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Yozakura Quartet / Yozakura Shijuusou

Two episodes down now…

I think I might actually enjoy this one, though it’ll probably take a couple more episodes of seeing what’s going on for me to truely warm up to it.

Episode 2 -


Rin does not like humans at all and therefore doesn’t like Akina nor want his help. She calls him a demon killer and considers tuning to be murder; this really hurts him.

There is a barrier around the town and one demon seems to be testing its strength. I wonder who he is and why the Ward Chief can sense his presence. This stranger also seems to be able to possess other demons inside the town and manipulate their powers.

Rin is also upset to discover that not only will she be living near humans, but also going to school with them and she refuses. There is a flashback of an incident when she was in school and I can see why she would hate humans, since she was tortured by her human school mates.

Akina is at home, nursing his hurt feelings and Hime visits him to remind him that he has a duty to protect the town and that he can’t let criticism bother him. She tries to convince him that he is doing nothing wrong. But she gets a phone call that Rin’s powers are out of control. She leaves to take charge of the situation, but nothing works.

Akina comes and begins to tune Rin to reduce her powers, but Rin thinks he will kill her and can only envision the school girl that had hurt her. Akina says that his heart hurts every time he has to use his power – that he never wanted it, but has a duty to protect others. I think he can see that Rin is possessed and tunes the shadow behind her instead. It releases her and he’s able to get rid of it. I think it’s kind of cool the way Akina’s hair grows when he tunes.

I think Rin is a little more accepting now – Akina saved her after all. She just needs to get over her fear of humans and be able to separate the bad from the good. She’s even wearing the new talisman that Akina gave her.

Episode 3

I am getting a headache on how out of order the episodes are.
Also, how big some of the plot holes are getting.

Suzuhito Yasuda, who created the Manga, is restarting the Anime, this was report by ANN and few other places.

Having read the Manga, up to where it was left, watching the Anime is kinda disappointing.

Episode 3 -


A little bit of back story on how Hime became mayor that was interesting. Funny that Ao, who doesn’t like dogs, is the one to go after Silver when Hime gets angry at it. But Silver even runs away from her and ends up in the hands of that strange demon. I wonder if this is Enjin that everyone talks about – but he looks very much like Ao. Anyway he decides to “corrupt” Silver. The end was very sad when it was determined that Silver couldn’t be saved and Akina had to tune him. I felt really bad for Hime.

Episode 8


I was a little disappointed with how easily Enjin defeated Akina and Hime. I figured they’d give a better fight. Perhaps they are holding back for Gin’s sake.

Love this series, and love Kotoha. She should have her own series.

Episode 4 -


I like how the Ward Chief tells Mariabelle that’s he’s tired of her outfit and she is later seen in something more sporty. I liked her first outfit. Funny that Rin is under the impression that Hime and Akina are a couple. And that town anthem! Six times a day? I think I’d go crazy. Poor Ao was put in charge of complaints and I think she has her work cut out for her. Nice that Kyousuke is trying to keep Hime fit, but she really doesn’t appreciate it. And he gets stuck behind the door too! And was still polite about it!

So, that demon is Enjin, but he’s in the body of Gin – Hime and Akina’s friend. I wonder how that happened. It seems that Gin is still in there with him too and is doing whatever he can to stop him. It was funny when he started choking himself. But he was still able to open the barrier enough to let Shinozuka get through.

I felt bad for Akina when he couldn’t bring himself to tune Enjin because of Gin’s body. It was a tough decision, but I think he made the right choice. Perhaps someday, they may be able to get Gin back. However, if Hime was there, I think she would have tried to kill him anyway, so I’m glad she was away. Also a good decision not to tell her, but I think she will probably find out anyway.

Episode 5 -


They’re still playing that song! And the mayor is even teaching it to the children. They all got roped in to working at the nursery school too. Kids sure are funny. I felt bad for poor Kyousuke getting his blood sucked out. That guy just never catches a break! Ao reads Junta’s mind and hurts his feelings accidentally. It can’t be easy to have that ability. However, I’m glad that Junta’s father was able to bring his mother home and they can be a family again. Glad too that Junta and Ao made up.

Gin is Ao’s brother! But I don’t think she knew that Enjin was in his body. She seemed surprised. I guess in trying to keep it a secret from Hime, Akina also didn’t tell Ao. I think he should have told her so that she’d be prepared if they ever met. She must have a lot going through her mind now.

Episode 6 -


Ao tells Akina about seeing someone that looked just like her brother and Akina tells her not to tell anyone else. He really should tell her what he knows. I think this might still come back to hurt him at some point. And Gin’s memories are still interfering in Enjin’s plans. While he deals with it, he gives Shinozuka permission to do as he likes.

Kotoha tells her friends about her intended tour of Germany. She is singing that song! Kotoha gets roped into training with Hime and her ticket to Germany gets destroyed. This makes her angry and she loses control for a minute. Nice to know that her glasses are just for show. Kotoha attacks Hime in earnest. Kyousuke saves Hime and Kotoha calms down. Kotoha has an interesting back story too. Typical though that she was shunned for being a half demon. It’s strange that Shinozuka seems to know her and manages to get through the barrier.

There will be a karaoke contest and Kotoha tells her friends that she is bound to win because the prize is a trip to Germany. Funny that Hime thinks she will win with the town song. I wonder if Hime wants to win because she feels bad about destroying Kotoha’s ticket. But Kotoha has to take an extra class, so her friends wait at the gate to take her to practice. Shinozuka approaches them and when Kotoha leaves school, her friends aren’t there, but their bags are.

Shinozuka took her friends to lure her to him. He dodges her attacks and says that they are the same – half demon. He tells her that they are the “chosen” and says that demons and humans can’t live together. Shinozuka tells her that humans hate her and she should “follow her heart” and it looks as if she might give in, but Hime and the others come. Hime tells her to “never forget that day” – a day from her past when Hime reminded her that she was human. Kotoha is back to herself and they work together to defeat Shinozuka, but he gets away.

They decide to go ahead and practice singing, but Kotoha loses her voice. There goes Germany! Hime says that she will win, but the others disagree. I guess she can’t sing – either that or she’ll never win with the town song. But couldn’t Kotoha just have gotten a replacement ticket for her destroyed one? She did still have the pieces.

Episode 9 -


I have to feel bad for Ao. How do you deal with a brother that’s been taken over by a evil demon? Not only that, but you also have to deal with people’s opinions about it too. It must be hard to handle the fact that everyone wants your brother dead – even if he is sharing his body with a bad guy.

Now that the Nanagou bloomed, the demons are losing control of their powers – at least the ones that came into contact with the black shadows and the shadows are demons from the other side.

And why is Enjin so sure that humans and demons can’t live together when he’s attacking a town that proves him wrong? I can’t believe that the council wants to cut down the Nanagou. It sounds like it might just cause more problems!

Episode 10 -


Now that the Council has ordered the Nanagou to be cut down, it looks like the town is going to disappear too.

That was a nice flashback to explain why Hime always wears that scarf - Akina and Gin gave it to her to hide a scar. It was also sweet to see them all sleeping together, with the scarf wrapped around them.

Enjin sent more “friends” to the town, but Hime was having major trouble defeating them. However, this was a distraction so Enjin could get control of the Nanagou. Now they are all blooming and the people have been evacuated to the Council. This can’t be good.

Hime breaks down to Akina, but they decide to protect the town together. I think this is where their real strength lies and I hope it’s enough to defeat Enjin.

Episode 11 -


It was nice to see how Hime and Kyousuke met when they were children. Yae helps Ao and Kotoha, but I think she’s breaking the rules. She even helps Ao to figure out how to trace the demon powers and Ao is able to determine that it is centered at Tokyo Tower.

The council still wants the Nanagou cut down, but Jinroku tells them to wait a little longer. He visits Hime in the hospital and gives her a spear tip that belonged to her predecessor. Hime goes outside and finds the residents helping to protect the town. She becomes even more determined to save her town.

And it looks like the Ward Chief may have broken the rules as well! Kotoha’s gun was great! But Enjin evades it and encourages the Nanagou to grow even faster and they flower. Hime catches up to Enjin and it looks like it’s going to be a showdown between the two of them!

Episode 12 -


In a rain of cherry blossoms, Hime and Enjin fight and the tip of Hime’s spear glows. Enjin recognizes it as Ryusou. The others arrive and Enjin announces that he’s finally forced Gin out of his body and that there’s nothing left of him. He taunts Akina, but Akina still doesn’t have the heart to tune him. Enjin attacks and Akina finds out that Gin is still a part of Enjin after all. Enjin runs off and faces a dying council. He plans to kill them, but the land gods get in the way. Yae wants to fight Enjin herself, but the Ward Chief tells her that Hime is coming and to leave it to her.

As Hime fights Enjin, the cherry trees continue to bloom and the branches engulf the town while more shadows appear. Kotoha is having her own problems fighting Shinozuka. He almost manages to kill her, but Kyousuke saves her just in time. While Touka tends to Kotoha, Kyousuke takes up the fight with Shinozuka. Together with Kotoha and Touka, they finally defeat him. Kotoha tells Shinozuka to join them, but he remains loyal to Enjin and his ideal world to the very end and is consumed by the shadows.

Akina and Ao arrive at Hime’s location in time to see Enjin slice the scarf from Hime’s neck. I think Enjin was trying to make her feel vulnerable, but she gets angry instead and her anger makes her stronger. She recites an incantation and sends Ryusou’s power into the cherry trees. Jinroku sees the streaks of light and calls them the “dragon’s veins” and says it’s “Ryusou’s wrath”. Hime calls for the “final stage: Oonahabi” and it destroys the cherry blossoms. Hime is able to hit Enjin with her spear and sends him flying towards Akina, who begins to tune him. During the process, it was sad to see Gin come out and thank him for protecting the town. It must have been really hard for Akina to keep going, but he does and Enjin is finally tuned.

A new day dawns and the town is saved. I was surprised to see Shinozuka wake up in Juri’s clinic. I guess they were able to save him after all. The town has a lot of cleaning up to do, as well as getting rid of all those cherry blossom petals, but life is getting back to normal – as evidenced by that lovely town anthem being played once again. Hime meets Akina and gives her back her scarf, wrapping it around her. He had found it and repaired it for her, but tells her it’s still too long. However, Hime says that it’s just right. It’s a very sweet scene, but before things get too awkward, Hime thanks him and goes back on patrol, telling Akina to get his report done. This was another enjoyable little story with a fitting ending.

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Yozakura Quartet Manga Gets New TV Anime

posted on 2013-04-04 09:15 EDT
Announced alongside new “Tsuki ni Naku” DVD series for Suzuhito Yasuda’s manga

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