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Cheat! - Pokemon GO

<b>How To Start With Pikachu</b>

<b>Spending Your Money The Right Way</b>

<b>How to Become a Gym Leader</b>

<b>Map Trick for Catching New Pokémon</b>

<b>How to Level Up Fast With the Lucky Egg</b>

<b>Every Way To Earn XP</b>


July 16, 2016 / by Scott Wilson



POKEMON GO (Honest Game Trailers)




August 4, 2016 / by Casey Baseel


A Pokemon Go Date with Bree & Steve | Mostly Harmless! with Steve Zaragoza




August 10, 2016 / by Scott Wilson






August 19, 2016 / by Casey Baseel



Since Microsoft is going the Smartphone route with its console (Which, in a way, is actually the right way to go imo), due to the fact that if you keep the OS and Hardware consistent but more powerful for each iteration, every game for the console remains playable and people can upgrade when it’s convenient for them, rather than when the new generation comes along. It also keeps the Game companies happy because they only have to invest in one set of Development tools and only have to upgrade the Dev Kits when they feel it’s necessary as well. Any games they develop are good for as long as the Xbox One series in it’s entirety remains a viable platform, which potentially could last for decades on this type of model / scheme.