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Uncensored Versions, Please!


When an anime is being simulcast, I understand why we’re getting the censored, versions of anime. It costs more contractually to get the satellite broadcast version, aside from exclusivity issues that might exist. But then it comes out on BVD/Blu-Ray. Then it comes out in an economy version…and we still have the censored version up! Take Demon King Daimao as an example: We’re now SIX years since it was released, and the censored version is still all that is up here. Then there are weird cases like the “To Love Ru” series: The original season is uncensored, but later seasons are censored…and some of those later versions seasons have censored flashbacks of the uncensored season!

Some animation companies regularly update their websites, giving paying customers access to the uncensored shows, as they become available, usually around the time that the DVD/Blu-Ray comes out. As anyone with half a brain knows, so do fan sites. Which begs the question: Why support with your money, a site which won’t update anime, when you can get the uncensored version for free elsewhere?


From what I seen of this site, if a censored version goes live, that’s all we get. It seems Anime Network doesn’t update videos when new versions come out. (Note, DVD only episodes are never put up)

The original season of “To Love Ru” is uncensored because it was released with the DVD. The over versions they may not have access to uncensored versions at the time they got it.

I’m assuming that for Demon King Daimao, the subtitled version is the broadcast version (I guess it was a simulcast), but the dubbed version is the DVD (uncensored) version.

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