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Wish Upon the Pleiades / Hōkago no Pleiades

Wish Upon the Pleiades Eleventh Preview

Episode 7 (Sub) is live at ANO

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Wish Upon the Pleiades Twelfth Preview

Availability Information

Due to production issues, episode 12 will be delayed. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Episode 8 (Sub) is live at ANO

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Episode 9 (Sub) is live at ANO

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Episode 10 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 11 (Sub) is live at ANO

Episode 12 :end: (Sub) is live at ANO

Q. Do you have the rights to the show Houkago no Pleiades? I read so on Anime News Network, but I was a little confused as your website doesn’t seem to say anything about it. Can you please clear this up?

A. YES! We absolutely do have the rights to that show, and the English title of it is “Wish Upon the Pleiades”.

Complete Collection Cover/Disc Art



Subaru and Gainax Premiere Art for “Wish Upon the Pleiades” Box Set

November 18, 2016 7:59am CST
Your first look at the wraparound art for the Blu-Ray box featuring Subaru, Minato, and the rest of the gang.

Wish Upon the Pleiades Official Trailer