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So a 19 day final sale window.

Curious to the length of time RightStuf will keep stock after Sentai discontinues the set from their store.

Angel Beats took an entire year to sell out, but it seems Mardock Scramble and No.6 were gone in just a few months at most.


I think it depends on how popular the show is.

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I think in part it depends on how much stock resellers have and how much they think they can sell them for down the road . Then figuring in if it’s worth them buying as many as they can . Robert still has some copies of Angel Beats on DVD for a bit of a mark up ,but the others are priced at less then retail . I think he buys out OOP stuff from other stores at times then marks stuff way up .

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So the dvd is now discounted at Rightstuf as well and the Blu-ray is gone from the site as far as my search is turning up .

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And now the Blu-Ray is sold out and listed as Out of Print on the Sentai store .

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Thankful to have my copy of the Blu Ray :blush:

Either it was almost out already, or A-Channel has more fans than they let on. Angel Beats only beat the A-Channel Blu-ray sell out by 1 day :thinking:

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I’m glad I upgraded during one of the sales . Thinking it was almost out . I think it was on sale Best Buy at one point which lead to it on sale at Amazon . I think Sentai was supplying restock for Best Buy’s sales from their stock to . Also I wonder if they ever did more then one print run for the Blu-Ray . The DVD would have been a larger run as the min run order should have been higher back when it came out . Roberts and a few random sellers have stock still . It’s sold out in both formats on Amazon .

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Yes. You picked up your BD copy back during Black Friday last year. I remember commenting on your post :joy:

Found it :joy:


Curious to that as well. The DVD was released late 2012, and the Blu-ray was released in early 2015. That should have equaled at least a second BD run, right?

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You would think with in that time another run would be done ,but then again min run around that time of was maybe still 3000 spread over 3 and a half years could be about right . I remember people that gave it a shot liking it ,but I don’t know how popular it was overall if it was enough for them to print more . I’m guessing enough to get the Blu-ray ,but to be honest I was out of the game off fishing by then and not paying much attention . It could have just been someone at Sentai really liked it . I’ve seen them do stranger things .

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Mentioning this just because. The DVD of A-CHANNEL is back at it’s normal price. There’s at least 20 copies left on the store.

(Still 9.98 on RS though)


Well the DVD has either about 12 hours or 36 hours left. (Don’t know if it goes out of print on the 30th, or after)

Last call to get such a cute and funny Aniplex series from Sentai…

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Figured for it’s last day with Sentai, the ED sadly fits so well.

Ja ne, itsumo arigato :sob:

Edit, since you can’t have more than 3 consecutive replies on the same thread…

It’s still on the Sentai store. Did Aniplex change the expiration date?


May have for the DVD or someone forgot to remove it .

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I’m thinking it’s this since the page still says Available till April 30th, but you never know…


And it’s gone :sob: