Captions on Dubs?

Hello! Newcomer and recent subscriber here!

I enjoy watching anime and thank you so much for offering the service! However, I do have a slight issue: I’m hard-of-hearing (not legally deaf, but quite close) and would like very much to watch my favourite dubbed anime shows online with closed captioning like what’s available on the television. Raising the volume to (what for me is) a comfortable level has brought complaints from housemates who’d rather be sleeping/studying/etc and occasionally the neighbours, and using headphones at the volume I prefer is only making my deafness worse.

Please let me know as to what could be done? I can’t be the only patron here who’s lost their hearing, is losing their hearing, or never could hear from birth.

I understand your concern on this. First off, do you have a cable or satellite provider that carries The Anime Network On Demand? If you do, the shows on there are all closed captioned IIRC. As far as the online player, most of the newer shows that have been dubbed were first posted as subtitled, so you should be able to either choose your version (subbed or dubbed) or have access to the subbed version only (sometimes the dubbed is reserved for the Premium subscribers during the initial dub airing window.) The big problem would be for the older series where subs were not posted online. TAN may not be able to get the subtitled version on line for some of those.

There is a “Suggestion Box” forum-I would urge you to put a suggestion to have subtitled versions added whenever possible for the hearing impaired.

BTW, welcome to TAN!