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World End Economica

World End Economica


Plot Summary: set in the far future on the moon, 16 years after humans have begun to colonize it. A young boy named Haru has been chasing his wildest dream – to stand where no man has stood before. To do so he needs capital… a ludicrous amount of capital. What better place to get that much money than by using the stock market?

World End Economica Game Gets Crowdfunding Project for Anime

posted on 2019-10-31 10:47 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
Sekai Project released visual novel’s 1st episode in English in 2014

World End Economica Prepares for Anime Crowdfunding in Trailer

November 12, 2019 2:10pm CST
Crowdfunding efforts kick off on November 14

Stock Market Sci-Fi WORLD END ECONOMiCA Is Now 200% Funded

November 20, 2019 2:07pm CST
Contributor bonuses are still available for the upcoming adaptation

World End Economica Anime’s Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Goal

posted on 2019-12-28 22:49 EST by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Campaign ends on January 4

Crowdfunded World End Economica Anime Shares Its First Full Promo

June 27, 2020 3:05pm CDT
Adaptation of the financial sci-fi adventure was quickly funded last year


World End Economica Anime Streams Promotional Video

posted on 2020-06-28 06:19 EDT by Adriana Hazra
Sci-fi anime funded on Kickstarter, Campfire