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Would u wear a smartwatch


If someone give u a smartwatch as a gift would u wear it
Or do u own a smartpiece of ur own and if so do u like or do u want to return it and get ur money back that u paid big money for

But as for me there R pro and cons that I feel it was depending on which smartwatch u want to get

Here r the cons I feel that a from the watch
The very small screen size
The weight of the watch
The small speakers
The screen resolution
And the durability

Here r the pro to the watch
The accessibility
The convenience of a hands free watch
The health features it was

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I could never wear a smartwatch. In addition to the exuberant cost, as I work in fast food, there are too many opportunities to just destroy it while working.

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Do u even wear a watch

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Sometimes, when I’m not working. Really don’t want to end up deep frying something like that.

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They made I it water resistant but don’t know about grease resistant

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Correction. Resistant to grease at 350°F. :joy:

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The smartwatch may be weather resistant to extreme environments like those good ol McDonald’s fries R :laughing:

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I always wanted to wear a Smartwatch