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Weekend Binge Guide: What to do when there's nothing to do


Ever had one of those days when you just can’t decide what to watch? No sweat, Anime Network’s staff is here to help.
Every Friday, we’ll have a new selection of titles that we recommend for a weekend of Anime binging.
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[size=18]What to do when there’s nothing to do[/size]
By: Rai

Three day weekends are the best: you get to have fun on Saturday, get stuff done around the house on Sunday, and then do absolutely nothing on Monday. But what do you do when there’s nothing to do…but you want to do something and nothing at the same time? I’ve got the answer right here:

You watch other people doing nothing…all day.

That’s right. And just for this very special occasion, I’ve rounded up some shows of people doing nothing for you to watch while you do nothing. So go. Watch.

AND if you have a Roku, all you’ll have to do is move, like, maybe 2 fingers all day while watching our shows on the new Anime Network Roku channel. So NOW go. Watch.

[size=16]Gugure! Kokkuri-san[/size]
Cup noodle fanatic Kohina lives on her own until she summons the fox ghost Kokkuri-san. With this spirit at her side Kohina’s life is in for some changes, starting with her diet!

Yui has no clue which club to join, but she’s determined to do something this year. As luck would have it, she discovers a flyer for the Light Music Club and she decides this is the club for her. But there’s one problem: she first must learn guitar!

When Toru finds her best friend in a compromising position with another girl, things get awkward fast, especially since they will all be in the same high school together! Watch as the fun and the drama abound in A-Channel!

When Shinobu was still in middle school, she studies in England as an exchange student. Several years later, Alice, the daughter of her host family is coming to study in Japan. Will Alice be able to fit in with Shinobu’s Japanese school friends?

When you stick three high school girls in a room with two computers, their browser history gets crazy fast as they search for the answers to life’s weirdest questions.