What's New TAN Panel

You have somewhere to be and that’s to be on TAN to host a forum remote TAN panel ( made up of course )
First order of business build your panel on what’s new with you and with anime or whatever

My anime to be viewed is Lupin Back 2 Zero
Is to be hosted soon in the first half of 2023 @ tubular central NYC
So stay tune I’ll give you a preview to what it is and it’s where everyone is a Vtuber and CR Hime is the leader to a new tube order

Is it a perfect threads and posts you are looking for ? Then you should ask grammarly to make the first perfect forum

But my threads and some posts are of natural human error and also if I’m talking business in an email then my thoughts are under pressure and i am more responsive to make less errors

But I don’t want to hear about this ever again not even if TAN says the rules say you have to make perfect grammar posts

Good Vides
All Day

Keep it civil please.

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This thread was more of an self-explanatory free play kind of vibe thread and the TAN members can join in at their leisure if they really wanted to. But if they really want to participate then they will ask questions on what are my mistakes in explaining the threads for they can understand what my threads are about.

But I don’t see anyone making a thread aka One Way and then want to gripe and complain about my threads
But why don’t you try to contribute to TAN once in awhile
And see if you can come up with something that members want to post in

I’ve seen enough.

Locking this thread.

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