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Gifs, gifs, & more gifs!


Post your favorite GIF. Whether it is one you made, or just something you found online that you like.

Here are some of my favorites.

The Outlander Memorial Thread

OMG… I collect gifs. I have been collecting them for five years and have thousands. Name something and I will have a gif for that.

my old avatars, back in the day when they were large enough to actually see them


I collect them too but I don’y have thousands. I just started making them too but I haven’t made anything great yet.

You asked for an awesome thread Outlander, if I did good jump around like this:


you mean like this?


Wow! I thought mine was bouncy. :huh:


:laugh: :laugh: Never try to outdo Outlander in the bouncy department!

Great thread Froggy!

I found this one on the net and it’s one of my favorites -


I need to add that one to my collection Wicca!

And for Outlander:


Awesome, tykes! I can start collecting again…!

The majority of the ones I had were from the old forum’s ‘That’s Just Wrong’ thread. Afterwards, I started collecting some for my avatar, etc…

Now, they’re mostly sprites from certain games, since I just found some while on campus, tykes…

Personal favorites… (tykes…)

…And that Gundam was sent to another dimension, never to be seen again, lol…

Rock on, Asagi, rock on…



Gotta have a gif from Seto no Hanayome or it just doesn’t feel like home. xD

Can;t forget about Gozaburo now!




See signature…


This is one of my favorites.

It’s a scene from Code Geass R2. Might take a bit to load so spoiler tagging for that reason as well.