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Trickster: From Edogawa Ranpo's "The Boy Detectives Club" / TRICKSTER: Edogawa Rampo 'Shōnen Tantei-dan' Yori

Trickster: From Edogawa Ranpo’s “The Boy Detectives Club” / TRICKSTER: Edogawa Rampo ‘Shōnen Tantei-dan’ Yori

Genres: mystery
Themes: boy detective, near future
Objectionable content: Significant
Number of episodes: 24
Vintage: 2016-10-03

Plot Summary: It is the 2030s. The Boy Detectives Club gathers under Kogorō Akechi, the mysterious detective. The group solves cases great and small using their unique skills. One day, a member of the club, Kensuke Hanazaki, meets the boy Yoshio Kobayashi. Kobayashi’s body cannot die due to the effects of the “Unidentifiable Mist,” but he yearns for death, and shirks from contact with other people. Taking an interest in him, Hanazaki invites him to join the Boy Detectives Club. Their meeting is connected to the fate tying together Kogorō Akechi, and the era’s greatest villain, the Fiend With Twenty Faces.

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TMS, Peach-Pit Make Trickster Detective TV Anime Inspired by Edogawa Rampo

posted on 2016-06-01 00:15 EDT
Daiki Yamashita, Ryota Ohsaka star in October anime with tie-in live-action film, manga, play

Trickster TV Anime Casts Yuichiro Umehara, Unveils Character Visuals

posted on 2016-06-15 02:45 EDT
Anime based on Rampo Edogawa’s Boy Detectives Club stories premieres in October

Trickster TV Anime Casts Ibuki Kido, Azusa Tadokoro

posted on 2016-06-29 11:00 EDT
Anime based on Rampo Edogawa’s Boy Detectives Club stories premieres in October

Trickster Anime’s 2nd Trailer Reveals Antagonist Voiced by Gackt

posted on 2016-07-03 15:30 EDT
Gackt performs theme song, plays the Fiend With Twenty Faces

TV Anime “TRICKSTER” Announces October 3 Premiere, ED Song Singer Azusa Tadokoro

July 28, 2016 5:30am EDT
Daisuke Ono Joins the voice cast as Kogoro Akechi

Trickster Anime’s Additional Cast, Song Artist, New Visual, October 3 Premiere Revealed

posted on 2016-07-29 04:15 EDT
Daisuke Ono, Takuya Masumoto, Makoto Furukawa join cast; Azusa Tadokoro performs ending theme

Azusa Tadokoro’s TV Anime “TRICKSTER” ED Song MV Previewed

July 30, 2016 4:55am CDT
4th single “1HOPE SNIPER” hits stores October 26

Trickster TV Anime’s Ads Show Kobayashi, Hanazaki’s Meeting

posted on 2016-09-05 00:40 EDT
Anime based on Edogawa Rampo novels premieres on October 3

Fall Anime Trickster Recruits Actor for Bit Role Through Twitter

posted on 2016-09-18 16:15 EDT by Eric Stimson
Autographed posters also available

Trickster ED Theme: “1HOPE SNIPER” by Azusa Tadokoro

“Trickster” Anime Listed For 24 Episodes

September 23, 2016 8:55pm CDT
This fall’s Trickster anime shifts seminal genre writer Edogawa Ranpo’s Boys Detective Club from the early 20th century Showa Era to the year 203X

Trickster TV Anime’s 3rd Promo Video Previews Gackt’s Opening Song

posted on 2016-09-24 12:50 EDT
Gackt also voices character in anime premiering October 3

Edogawa Ranpo’s Boy Detectives Club Novels Get New Anime Shorts by DLE, Yoshitaka Amano

posted on 2016-09-30 12:25 EDT
Chō Shōnen Tantei-dan NEO premieres in January with story set in 2117

Crunchyroll to Stream “Trickster” Anime

October 02, 2016 4:00pm CDT
Starts Monday, 10/3 at 10:35am PT

The Fall 2016 Anime Preview Guide - Trickster

Oct 3rd 2016

Trickster Anime Gets Prequel Video Anime in December

posted on 2016-10-04 00:32 EDT
2-episode OVA includes stories about Kogorō Akechi, Twenty Faces’ past & Boy Detectives Club

Azusa Tadokoro Performs New Opening Theme For Trickster Anime

posted on 2016-10-31 01:45 EDT
Voice actress, singer currently performs show’s ending theme song

FUNI BLOG: Fall 2016 SimulDub™ English Cast Announcements – For The Love of Dubs - Trickster

Posted by Godswill on 11/2/2016 at 4:20pm

Trickster: From Edogawa Ranpo’s “The Boy Detectives Club” Blu-ray & DVD release announcement TVCM 30 sec Ver.

Trickster: From Edogawa Ranpo’s “The Boy Detectives Club” Blu-ray & DVD release announcement TVCM 15 sec Ver.