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I guess I’ll just jump right in; I’m Gentay.

Yah, that’s kinda all I have right now. Not many people are interested in the fact that I raise and breed cattle for a living or that I live on a farm-ish or that I work for the District Attorneys office for my county as a part time clerk or the fact that I used to participate in the rodeo event of calf scramble.

But I guess the few things that people would be interested would have to be that I enjoy anime and cosplaying. I’ve done Grimmjow from Bleach, something peacock related and I can honestly say that I’ve had one of my cattle cosplay with me. Yes, she and I went as the little elves.

It’s funny because because (not at that moment in time) the heifer present is about 1600 lbs and I’m only 100 lbs (at the time and still at this moment). Then I will say I did win the show that she and I entered in. To explain, at that time I took my cattle to shows for them to be judged on. Think of a dog show, but for cows. The judges liked the fact that my heifer was willing to tolerate bells ringing.

I’m pretty sure I can make this post a lot longer but I guess now is good enough to wrap it up - lest people become bored of my small town ways. Which I should describe as friendly and caring, yet when threatened - down right truculent.

Ugh, before I forget and I get a phone call. I’m Haissan’s girlfriend.


Dig around for some fun dirt!

Welcome to TAN!

Welcome to TAN.

Haissan’s girlfriend? How hard is it dealing with his, um how to say this, perverted nature?

Well, if you can put up with him, you will love it here at TAN and we hope you stick around.

Welcome!! Actually I’m quite curious about your small town ways… lol Sounds interesting. Where do you live? I don’t need specifics just like the region. Hope you enjoy your stay at TAN! Haissan has been asking me all kinds of exercise related questions to work on his physique. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gentay wrote:

Ugh, before I forget and I get a phone call. I’m Haissan’s girlfriend.[/quote]

You sound quite disgruntled about that.

@ redshirt1 : Actually, his perverted nature is a little toned down in real life. He still makes his jokes and has his antics, which are funny. Then, by being toned down - he’s quite good at known when and where do through out a good dirty joke. He’s quite witty when it comes to the “that’s what she said” type.

@ FoamyFreak : Small town ways, lets say. A cow gets loose and is running down the street. Does anyone care? No. Is there a panic? No. Is there a phone call? Yes. This is in reference to when a pet wanders away from it’s home and decides to visit the neighbors. I live in Texas, no we don’t all have horses - I find them too delicate, then I live in a small town near Houston. Also, it’s a very normal thing to leave the back door unlocked and know that one is safe. That a chicken can walk into the house, sit on a chair and watch the television - and no one bats an eye lash. Well I’m happy to hear that he’s looking to become more healthy than he already is.

@ Hentai : I wouldn’t say disgruntled, there was a bit of sarcasm in the last note as we were on the phone and he asked me to join the forum and then requested that I make a mention of the fact. Although the part that would be disgruntling is if I didn’t not make the note and I get a phone call at 2 in the morning asking “why?”…when I’m asleep and I like sleeping. Haissan is a bit of a night owl.

Haha you almost had me. I ALMOST believed you were Haissan’s girlfriend. Then I remembered there are no girls on teh interwebz.

Aww look, they are already getting you into the fold!! that was quick!

Sounds like a nice little place to be! :slight_smile:

Hahaha wow ZakuAce, I’ll let you back that one up on your own… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, it is nice. I’ve always liked living where I am. I will miss it when I have to move away to go to college. Which I have no clue as to when that will be.

Darn, you saw through my trick. I was sure that the picture would of been convincing enough.

Duh, of course people will talk to you if you state you have a cow. Imagine walking up to a random person. “Hey. I have a cow.” “Oh really, that’s cool.” But if I would of told more about the animals that I own, especially the Silkie chickens or the Snowy Call ducks. Then that would look like this. "Hey. I have a duck. “OMG!!! You have a DUCK!!!” I like ducks, they are some of the only animals that you can spray with a hose - and like it.

Yeah, but I’m sure you will be back to visit it every once in a while and during school breaks.


Haha, do ducks really like that?

Probably, that’s normally how it works - I guess.

Yes, that is not a fib. Ducks like water, it doesn’t matter if it’s clean or highly disgusting water - they like water. So when they walk near you in their little flock, put the hose in a very light mist setting and spray away. They’ll open their beaks and go “AHHHHH” and then flap their wings and shake their feathers, and then repeat. It’s the equivalent of a kid in a sprinkler.

Hahaha nice. This past summer at my church right next my house there was like a party thing and there was an enormous slip and slide… Not a sprinkler… But it was sweeeeeeet! Went down hill and was so long… I had a good time… :slight_smile:

Welcome Gentay! Hope you stay with us and have fun! :slight_smile:
You sound like you lead an interesting life! I’ve never been able to leave a door unlocked.

Welcome Gentay!

I also can never leave a door unlocked. Not to so much for the fear of burglars, but for the fear of zombies! You don’t want those to just stroll into your house.

Thanks, it’s so nice that so many people are so welcoming.

Thanks, I’ve always thought of it as mundane, that is until I remember that there are some people who don’t have ducks, chickens, cows in their swimming pool. We call those ‘Uh Ohs’

Here at the house, we’re so used to strange and just plain weird things coming into the house: chickens, ducks, bats, birds, Haissan - that I don’t think we’d mind zombies too much. It would be nice to see some of my old cows again. But that brings up a thought for me. Human zombies are omnivores which I can easily understand them wanting to go after brains. But when living, cattle only eat: hay, grass, water, show feed, etc. They are herbivores. So, would cattle go for brains as well?

Another point is, what would zombie cows say. I know a decent enough cow to carry out an order or to understand what the problem is or what they want, but I can promise that I don’t know the moo for brain/s.

To finish the zombie thought, if they (human or cattle zombies) did scream for brains, we have a nice amount of fire arms and ammunition to keep us safe. No, the stereotype of everyone in Texas having a gun is false. We all have more than one gun.

Hahaha that’s the truth. I was on a mission trip doing Hurricane relief in Galveston and the guys house we worked on had like 20 guns in the one room and it was a tiny house. Most of them were loaded too… Nice guy though lol

Welcome to TAN, Gentay!

Nice to see another Texan in the room! :slight_smile: I’m not originally from Texas, I’m a transplanted Iowan.

I didn’t live on a farm myself, but all my aunts and uncles did, and I did my fair share of walking beans, detassling, gathering eggs, shearing sheep, milking cows, looking for kittens in the hay mow, helping to break ponies, and (unfortunately) slopping the hogs. I do not miss it at all.

I now spend my days keeping all these people in line. I’m completely exhausted at night!

So… you mentioned Bleach… what other animes do you like? Because, you know, this IS an anime forum. We do like to talk about anime every once in a while. :wink:

Please keep coming back and posting, and if you have a secret way of keeping Haissan in line, please send me a PM and let me in on it. Thanks!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I keep her in line…

but in all honesty, you guys seem to have taken her in real well.