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The Buy Stuff Thread


It’s back, bitches.

Zombie-Loan v4 $10.99
Zombie-Loan v5 $10.99

You would also see NHK v8 and Trigun: Maximum v13 but borders didn’t have them >.> /curses borders

Recently bought legal DVD's /Online/Other
Recently bought legal DVD's /Online/Other

I bought a Mr. Bean/Johnny English set for seven bucks the other day. Go Big Lots!


I bought an Edgar Winters Group CD. Damn that guy is creepy!



Avatar; The Last Airbender season 1

Xenocide by Orson Scott Card

Might be a speaker buy on here soon, as soon as I can find a better place to buy it than directly off the site.


I believe I’m customer #98? Ha! Something I intend to buy tomorrow: car insurance! Oh, and a new phone soon, because I just sent the one I have through the wash about half an hour ago.


I need to get an external HD and case for my new laptop. Any suggestions?


Well, the one time I bought a pre-built external HDD, I crapped out on me in two weeks, and it was made by a company that I otherwise trust for HDDs. So I’d suggest buying an HDD with external casing. Most casing involves sliding the HDD into the case, and putting a few screws in, so it’s not a huge deal and doesn’t involve any huge technical know how. I’d suggest using a 2.5 HDD, since then you don’t need an external power source, allowing you to just use the USB for power.

Western Digital or Seagate seem to be the best brands, seagate usually has a 5 year warranty, so incase of something going wrong you’re not totally screwed. I’ve only ever used WD though, but I never really hear anything going wrong with Seagate.

There’s a list of casing that I’d use for a 2.5 drive, I’d probably use either that vantec or rosewill since they’re cheap.

The only thing wrong with 2.5 is since they’re a smaller technology, they’re going to be a bit more expensive. Though it really comes down to what you need, I’d rather have the convenience of not having to plug in my HDD, so that way it can stay semi-portable.

I’ve never had a laptop, wouldn’t know.

Forgot to mention, I’d use SATA instead of IDE, it’s typically faster than IDE, and overall better. With that in mind, go with the vantec and not the rosewill, as the rosewills only support IDE.


60 M-Lock DVD Cases (Black) $20.00
90 Thinpak DVD Cases (Black) $19.99
El Hazard Playing Cards $0.99


So MovieStop had some good deals going down whilst I was in AL a little while ago, and I racked up on it. I just started randomly grabbing movies out of a bin marked for like three to four bucks: the first Spider-man, DareDevil, Animatrix, Walking Tall, Matrix Reloaded, Syriana, The Simpsons Movie,Sahara, Scary Movie 3, ATHF Vol. 1, and a Robotech disc. Spent like fifty three and some change.


I’ve just bought myself a new external hard drive, 640gb. My old one was ruined by World of Warcraft! I had to get it in PC World, a place I hate! They get spec’s wrong, spelling’s wrong and price’s wrong.


Fenknight wrote:

How did WOW ruin your last one? My daughter plays that game, and I am just waiting for her to get a virus or something.


I’m not going to put together my own external HD, my dad has never had a problem with his and neither has anyone else I know. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting this one

or this one

And I found a bag I like. It’s nice a big so I can put my computer in tehre and probably 2 text books.

Now I just need a USB Mouse and I’ll be set :slight_smile:


Wood board $4.57


What, like a cutting board Pup? I bought a lot of beer at the bar last night where I went to see a cool local band.


The game and my computer froze when I used the auction house (It was a long time ago now and I’ve forgotten exactly what happened), the game was on the external hard drive and I think I pulled the usb out at the wrong time (Like I said I don’t remember what happened but it was something thats not happened before and not happened since) any way I couldn’t use the hard drive again it just kept loading when I tried to open it and I couldn’t format it either. I only had the free trail of WoW and I don’t even like the game.

WoW ruins lives, nobody should play it.


I bought 8 Gameboy Advance games for $1 each at my neighbor’s rummage sale. Totally worth it.

And I skipped out on the external HD for now, just bought the bag.


wow kinda makes you think about .dothack// 's “The World”…


We bought a car…

Ours is Polar White, no sunroof, cloth seats


Damn Slow, yall ballin’! Very nice, indeed.


I’ve just ordered a game for my DS called My Health Coach I suppose its like Wii Fit except not nearly as fun and more like Brain Training (But for the body). It comes with a DS connectable pedometer and you download your steps into the DS and you have daily tasks to achieve, not just walking but sit ups, star jumps etc. I love fighting but I’m very lazy with my actual fitness so having something to help me do daily stuff I’m hoping will really help get my fitness up.

Of course having said that my friend wants me to get a PS3 so that I can play online with him. I’m not completely sure I want a PS3 but I think I might get one. In which case I suspect my attempt at training will go down the loo.