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Your recently legal bought ADV/Sentai/Happy Carrot/Switchblade/Maiden Japan Media


Mail : Wolf Girl and Kawaii I threw in with Onigiri to get free shipping . Never even got a shipping notice for them .

Girls Last Tour unboxed . Extras box is a bit to thick and makes it hard to get the stuff out . So need to go get a ribbon that matches the set . Also thinking going to be a few damaged sticker sheets .


My December 31st order arrived, alongside the set that took a vacation in Memphis (try to guess which one :joy:)


Since this went out of print back in November I think, wanted to get a copy while it was still cheap.

Curious though, it was only $12 with shipping, sealed!

I wonder why :thinking:


Crimson S, is better, imo.


I remember watching Polyphonica on ANOD some years ago.

Got Crimson S too :grin:

Strange that Maiden Japan doesn’t have Crimson S on HiDive, despite Sentai having OG Polyphonica available :thinking:


Last two items from my 11/19/2018 Black Friday order number 2:


The last items purchased from the Sentai sale on January 5th:

Battle Girls Time Paradox should be renamed to Brittney Karbowski screaming every 30 seconds :joy::joy::joy:

Putting Pia Carrot 2 DX with it’s NuTech “sisters”


A bit early :


UQ Holder! - Complete Collection – Blu-ray


February 2019 Anime Pick-Ups (Sentai Filmworks Valentine’s Day Sale)



The Valentine’s Day sale item showed up today!

Glad I was able to get the steel book version. It’s so shiny! :blush:


Had a reward zone certificate come in so ordered these . Beautiful Bones I wanted during the Sentai holiday sales ,but it kept vanishing . It kept doing the same thing on Best Buy ,but was able to snag it before it sold out . Now watch it get a dub .lol

Editing this in : This came today March 2,2019


Came today .


Shut Up And Explode!


Ordered these during the lucky sale . Non Non Biyori was part of my free $25 blind box other part in other thread .