Weekend Binge Guide: April Showers Brings Me Power!

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[size=18]April Showers Brings Me Power![/size]
By: Moisme
Being the recluse that I am, I always try to find ways to not go outside. That is why April has been a great month so far because of all of the rainy gloomy weather! Many people always say “Look at it outside, it’s so crumby you can’t go anywhere”! To me that is music to me ears, it charges me up! That is why this April I chose some shows that will give you a reason to stay inside, even if the Sun comes out. So with out further ado, I give you the stay inside and watch all day kids of shows.

[size=16]Phi-Brain Puzzle of God[/size]
Kaito is a puzzle solving machine. His mastery over all things perplexing, leads him towards the deadly Philosopher’s Puzzle!

[size=16]Nadia TV[/size]
A young inventor and a mysterious girl suddenly find themselves being chased by an evil trio after her magical jewel.

[size=16]Majestic Prince[/size]
In the year 2110 humanity plunges into war against a force from outer space. The enemy pushes humanity to the brink of destruction.

[size=16]DD Fist of the North Star[/size]
Kenshiro, trained in the secret martial arts and unemployed, and has to battle his two brothers for a job at a convenience store.

[size=16]Beyond the Boundary[/size]
When half-youmu Akihito meets Mirai, the sole survivor of a cursed clan of Spirit World Warriors, his world will forever change!

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