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Genres: comedy, slice of life
Objectionable content: None
Number of Episodes: 13
Vintage: 2013-04-09
Opening Theme: “Se-no!” by Johoshori-bu
Ending Theme: “Affection” by Mayumi Morinaga

Plot Summary: The uneventful but subtly humorous daily lives of three girls who have just entered high school. Yuzuko is an intelligent airhead. Yukari is a loopy airhead. Yui is the mature and stable heart of the group. The other two girls depend on Yui, and she adores them in return. Teacher Miss Matsumoto, whom they call “Mother,” sets them up in a tiny room with two computers and a whiteboard as the school’s Data Processing Club. (from ANN)

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###Yuyushiki 4-Panel School Manga Gets TV Anime
posted on 2012-08-08 03:57 EDT / ANN
Komata Mikami’s manga about 3 girls in a data-processing club

Episode 1 -

I love how the girls call their teacher “Mom”!

Episode 2 –


So, the girls just kind of eased in to being the Data Processing Club, and now they are having fun with useless knowledge. The girls are really cute too.

Episode 3 –


Summer vacation – yay! Yui definitely seems to be the more level headed of the trio and I can see how she feels like a babysitter sometimes. The sleepover was pretty funny. These girls!

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[url=][/url] [b]Episode 01 is now LIVE![/b]

Ep. 01

Oh yeah!
I’m really going to enjoy this one!

It’s a bit reminiscent of YuruYuri (one I really wish Sentai would pick up) to me, but there’s enough diversity to differentiate the two.

Awesome first episode. It made me think of Azumanga Daioh and Hidamari Sketch colliding with each other.

It also reminds me a little of Nichijou.

Episode 4 –

[details=spoiler]Yuzuko and Yukari tease Aikawa to no end! No wonder she’s intimidated and doesn’t know how to interact with them. But it’s good that she has Yui to look to for help in dealing with them.

It’s funny that Yuzuko doesn’t like wearing her glasses to school because she doesn’t like to look smart! Funny too that the rest of the students are starting to call the teacher “mom” as well and it looks like she’s getting used to it. I also enjoyed the club’s whale research.

It was hysterical when the pigeon landed on Yuzuko’s hand! And Yui needs to stop reading books all night without sleeping![/details]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 02 is now LIVE![/b]

Episode 5 –

[details=spoiler]As the girl’s enjoy their lunch, Yui and Yukari recall how they first met when they were younger. And Yuzuko is jealous that they have such a history together. However, Yukari and Yuzuko also have a special relationship, so she really shouldn’t be jealous.

The next day, the girls talk about death and have some interesting things to say about it. And I love how their classmates react to all of their odd conversations! Their talking comes around again to death and in the end, the girls make a sweet promise about dying.[/details]

Episode 6 –

[details=spoiler]It’s cold! As the girls bask in the warmth of the winter sunlight, they play with the word “potato”. That just leads to other things and Yui ends up with a fit of the giggles. The girls later research the days of the week and find out some interesting things. At least they decide that potatoes are for Saturdays – with a couple of Thursdays thrown in. LOL

The girls want to make a hotpot in the club room but Mom won’t let them. They even try to bribe her, but that doesn’t work either. So they try to move the hotpot to Mom’s house and are actually surprised when she agrees. They enjoy the hotpot and I enjoyed all their descriptions. Mom even plays along with them at one point. On the way home they talk about the arrival of Christmas.

The girls will be sleeping over Yui’s house for Christmas and make some amusing plans – like sleeping in shining pajamas! Of course that isn’t going to happen! After school, the girls enjoy the first snowfall of the season. And that was hysterical. God on a snowflake! I really love the way these girls interact with each other.[/details]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 03 is now LIVE![/b]
[url=][/url] [b]Episode 04 is now LIVE![/b]

Episode 7 –

[details=spoiler]New Year’s finds Yuzuko at Yui’s house – with a sacred arrow! LOL Yuzuko falls asleep and begins to talk. Listening to her, Yui makes a resolution not to be so mad at her this year.

Yukari returns another say and ends up at Yui’s house, where she promptly falls asleep. Funny that in both instances, Yui wakes them up with natto and both girls wake up thinking about a gorilla!

When all three girls are together again, the comments about Yui’s bean had me laughing way too much! The old slap and tickle was funny too. And just when Yukari complained that her folks treat her like she’s still in elementary school. LOL

The girls return to school after winter break and are happy to see Mom. Another of the girl’s strange conversations soon turns to chocolate and both girls can’t get enough of Yui’s “bothered” expression. The inane chocolate conversation soon leads to eyes and that is the club’s research topic for the day. The summary was pretty funny too. These girls really play off one another so well! But I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re little perverts too – and that just makes them funnier! LOL[/details]

Episode 8 –

[details=spoiler]The girls are in their second year now and trying to decide if they should recruit new members for their club – or play Mario Kart! LOL And guess what they pick? They ask Aikawa if she wants to play with them, but she gets dragged away. I don’t think her friends want her hanging out with these weird girls! And the trio is already thinking back over their first year with fond memories and it was only a little while ago!

They chat a little about their club and whether it’s a “proper” club or not, but Yui says it always was and that perhaps they ruined it. Yuzuko says that the next time they see Mom they should ask her – “What color her panties are!” LOL I like how they tease Yukari as the club’s president. And the theme is chosen for the day – humans! But Yukari then changes it to water. They later have some fun with the scientific names for water – “oxidane” and “dihydrogen monoxide” – and some other interesting facts. Once again, the summary was very funny!

There is another trio in the class in the form of Aikawa, Okano, and Hasegawa. Hasegawa seems to be the comic of that group. The next day, I like how she tells our trio that she and Aikawa would like to be friends with them, but they should forget Okano – Hasegawa’s “plaything”! LOL She’s just as bad as Yuzuko! Actually, I think Okano is just a little jealous of Aikawa wanting to be friends with Yui. Perhaps she’s worried that her nice little trio might break up.

Okano goes to buy lunch and realizes that she has no money. Yui was that and lends her the money, and although Okano accepts it, she miffed about it. She decides that Yui is nice, but I don’t think she likes to be beholden to her. I think she feels even worse when Aikawa tells her that Yui is usually stingy with money.

The theme of the day is alcohol and there is more fun. Yuzuko even makes up a cocktail for Yukari’s name that fits Yukari perfectly. Strange that Yuzuko would like to get Mom drunk and she drops by just as the girls predicted. That whole naked boobs thing was hysterical, with the result that Mom will name her next video game character “Nakedboobs”! But at least they find out what would make Mom cry and that was Yuzuko’s intention all along. However, Yui wants Yuzuko to give up on that idea.

Yui later meets Okano and thanks her for treating her to lunch. Yui has no desire to be paid back, so Okano comes up with a suggestion. And she will only let Yui do this amazing thing – “just once!” LOL Okano walks away and Yui just stares after her with a weird expression on her face, not knowing what to think. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard during one of these Yuyushiki episodes![/details]

[url=][/url] [b]Episode 05 is now LIVE![/b]

I skimmed through both SD & HD just to make sure.
The corrected Ep. 05 is now back up.

[quote=“TheCoffeeGod”]I skimmed through both SD & HD just to make sure.
The corrected Ep. 05 is now back up.[/quote]

May I ask what was the problem with episode 5?

I ask because on the Hulu player, the subtitles freeze from about 13:01 to 18:52, displaying the sentence:

It infuses my head with happiness, forcing the memories out.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(BTW sorry if this isn’t posted in the proper spot)


[quote=“TheCoffeeGod”]I skimmed through both SD & HD just to make sure.
The corrected Ep. 05 is now back up.[/quote]
May I ask what was the problem with episode 5?

I ask because on the Hulu player, the subtitles freeze from about 13:01 to 18:52, displaying the sentence:

It infuses my head with happiness, forcing the memories out. [/quote]
That was the encoding error I reported here.,com_kunena/Itemid,183/catid,5/func,view/id,39967/limit,20/limitstart,1720/#143315

I guess they didn’t fix the Hulu stream though, so you should probably quote my post in the thread I linked and bring it to their attention in that thread.

Episode 9 –

[details=spoiler]I wonder if the two trios will join. The girls are really starting to interact with one another and it would be funny if they all ended up in the Data Processing Club together. Yuzuko invites Aikawa to drop by the club and she actually does, although she’s a bit hesitant. However, she quickly warms up and I think she enjoyed herself. Plus, she got to take Yui’s picture!

When the club meets again, the theme is ogres. Somehow they got vampires into that as well. LOL And the summary ends up being that Yui is “cute like an ogre”. Leaving the school, they bump into the other three girls and get invited to Hasegawa’s house. Nice![/details]