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Your recently legal bought ADV/Sentai/Happy Carrot/Switchblade/Maiden Japan Media


Thanks that is what I figured and the first season in my opinion is worth the cost of the set during the sale .


My final Black Friday Sale order. Aside from the series on back-order, this is probably the last purchase of the year for me.

Samurai Girls /Bride is a BD upgrade, and I finally got my copy of K-ON on Motorcycles :rofl:


Wow this is a bit early .

Made one order from the current Sentai sale , one of backordered from Black Friday sale items (three left) , and 2 items from elsewhere .


My backordered FOZ arrived, alongside possibly the last copy of 11 eyes under $20:


Showed up today:

The one from RACS mentioned last week, since it sold out on the Sentai Store.

Interestingly, despite being an older series, this is in a slimpack case, not a stack pack (like Mahoromatic…)


Came today . Of course it’s the same day they have it on sale at Rightstuf . I hear they fixed the subs so looks like I at least made the right choice in getting this instead of trying to track down the parts I am missing . Chrome makes it hard to get a good picture .


It got here a day early. I’m assuming Ange set the delivery date for Friday. .

Just a note that the BD slipcover is reversible and features Ange on one side, Princess on the other:


The final item from the Black Friday sale was just shipped this morning.

Gonna let y’all ponder what it is till it’s arrival :wink:


One more of mine shipped . I’m still waiting on two things . ETA date keeps changing on both .


A friend gave me my present early and told me to open it, but it seems there might be a problem…

Not being ungrateful or anything like that, it’s just a shame they wasted money on shows I already have on Blu-ray…

Btw, this Koihime Muso set is an original release stack pack.


It’s certainly the thought that counts, but oh man that is rather unfortunate.


Yep. And Love Love, Nakaimo, and Princess Resurrection I don’t have.

Even though PriRe is the sub release, I’m still very happy to at least have a copy :grin:


Got for christmas/with christmas money
Gatchaman Crowds - Complete Collection:
Food Wars: The Second Plate - Complete Collection
Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust
Parasyte: The Maxim - Collection 1 (Limited Edition) (2014) – Blu-ray


The present from another of my friends (she’s the one who also gave me SND Departures):

My friends know what I like, at least.


Maid-sama was one of the three things backordered during the Sentai Black Friday sale . Two more to go . Land of the Lustrous Steel is pretty looking .


Last Sentai Item to arrive in 2018 .


December 2018 Anime Pick-Ups (Sentai Filmworks Christmas Sale)


Used some Gift cards I got and the 15% off to get these two .


Well that was a fast turn around . Now to wait for Rightstuf to ship the rest for them .

That address looks familiar.