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Your Recently Bought TV Series Collections & Movies (Non-Anime)


I thought it would help things to finally have a destination for this stuff.

Have you bought any box sets or movies recently from a store or online? Share them with everyone here for all to see. :popcorn: :dvd:



Black Panther picked it up today


Broadway Pop Vinyl Pop Disney
Bronx Pop Vinyl Pop Disney
Brooklyn Pop Vinyl Pop Disney
Carmen Sandiego Pop Vinyl Pop Television
Gollum (Crouched) Pop Vinyl Pop Movies
Heffer Pop Vinyl Pop Animation
Hercules Pop Vinyl Pop Disney
Moana – Blu-ray
Nikita - The Complete 1st Season
Orphan Black - Season 1
Pee-wee Herman Pop Vinyl Pop Television
Quentin Tarantino 2-Film Collection (Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds) – Blu-ray
Quiet Place
Ready Player One - 4K UltraHD – Blu-ray
Zarya Pop Vinyl Pop Games

Avengers: Infinity War - Multi-Screen Edition – Blu-ray
Entourage - The Complete 4th Season
Gravity - Two-Disc Special Edition
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service - The 1st Season

The Buy Stuff Thread

Crimson Peak
Deadpool 2 - Super Duper $@%!#& Cut – Blu-ray
Not Without My Daughter


Wanted to get this on release ,but missed it as I got there a hour late . Saw one copy left in stock at the Target upstate Saturday night . Did store pickup . Had someone pick it up for me on thier way back this way . Target used to overstock these LE releases and still have some left to the following year . Lately it seems they are not making as many . Deadpool 2 Target edition I got there when they opened they had a box so bought a copy then . I went back a few hours to pick up the food I forgot and they were sold out . Guess if I want one of thier editions I need to make sure I am there early .


Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Unrated)
Gallifrey - Time War Volume 1
Schindler’s List


Down in Fraggle Rock !

35 years so I was 3 when it first came on .
Edit: I was 2 as the first episode aired in January 1983 .


Blumhouse Productions - 8 Movie Horror Collection
Phantasm - 5-Movie DVD Collection
Predator Triple Feature
Salem’s Lot - Blu-ray (FYE Exclusive Steelbook)
Yoga Hosers – Blu-ray


Price went down so finally got this . Got to love the video store style slipcover .


Addams Family – Blu-ray
Ant-Man and the Wasp – Blu-ray
Die Hard - 30th Anniversary Edition – Blu-ray (Version I got came with christmas cover)

Highlander - 10th Anniversary Director’s Cut - Deluxe Collector’s Edition


Also picked up Teen Titans Go to the Movies combo pack yesterday ,but not sure where I put it .
Walmart shipping is awesome . Ordered the Monsters set yesterday afternoon and it came around noon today .


The Thing (1982) – Blu-ray
Big Lebowski (Steelbook) – Blu-ray
Pet Sematary

Christmas with Holly
Christmas Next Door