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Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D

Genres: action, drama, horror, science fiction, supernatural
Themes: post-apocalyptic, vampires
Objectionable content: Intense
Running time: 80 minutes
Vintage: 1985-12-21
Plot Summary: In the year 12,090 A.D technology and the supernatural have overtaken the world. But thanks to the overzealous ambitions of man, the world remains desolate and despotic. What’s left of the human race is divided into various towns and cities living in fear of vampires who compose and exist as the Nobility, fending off the monsters and mutants as a result of their existence. On a night five days after the Count Magnus Lee had harmlessly tasted the blood of Doris Lang and chosen her to be his next wife, she hires a vampire hunter by the name of ‘D’ to rid her of such an ill-gotten fate. As a dhampir (half human, half vampire), there exists a distinct resentment between the hunter and his prey. But as the Count finds out, there is also a peculiar secret behind the past of the Vampire Hunter D.

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Press Release

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Vampire Hunter D Anime Film

posted on 2015-04-16 16:46 EDT
1985 film is based on novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi

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That’s cool.

So why couldn’t Sentai get both films?

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My guess: each film have different international license owners. Going by ANN, Sentai got theirs thru Toho while Discotek got theirs thru Filmlink Int.?

Sentai Filmworks Offers New Dub for 1985 Vampire Hunter D Anime

posted on 2015-04-22 14:47 EDT
Streamline Pictures previously dubbed the OVA

This is interesting. Here’s hoping that the new dub is solid.

Sentai doesn’t have a great track record with procuring existing English dubs. If only Sentai and its “affiliates” would have taken this route for titles for which the existing dub was unavailable/undesired/incomplete, like ND Tank Police, the Patlabor TV OVAs and some of their higher-profile rescue releases.

can’t be helped there when there was no separate music and effects tracks anymore, so accordingly.

higher profile, lol, doesn’t always mean best seller. Didn’t sell well the first go around, that’s why CPM gave up dubbing it. And when compared to D, D is the higher profile show here and shorter at 80 min.

IIRC, the Patlabor TV OVAs weren’t dubbed in their entirety as the company was on death’s doorstep and it was almost miraculous that they managed to get the whole series out at all :cry:

Go Funi and make a new sound track?

IMO Sentai ought to put the existing dub on their release of this as well as then everyone wins; didn’t Crunchy take the lame road and not include the (superior) ADV dub alongside their own on 5cm/s?

E: I’m really hoping that Sentai doesn’t decide to be excessively “faithful” with this dub. Dunno who Sentai will cast in this; humorously, some ANN poster suggested Ilich.

Your welcome lol.

Even with all the crap thats happend to him, I just wanna hear him as a vampire/hunter lol.

Speaking of non excessively faithful…How bout they redub some castlevania lines? XD

As of right now, Sentai won’t be including the original Streamline dub. I’m guessing either the original audio elements were lost, or Urban Vision still has them. They are actually still offering Bloodlust for rent on Amazon, so I wonder if Discotek may have sublicensed the film from them. After all, UV was the major driving force in getting the movie made and provided a lot of the financing for it.

Even if they did have access to the original dub, I imagine Sentai would still have created a new one for it. The OVA is largely considered a classic, and I doubt the original audio would have been up to lossless HD standards. I do have a soft spot for the original dub, and it has aged much better than many dubs from that era. I’m a little sad to see it will be missing. Hopefully the new dub will be at least as much of an improvement as the Grave of the Fireflies dub was. Perhaps this might even be the dub they are “defrosting” Matt Greenfield for. :wink:

I did want David Matranga as D, but after hearing the Diabolik Lovers dub. I want Ty Mahany in the MC chair, cause his voice as Shu sounded like Hellsings version of Alucard’s fictional older brother lol.

Q. Why is Vampire Hunter D is getting a new dub? What happened to the original Streamline dub?

A. This is a question that’s been popping up since we announced our upcoming release of Vampire Hunter D. I don’t know all the details exactly, so I went to our licensing department to get a clearer picture as to why this is. This is what they had to say:
“For Sentai Filmworks’ release of the remastered edition of Vampire Hunter D, the stakeholders in this project, both here and afar, preferred to have something that fans old and new could be excited about. That means a new dub with refreshed English voices to breathe new life (HA!) into Vampire Hunter D’s iconic main character and its rich cast of supporting players. We certainly respect the work of all the talent involved in the original Streamline dub. It will always have a special place. However, there are challenges associated with that version that would have been a distraction. We are now looking forward and intend to bring something new and exciting to the conversation to coincide with and compliment the remastered edition of the film.”

DVDs wasting away in bargain bins? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Respectfully, the greater distraction will be the lack of the original dub. Without the original dub, the stakes are a lot higher for Sentai’s new dub and that might add something new to the conversation that is undesired.

Q. We know a new dub is being added to Vampire Hunter D, but at the very least, will the Streamline dub be included?

A. Hey, a question from a few weeks ago! We’ve already answered this one, you can check out the answer here:

Q. When will the Vampire Hunter D cast be announced?

A. The Vampire Hunter D cast will be announced a month to a month and a half before release date, which is set for August 25, 2015. Watch out for some cast reveals then!

Q. Announce the Vampire Hunter D Cast or suffer ten fold!

A. :’(
The Vampire Hunter D release is coming up fast, so a dub cast list will be making it’s way out soon, promise!

Vampire Hunter D cover/disc art






oooh, Matt Greenfield… :smiley:

Chris Patton & Luci Christian for our leads?

Whaatt!? No sexy, vampiric slipcover?

Well I know what I’ll be picking up from Sentai.

That’s pretty nice.

More Chris Patton is always welcome.