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Gifs, gifs, & more gifs!


Post your favorite GIF. Whether it is one you made, or just something you found online that you like.

Here are some of my favorites.

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The Outlander Memorial Thread

OMG… I collect gifs. I have been collecting them for five years and have thousands. Name something and I will have a gif for that.

my old avatars, back in the day when they were large enough to actually see them

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I collect them too but I don’y have thousands. I just started making them too but I haven’t made anything great yet.

You asked for an awesome thread Outlander, if I did good jump around like this:

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you mean like this?

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Wow! I thought mine was bouncy. :huh:

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:laugh: :laugh: Never try to outdo Outlander in the bouncy department!

Great thread Froggy!

I found this one on the net and it’s one of my favorites -

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I need to add that one to my collection Wicca!

And for Outlander:

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Awesome, tykes! I can start collecting again…!

The majority of the ones I had were from the old forum’s ‘That’s Just Wrong’ thread. Afterwards, I started collecting some for my avatar, etc…

Now, they’re mostly sprites from certain games, since I just found some while on campus, tykes…

Personal favorites… (tykes…)

…And that Gundam was sent to another dimension, never to be seen again, lol…

Rock on, Asagi, rock on…

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Gotta have a gif from Seto no Hanayome or it just doesn’t feel like home. xD

Can;t forget about Gozaburo now!

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See signature…

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This is one of my favorites.

It’s a scene from Code Geass R2. Might take a bit to load so spoiler tagging for that reason as well.

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