Upload pics

I try to upload some pics and it said that i didn’t have permission and that i needed to talk to a mod ??? i’m at a lost please help :blink:

prote wrote:

Have you done this before and now it’s not letting you?

Or is this the first time you’re trying it?

i have before but deleted the album now i’m trying to make a new album and it wont let me

Hmmm, Ok, I’ll notify the tech guy.

Keep watching this thread, I’m not sure what exactly he might need to know from you.

And, I’m also not sure when exactly he’ll get to this, perhaps not until tomorrow or the next day.

Ok :frowning:


Will you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? You made need to use photobucket or flickr.

Please try to upload again.


its working again thanks :evil:

prote wrote:

I had a heck of a time figuring out how to get a screenshot on my HP laptop. Turns out there was a mismatch between the BIOS keyboard driver and what was printed on the keycaps. When I sent it in for warranty repair work, it came back with a new motherboard, BIOS, and a keyboard with updated keycaps. The “print screen” function is now on the Home key on the numeric keypad, and is accessed by holding down the Fn function key.

To capture the entire screen: Fn + Home.
To capture only one window: Fn + Alt + Home.

Then I bring up MS Paint, hit Ctrl + v to paste the screen shot, resize to 320x240, and Ctrl + s to save.

A lot cleaner looking than a 640x480 photo from my cell phone’s 0.3 megapixel camera.


thanks but i upgraded my web cam so now it can record my desktop