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Post Your Pics!


Remaking this thread that I made before. Huzzah. Post your pictures here for all to see!


Most recent one, though it’s blurry as hell because my remote no longer works and I had to turn the flash off.


Me in Hawaii for the FIRST Robotics Competition

Also just for lulz, something I made for our Japanese Club float for Homecoming last year



Now, here’s a looker!


No, no, it’s supposed to be your REAL picture… of YOU!



No, no, it’s supposed to be your REAL picture… of YOU![/quote]

:side: My image and visage has been classified a Class 5 biohazard by the CDC, WHO, and MAYO clinic. That is as close as you will get. :wink:


Here is a pick of me, getting into a LoTR mood. Fun Halloween.


Thank YOu I thought this was going to die…Peoples post yourselves


shadzar wrote:

Then why even bother posting in this thread?


The thread was re-created for the sake of the lost one one the old forums, so I offered the same pic yet again to it. :wink:


Quick pic I took between beer and brains the other night.


Shak, have you been sleeping well? You have these dark circles…


It’s officially impossible for him to take a serious picture.


that’s weird…i can’t upload it :unsure:


Here’s a fairly recent pic from work. I don’t really do cameras, so i don’t have a lot to choose from.


Awe Christ. -hands Wicca a paper bag for her hyperventilating-


Thanks evil woman, but I don’t need it. I already knew he was a cutie! :wink:
Don’t you remember our recent road trip? :stuck_out_tongue:


Me in Yankees t-shirt closes to the camera and my nephew is the kid next to me.

Me with facial hair a few years at Anime Next. I’m the guy in black t-shirt standing behind the table and voice actors.


I have no real good pics of myself. I need to get some.


I don’t feel like getting the camera right now, maybe tomorrow.