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Dumbo Movie Review: Latest Disney Adaptation Doesn’t Soar


looks like they are saying Operation Dumbo Drop was a much better remake

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I’d almost forgotten about that film.

Besides the “uncanny valley” of the CGI elephant, perhaps this movie was just ill-timed as outrage over elephants in the circus led to the real-world circus being shut down not so long ago.

As I recall, Dumbo was just a corny fun film about a mute flying elephant & his buddy the talking mouse, so I’m not sure why Burton put some surreal, grimdark content/messaging into it.


i hadnt really heard that term prior to recently and then again about Alita. still trying to figure it out, but i may never understand it, but if it explains things for other people then i hope it helps make movies good for all.

i didn’t think any anthropomorphic thing in 2d would bother anyone… its just cartoons to me, and you can do anything in a cartoon because you can draw anything. or someone can.

i understand phobias though so if that is what it boils down to, then so be it. everyone has their own fears.

the term does however make me understand gaming a bit better and why races looks like humans more than not: 2 arms, 2 leg,legs, 2 eyes or as close as can be, since that is how we can more easily play a game knowing how our own bodies work.


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