Ultraman (anime)

This Week in Anime - Does The Ultraman Hold Up In Anime Form?

by Jean-Karlo Lemus & Monique Thomas, Jan 26th 2022

Ultraman Season 2 Anime Highlights Maya in Character Video

posted on 2022-03-27 03:27 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Ayane Sakura voices character in sequel premiering on April 14

Meet Alien Pedan | ULTRAMAN: Season 2 | Netflix Anime

Ultraman Anime Season 2 Streams Opening Animation Sequence

posted on 2022-04-07 06:48 EDT by Egan Loo
Sequel premieres next Thursday with opening song by NOILION


Heroes Gather in Ultraman Season 2 Non-Credit OP Animation

April 07, 2022 7:10am CDT
Latest entry in Netflix adaptation based on Tsuburaya Productions’ superhero show debuts on April 14, 2022

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First Three Minutes of Ultraman Season 2 | Netflix Anime

Ultraman: Season 2 ED | Transcending Time - Void_Chords feat. Ryohei & Foggy-D | Netflix Anime

Ultraman 3D CG Anime Gets Final Season in 2023

posted on 2022-04-18 10:13 EDT by Alex Mateo
Trailer, visual unveiled for anime debuting worldwide on Netflix

ULTRAMAN | Final Season Announcement | Netflix Anime

Premiering worldwide on Netflix in 2023

Ryohei Kimura and Tomoaki Maeno Answer Your Questions | ULTRAMAN: Season 2 | Netflix Anime

Ryohei Kimura (Shinjiro Hayata) and Tomoaki Maeno (Kotaro Higashi), two of the stars of ULTRAMAN: Season 2, answer fan questions!

ULTRAMAN: Season 2 hits Netflix April 14.

ULTRAMAN Ultra Primer: Everything You Need to Know

Moroboshi Has Some Questions | ULTRAMAN: Season 2 | Clip | Netflix Anime

ANN Review - Ultraman Season 2

by James Beckett, May 8th 2022

Thief Bike Chase | ULTRAMAN: Season 2 | Clip | Netflix Anime

All the Ultramen | ULTRAMAN: Season 2 | Netflix Anime