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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea


This is my anthology. A collection of my short stories and poems. Please tell me what you think.
So lets get things started on the right note, ay?

Ladies and gentlemen may i present to you…Cosmic Boogie Phantoms!

Imagine a galaxy light-years away.
Where it would take eons for your sun to break day.
A place filled with planetary blunder
With music as the only god to stand under.
Rock, Hip-hop, Jazz, and Ska,
Each planet had its own music repertoire.
In this world something came a rumbling,
So big it brought every musician tumbling.
The biggest concert there could ever be!
Nothing like it in Universal History.
So massive it would rock every planet to its core.
The likes of which no one had ever seen before.
We’ll follow my band on our way to play.
On the brink of a cosmic pay-day.
Each of our members have there own anthems
All together we call ourselves the Phantoms.

Hellion Jones is the leader of the band;
Fastest man awhile with a guitar in his hand.
His mind is sharp like a dagger
Which was part of his infamous swagger.
He’s crude and lewd yet filled with charm,
Females from all around want to be candy on his arm.
He’s lead vocals of our intergalactic group.
When he sings he puts the audience in an ecstatic loop
He is my favorite, I will not lie;
Too strange to live, too rare to die.

The drummer of our band is known as Thor.
Son of a God if you believe the lore.
He’s as big and strong as an ox
But his behavior is a bit of a paradox.
When you met him he would be shy and quiet
But when he sat down at his drum set, he was a riot.
His head was bald and his skin was blue.
But talking about his skin was a bit of taboo.
It was well believed if there was a grapple his opponent would be crushed
But despite that when you talked about him he always blushed.

Then there was Bebop Jenkins; she played the violin.
Always playing with a kind of complacent grin.
She claimed she was prodigy when she was younger.
Now her need for fame is like an insatiable hunger.
She is eloquent and handled herself well
But get her angry and she’ll give you hell.

Her skin is a radiant pink and her hair a shining gold.
And despite what she claims I think her blood ran cold.
She was obviously from far away from here,
But ask her about her home and all you would get is tears.

Our manager we call Bones Slim.
In truth I know nothing about him.
He claimed his age is a thousand and one.
Some kind of Galactic King’s Son,
But somewhere down the road he met Hellion Jones
And ever since then he loved music and its enchanting tones.
I’ve learned something for only him it can apply
The meek may never live but the crazy never die.
He has a motto I’m not sure how it goes,
Something like ‘when the going get weird the weird turn pro.’

Then there’s me, I play the saxophone.
When it comes to ability I stand alone.
When I was younger I sold my soul to the Devil;
Now my music skills are on a whole new level.
So you may now understand the dilemma I’m in,
My time in this world is running pretty thin.
So my only way to break the deal is a bit of an aberration,
I’m here with the band to rock my way to salvation.
This band is the closest thing to a family as far as I can recall.
I know it may sound shallow and vague but I love them all.

So there you go, that’s our motley crew.
You wouldn’t believe the things we’ve been though.
Here we are on our humble little ship,
Each of us anxiously tightening our grip.
The television was broken
So all entertainment had to be spoken.
We sat and watched the stars come at us like drops in a shower
At this point we were going about a thousand miles an hours.
All I can do is close my eyes, lay back, listen and think:
Us going on stage and being the most popular band in a blink
We were brought together by some mad musical monk,
Molding our minds into sublime prophets of funk.
We are all entitling disciples of blues…
Or really whatever music you choose.
. Right now we’re sitting and talking here
Soon we’ll go on stage and get infinite cheers.
We’ll play our music and quadrillions will love us
But we’ll joking shrug, asking ‘what’s all the fuss?’


I really dont know much about poems and stuff, but if it rhymes its good, right;)


thats deep, do you know any other forms of prose? Different patterns of rhyme?


To be honest, i do but I’m not very good at it. Here’s one i did before Boogie Phantoms. Not the Change in Rhymes patterns just a little…

Ladies and gentlemen may i present to you…The Devil’s Loose in Jersey

Twas the Fourth of August,
And the Sun stood beating down;
I walked a path out of back water town.
Insects were steering
And nature abound.
I saw a man standing on the
Path farther down.
Wearing the finest attire
And draped in black
He looked as though he had rode in on Lucifer’s back.
I walked forward
And greeted him in the humblest of ways
To which he quickly asked if I had the time of day
“Just sign my little book
And be more powerful than belief!”
I quivered and asked
“Can I fly higher than the sky,
Or be as light as a leaf?”
“Yes, yes! Of course.
Whatever your need.”
So I did properly ask
“Who be thee?”
“The Devil of Jersey if I must be called:
But the Leed’s child above all.”
“Well Mr. Leeds I shall be on my way.
I will tip my hat and say: good day.”
“Please, please! Just a piece of your soul
I promise damnation is not my ultimate goal.”
“No, no, no. I must be on my way.”
“Fine! Be that as it may!
Have a good life and a dreadful day.”
So we walked by one another and I live despite what he did say.
Soul unabridged and smirking all the way.




Oh, MSB! These are wonderful…

I think I’ve read one before, did you post one in the old forum?

Anyway, I love them. :laugh:

Cosmic Boogie Phantoms: I can imagine each of the characters as you describe them, and at the end, how lonely space must be…

The Devil’s Loose in Jersey: Ha! Poor devil! Pleading for a soul, must not have met his quota for the day!


That last one needs to e revived!


Your poems are great! Your rhyming and imagination keeps the lines interesting. I’d say that out of the two, ‘The Devil’s Loose in Jersey’ is my favorite one, tykes!