TAN New Year Promo (Code) POST OFTEN Give A Way

Hey TAN members going to have a contest Give A Way and there will be 2 WINNERS with a 50 dollar smartphone app store gift card each u heard right 50 Big Ones its crazy i know but this is in Honor of r fallen TAN member he would be thrilled so this is for him

so for the contest rules
all u have to do is create a thread that i will be judging myself and myself only for the most creative thread
or if u want to make more than one thread that is great
the more u post the more u may get an edge to be one of the WINNERS
but so we dont have too many the limit is 5 threads

it can be any themed thread u want but they have to go with the right section

so if that interest u just pm me and let me know

and the TAN Event to submit ur thread STARTS DEC 1st & ENDS JAN 31st
that gives u a chance to read about the Contest
and gives u a chance to submit ur thread(s)
will announce the 2 Creative Users at the end

so if u have any questions or comment post it here

and remember to show TAN some love by post often

so Enjoy the Excitement of the Creative Gaming

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@Kyouta that genuinely is sweet you’re doing that. Especially since it’s partially in memoriam to @Outlander :blush:

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I don’t have a phone but i might be in this gang

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decided to up the ante With 2 100 dollar app store gift cards
Just to make things more interesting for ya

so which 2 will get the Big Prize

stay tune and find out

u could be the winner if u participate

will good luck to everyone

its just about two weeks until DEC 1st when u post ur one of a kind thread(s)
Ur Forum Thread Might WIN U A 100 Dollar Gift Card so be Creative

if u have any questions about ur thread(s) to make just ask in this thread


if u want to beat the rush and not risk somebody that might make up the same thread as u
u can post ur thread earliy as of today

and remember it can be any theme thread
it could be anime, games , auto, computer ,manga video games , u name it but thats the examples

Now go be free to create ur masterpieces


just a reminder tomorrow is the official day to post ur thread so good luck

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