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Grisaia Trilogy Kickstarter Reaches Its Goal

posted on 2014-12-17 13:27 EST
Sekai Project’s Kickstarter raised US$160,000 to localize 3 games

Character Designer Sketch Celebrates “Grisaia” Kickstarter Success

December 18, 2014 7:43pm CST
$160,000 goal was met in 14 hours and 30 minutes

Kickstarter Asks Grisaia Project to Remove Hugging Pillow Rewards

posted on 2014-12-20 03:00 EST
Sekai Project’s game campaign reached US$160,000 goal on 1st day

Whatever would we do without Kickstarter to protect our innocence and play moral police?

I was thinking that myself. If I want a hug pillow, then DAMMIT, don’t take it away from me!

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Episode 08 is now LIVE on ANO

2 More Grisaia Visual Novels Get TV Anime

posted on 2014-12-27 02:35 EST
The Labyrinth of Grisaia, The Eden of Grisaia follow-ups slated for end of March

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:blush: hug pillows…now that would be something sweet to include in the next collector’s edition.

The Labyrinth & The Eden of Grisaia TV Anime Teased in Video

posted on 2014-12-28 14:00 EST
2 more Grisaia visual novels get animated starting in the end of March

Episode 09 is now LIVE on ANO

Episode 10 is now LIVE on ANO

Episode 11 is now LIVE on ANO

Grisaia Game Trilogy Green-Lit for Steam

posted on 2015-01-21 10:15 EST
Sekai Project sought votes to publish bishojo visual novel via PC service

I am on the fence, so far I pledged a dollar. as long as you pledge something you can change your mind and get stuff well after Kickstarter ends though the backer kit.

Episode 12 is now LIVE on ANO

i seen some of the first Episode – Ordinary Academy Life of The Fruit of Grisaia and it seemed pretty good but i cant watch subs. i dont like them

Episode 13 :end: is now LIVE on ANO

Maon Kurosaki to Perform OP Song for “The Fruit of Grisaia” TV Anime Sequels

February 10, 2015 5:40am CST
TV anime sequels of the popular PC adult game series will premiere in this spring

Maon Kurosaki, Yoshino Nanjou Return to Perform The Eden of Grisaia Anime’s Themes

posted on 2015-02-25 04:20 EST by Sarah Nelkin
The Fruit of Grisaia anime sequel scheduled to premiere in April instead of March

The Eden of Grisaia, The Labyrinth of Grisaia Anime Begin With 60-Minute Special

posted on 2015-03-02 07:34 EST
April anime adapting visual novels previewed in TV spot