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[quote=“The Coffee God”]While I generally don’t have a problem with most dubs, regardless of how others feel about any given dub in particular, I really didn’t like this choice:

Shiori Shiomiya - Hilary Haag

As much as I love Hilary Haag in pretty much any role she’s done that I’ve heard, I feel this was a poor choice given her vocal range.

I’ve really enjoyed S1 thus far, and the rest of the cast is pretty spot on and fun to watch (especially the Patton/Christian duo, which is always fun to hear). But man, once it hit the Shiori arc, I was pulled right out of the show due to character voice shock.
I can’t seem to think of someone vocally better for the role currently, but Hilary was definitely not it.

I’ll be adding this to my collection regardless of that fact, but kind of sad that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have.[/quote]

Was Shiori the silent girl who locked herself in the library, or was she the other one? Which leads to another problem, that Hilary Haag played 2 major “characters”. Hearing her as another role also jarred me out of the show. Personally I was disappointed that they didn’t Fosterize this a bit more; I wouldn’t have really minded that Haag was obviously 2 major roles if they had done something to spice it up, like having her line about “my precious library” sound more like Gollum, say. But alas, that didn’t happen. Aside from the line about Oprah (which still has “teh internetz” riled up) there wasn’t really any blatant Fosterization in this :frowning:


I’ve liked this so far, no complaints, but I can see where it would get repetitive unless they really speed up the storyline for Keima to complete his contract. I mean, they can only play out so many dating sim storylines.


i liked season 1 so far, praying Season 2 comes out on VoD. and SPOILER ALERT, kinda, the character they showed at the end of episode 12 of season 1, is she like Elsie’s sister or some relation? sorry if i sound a bit noobish, i just recently got back into anime so i am not as seasoned as a lot of you guys here. i really appreciate what you guys are doing Thanks!! :cheer:


Haqua is not family related to Elsie (as far as season 2 goes), but there IS a relation.



ok thanks shadzar, appreciate the reply. hey can anyone tell me where anime requests are to be posted? thanks in advance


In the Suggestion Box, there’s a thread called New Anime Suggestions.


thanks Slowhand really appreciate the help. and can’t wait to see what Anime Network has next


Surely I must not be the only one to have noticed the Ergo Proxy cameo in episode 11.

Out of the four girls, I thought Shiori was annoying (and might have had a legit mental issue) but, among the selection of all those books, she sure picks good stuff :laugh:


eh Shiori wasn’t that bad, i’ve seen worse in other anime. i thought Kanon was a bit annoying, constantly needing approval on everything she does( although the bits with her tasing Keima were funny lol) any idea timeframe wise when we will see season 2 of TWGOK? oh and will Rozen Maiden Season 1 be getting reaired anytime soon? i missed the 1st season and when i watch a season 2 of an anime it is nice to know what has been happening lol. one more quick question, the person who does Shinko’s voice in Rozen Maiden sounds an awful lot like the person who does Rachel Alucard’s voice in the Blazblue video game series? is it the same person and what is her name? thanks in advance.


I believe Rozen Maiden season 1 is one of the series they tried sending as pay per view to certain cable providers, which may be why you missed it. Likely they don’t even know when or if it will be run on free VOD at this point.


thanks for the reply and i am hoping it will be on VoD, btw, you wouldn’t happen to know who does Shinko’s voice would you?


According to ANN…

Mela Lee as Shinku


Saw the finale yesterday and what an episode for gaming geeks:

  • Old Famicom, Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Turbo-Graphix and TAPE games.
  • Power Glove and Power Pad.
  • Excite Horse~! and bullet-hell gal games
  • God of Conquest mode takes 3 years off your life.
  • Played 100 hours worth of gaming in a day.
  • …AND YOU.

Plus the end with Keima possibly gaming himself to death and that ridiculous song

That made this series go on the “to-buy” list. IMO, the “filler” episodes were better and funnier than the main storyline ones, which is something you don’t ever see. The first two “conquests” were great and the jokes about the stereotypes were funny but, like I said earlier, I didn’t think too much of the last two girls.

Also, top-notch dub.


Loved this show. The final episode brought a huge smile on my face. Seeing the old Video Game Systems (SEGA!!) and Keima’s steup made me wish I could have one like it :(. Also, maybe I’m in the minority here, but I loved Kanon, especially her singing :slight_smile:


Cover art for S2 has been posted.


Well, that kills my hope for a commentary track. Oh well, I knew it was a hope against hope.

Something seems off about the cover for a show about a dude who lives vicariously through the male “protagonists” of dating games to have suggestive images of “3d” (to him) girls posing together.

What else seems wrong is that this is still being done in 2.0 audio. Even my lowly DVD of Towanoquon ascended to 5.1.


…That’s because 2.0 is true HD audio, from what I understand. My Blood Black Brothers says:
Spoken Languages: English (Dolby TrueHD 2.0), Japanese (Dolby TrueHD 2.0), English subtitles

2.0 is higher end, seeing as the music and stuff isn’t getting compressed.


[quote=“Vata_Raven”]…That’s because 2.0 is true HD audio, from what I understand. My Blood Black Brothers says:
Spoken Languages: English (Dolby TrueHD 2.0), Japanese (Dolby TrueHD 2.0), English subtitles

2.0 is higher end, seeing as the music and stuff isn’t getting compressed.[/quote]
My EVA 2.22 blu-ray says “Dolby TrueHD: English 6.1”.

2.0 is way back in the low end of the sound spectrum. I mean, any lower and you don’t have true stereo sound, right?


To when Eva was made, it was in 2011, right? World God Only Knows, was made before that, the tech was different and Eva is a big movie project, they’re going to treat it better. 2.0 is the best you’re going to get out of a series, and people seem to be anti-blu-ray since they cost more.


How is 2.0 the best I’m going to get out of a series? I have dozens of series which have 5.1 or higher, some from back when ADV was still alive.

BTW, the second season of The World God Only Knows aired in 2011.

Additionally, both Eva 1.11 & 2.22 have 6.1 TrueHD in both languages, and they came out in (Japan) 2007 and 2009, respectively.

Blu-rays can also be cheaper than the DVDs for the consumer, though I’ll agree that they’re generally more expensive (for anime, and why does blu-ray pricing matter here?). A current example would be Amazon’s pricing for Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

Though it’s not like you need blu-ray to get anything better than 2.0 audio…