Next up is Phantasmagoria of Flower View (Touhou 9)!! ^-^


Mmm Mmm Mmm, delicious… I mean, what? Lunch break is over? Ok, fine; I guess I have nothing better to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Phantasmagoria of Flower View (PoFV)

Phantasmagoria of Flower View is the nineth game in the Touhou series and was released on August 14, 2005. It uses reletively the same split-screen game format that Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream used back in the PC-98 games. It is different in a few ways, one being the avalibility to play it on LAN with a netplay patch. Other than that, the differences are in the gameplay, such as the player-specific spellcards and the hitpoint system against opponents, who can either be AI or human (like PODD). Much of the character specific spell cards are dependant on a spellbar that makes them more powerful as it grows in power, directly related to your number of targets destroyed. There are quite a few unlockable features, but I’m not good enough to get any of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can play as any of the 16 characters* and fight through 9 stages of 1 vs. 1 action of intensifying… intensity. Well, as the story seemingly goes along from Perfect Cherry Blossom (don’t quote me on this), spring has come… but more spring than usual. More fairies that usual, and more flowers are blooming; even flowers that are not supposed to flower in the spring! Oh no! You must start from the Misty Lake (near the Scarlet Devil Mansion) and fight through all of your opponents (for various reasons) to eventually find your way to Muenzuka, and those responsible for this incident.

Playable Characters*:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Other characters:

Lily White is a fairy who calls spring, and if you beat her while she appears on your screen it sends a special attack at your opponent. Oh, yeah, and this is the only game after EoSD (start of the Windows games) that does not include an extra stage boss.


PoFV PVs and arranges coming your way! Again, I was really torn between what to put and what to leave out. It was fine first off when I thought “oh, it’ll be fine; I probably don’t even have that many favorites from this game in the first place.” But after just a quick search through my list my heart goes asunder. :frowning: Oh well.

[spoiler]This is, in my complete opinion, a masterpiece of the fandom. I hope you like it as much as I do. >:3

The epic piece that first introduced me to PoFV. This was my theme song for a short time. :stuck_out_tongue: Black or white, guys? There is no grey area.

I’ll just say that no one knows what language these people are singing in. If you know, please speak up, because Youtube is stumpped. ^-^; Nice piece this time to calm us down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whew!! Oh wow, I almost left this PV out. That would have been bad. :whistle: (Even though some of the characters in here aren’t… pfft, oh well.) Awesome. B)

Coming up: Mountain of Faith (Touhou 10)!! :slight_smile:


Surprise! A middle game! :ohmy:

Shoot the Bullet (StB)

Shoot the Bullet is another game that was released between two “standard” games and was released on the 30th of December, 2005. It was originally going to be a minigame on a music album by Team Shanghai Alice (ZUN), but ended up just becoming Touhou 9.5. This game plays a little differently than the other Touhou games in that you can’t do damage to the bosses you face (in shooting them or spells) and you don’t have to worry about stages before the boss (as far as I know). It’s the same in that you have lives and you have to dodge the danmaku shot at you. So how do you beat them? You have to get close enough, charge your camera, and take a picture of the boss; between three and five pictures of them and you win. If you die once you have to start all over in pictures, but the more bullets and kind of bullets you get in your shot the more points you score.

This game is different than all of the others in story and play as well. As far as the story goes, there basically isn’t one… or is there? “No one knows the purpose of the photos, except Aya”. And as you may have guessed, you only play as one character that was introduced in the last game: There really isn’t much behind that beyond the reason she doesn’t shoot any bullets, which is for the purpose of not getting her bullets in the shot.

Characters:,,,, (Shanghai Doll),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Aya runs a newspaper called The Bunbunmaru Newspaper, which to most characters in fan works is known for its “slightly” exaggerated stories about the inhabitants and incidents in Gensokyo.

I would also like to take this post and relay to you a bit of news that happened not too long ago.
First off: both anime series are said to be working on their second episode despite rumours that they were not going to continue!
Secondly: ZUN got married on May the 26th! The best part is…

[spoiler]This was their wedding gift. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congradulations ZUN!! ^-^[/spoiler]


Now there isn’t too much on Shoot the Bullet that doesn’t come from another game (such as music and characters), so let’s just focus on some Aya. :stuck_out_tongue:

[spoiler]I actually did not see this PV before today; though I do like Shoot the Bullet, I just never cared to see if it had a PV. Fun Fact: there are three pictures at the end that are not from this PV.

Oh lookie, it’s Buta-Otome. :lol: This is the third song I ever heard from them and actually started my love for them by opening me up to the rest of the songs. Technically this song is an arrange from the next game, but I already know there’s enough to substitute in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Piano and Violin; not much else to say. Ayayayayayaya… at such a loss of words.

Time to finish it off with one that I think tops them all. ^-^ I can’t get enough of it. X3

Next up (for real this time): Mountain of Faith (Touhou 10)!! :silly:


Hello friends. Shall we begin our hike? Time to traverse the Mountain of Faith! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mountain of Faith (MoF)

Mountain of Faith is the tenth offical game in the Touhou series, and is know just as well for being the first game to use the new game engine and being the first game one the “2nd Windows Generation”. It had two trials before the game actually came out on the 17[sup]th[/sup] of August, 2007. This one is a little more complicated than the last ones, but in tradition there are two playable characters: and
Whoever you choose you get three weapon types, but no personal spellcards. In these weapon types the more power-ups you get the more satellites you have around you. These satellites can be placed while focusing or get drawn in closer; you may have seen something like this in the teams from IN. This game comes in with the concept of the Faith Meter, which acts kind of like a combo meter if you ask me: the more faith you collect (point blocks and enemies killed) the more your points will be worth. There is the pesky think of it going down really fast, but it’s all for a bonus, I guess.

So the story goes something like this: A stranger comes to Reimu’s shrine and says that she should close it down for good. We all know that isn’t going to happen, and instead one of the heroine decide to investigate. Going through the gods of fall, harvest, and curses, then kappa, and tengu on Youkai Mountain (who have had odd feelings about the “new god” around) they eventually find a new shrine. Lo and behold, the shrine maiden of that shrine was the stranger, who wishes to gain faith for her god.

Characters (In order of apperance):,,,,,,,,

This game’s theme was something between people and gods, and was mainly put together with Suwa mythology (which ZUN knows pretty well). He started completely from scratch for this game, and built it up after taking a break after StB.


Oh my, so many PVs for this one game (well, its characters, but shh), I think I might just seperate the PVs and arranges again. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you like kawaii, because there is plenty of it here. :lol:

[spoiler]Let’s start off with the “OP” to MoF made by the fans. I have to tell you, the ending gets me every time; it’s just so cool. :ohmy:

If you didn’t know yet, Nitori is a kappa (a water spirit) who loves cucumbers. Even if you did know, here’s a little something to remind you. :wink: I hear this song (and a certain circular floor) everytime I hear her theme. :stuck_out_tongue:

I absolutely love this song to all ends! It has to probably be my favorite PV of Touhou I’ve ever seen. It’s just so cute~!!! ^ω^

Well, if you didn’t notice yet I’ll tell you: Suwako is quite literally a frog… in the fan sense, that is. I’m not too sure about the canon on it, but if you look at her hat… yeah. Oh, that’s also why Sanae wears that frog pendant in her hair. And uh… kero kero.

Fun Fact: Sanae wears two things in her hair: a frog pendant and a snake… something (tie?). Anyway, they reprisent the two gods of the Moriya shrine: Kanako and Suwako. Suwako is represented by the frog (if you didn’t already know) and Kanako is represented by the snake. In stories, or something along those lines, the frog is consumed by the snake and the snake is the succeeding party. The story of how both Suwako and Kanako ended up as gods for the shrine follows this somewhat, with (you guessed it) Kanako beating Suwako to be the new god. Past that it’s a little vague, but all we know now is that the snake took over the place of the frog. [/spoiler]


Can I ask you a question, Tager? Does any of the Touhou games has a english translation and I’ll like to know where I can buy one of the games.


It was stated by Razmoudah on the second page that some of the games are avalible for purchase on J-List, and if none of them have English translations (though I doubt they wouldn’t) you could simply get a patch for it. :slight_smile:

Update: A PV has been added to the Imperishable Night fan material post. I hope no one minds that I replaced one of the songs for it. ^-^ I should have remembered before posting the next game, but there are actually quite a few PVs from IN that I forgot. How embarrasing. :blush:


Arrange time! And trust me, I’ve had a MOUNTAIN of stuff to go through. Get it? MOUNTAIN. MOUN-TAIN. Anyway, here you go. :stuck_out_tongue:

[spoiler]Ahh, we haven’t had much C-CLAYS, have we? Well, this is a good time to help fill the gap. :stuck_out_tongue: Great song; I hear it every time I hear Nitori’s theme. :silly:

Well, I decided to only put one Buta-Otome in this post. :unsure: Oh well. It’s Buta-Otome, what else can I say?

A quick change to this one (as the other one was somewhat of a placeholder). Anyway, time for some xi-on, which surprisingly doesn’t make it into my lists that often and I feel like I still need to go through all their songs. They have a lot of good stuff, so if you like metal, and you like Touhou, I say you should give them a try. :3

This is probably my favorite acoustic arrange from MoF, and a nice way to end off the post on a nice, soft, almost homey note. :slight_smile:

Next Up: Taking it easy.


Well, I think it’s time to take it easy for once, and what better way than to jump right into it? Of course, I am talking about… the Yukkuri.
Yes, the loveable disfigured heads of Touhou characters, named after the phrase they say: “Yukkuri shiteitte ne!!!” This could be translated as “Do it slowly”, but the more prevalent translation is “Take it easy!” Yukkuri can have bodies, but they are usually unproportionate to their heads. There is a story behind the Yukkuris as to why they are in Gensokyo, but… I… don’t really care. There is far too much thought put into Yukkuris that I find it a little scary. :unsure: If you want to read into it, be my guest, but I didn’t care to read all about the reproduction and subspecies. I don’t think we need all this complication, I just think we should all sit back, and take it easy.

[spoiler]The Yukkuri song, as sung by Yukkuri Reimu.

Yukkuri Overdrive, from the PV I added back in Imperishable Night’s post. Not for the feign of heart.

Yukkuri version of Kero ⑨ Destiny.
Don’t ask me.[/spoiler]
Just remember this, kids: We all must take it easy every once in a while.

Next up: Another fighting game?! 10.5!!


Yep. It sure is Summer around here. I hope everyone’s enjoying their vacation just as much as I am, if not better. :3 Don’t worry, I’ll be back into the groove probably around the time I settle back into school, if not sooner. ^-^
Just a small, tiny, little update to bring in some news I am very excited about. What is it? What could it be? Well, after 4 long years of nothing…

[spoiler]The second episode to the Touhou doujin anime title A Summer Day’s Dream has been released!

Here is part one of episode 2:

And part 2 of episode 2:

I think they have improved dramatically since the first episode, which kind of explains the long wait. ^-^; The next episode is expected to come out in 2015.[/spoiler]
I’m pretty sure it came out during Comiket 82, which just ended a couple of days ago. I look forward to many more of the releases and material getting to use in the next week or so. :lol:

[spoiler]And so, just as a little something for Summer, I’ll put in this PV and piano of everyone’s favorite Summer-themed character. :3


And here’s the piano version of the same song. :stuck_out_tongue:


Look up there, in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… a girl on a rock? :S

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (SWR)

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, the second 2D fighting game in the Touhou series, was released on May 25th, 2008, and was again was made possible by the joint effort of ZUN and Twilight Frontier. SWR, which comes in as Touhou 10.5, made many changes (and overall improvements on how you see it) to the game. First and foremost would have to be the weather system, which pretty much adds certain weather conditions to the match that effect the player’s performance or certain aspects of the match. Second would have to be the flight mechanic, which allows you to fly in the general four or eight directions and make you invulnerable to most projectile attacks; one thing about this mechanic is that it runs on the same power meeter that your projectiles do. Thirdly, and rather simple, is the spell card’s deck’s number was increased from 6 to 20 (which I think makes it a lot better). Lastly are the characters: two new added, and one Hong Meiling dropped. :< At least she comes back later.

And so, just like any other Touhou game, this one is started by a strange occurance (or occurances) that cause our loveable bunch to go out and investigate, excetp for one thing: this one hits closer to home. Sudden bouts of hail and rain in the Forst of Magic? Snow blanketing Hakugyokurou? A dense haze over the Scarlet Devil Mansion? And the Hakurei Shrine being destroyed by an earthquake? Things get as serious as always when celestials Tenshi Hinanawi and Iku Nagae decend from heaven due to Tenshi’s boredom. How will this story go on, and how will it end? It’s up to you to find out!

Characters:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

So you know how they say you should exploit an enemy’s weakness? Well, that doesn’t seem to be a problem with Tenshi, seeing how she has the divine Sword of Hisou, which takes whatever your weakest against and then uses it. Also, those keystones might be a problem… :unsure: