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What do U guys think of the foldable phone concept

Hey All my wonderful tech savvy ppl
What r ur thoughts on foldable
Do u like it or don’t like it
And what grabs u about it or what disgust u about it

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From an old Tech Head, I wouldn’t want one of those. The hinge / screen is a weakness and from my prior experiences it is a sure bet to be a failure point.

I wouldn’t waste my time with it, but then I keep yelling at the kids to get off my digital lawn. :wink:

Mark Gosdin


Yes I agree they don’t make the phones that R popular this days dualable anyway
So a phone that folds in half would be a accident waiting to happen

But do like the idea of it
It’s like having one small phone and one big phone to switch back and forth from

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It doesn’t excite me at all, and I think that’s from my hatred of touch screen devices like our smartphones.


So I’m guessing u have a blackberry or something am I right or at least in the same ball park with a physical keys ?

I have a Pixel XL. My first smartphone was a Motorola Backflip though. I really miss physical keys…

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