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Your Sentai Filmworks 2018 Wishlist

  • RahXephon on Blu-Ray
  • Locodol Ep 14-15 on Blu-Ray
  • Princess Principal Collector’s Edition
  • More of the Bandai / Sunrise Backlog worked through
  • K-On! Complete Collection (Either S1 / S2 / Movie, or just S1 / S2)
  • Trinity Seven Movie on Blu-Ray
  • Fate / Kaleid Liner Prima Illya 3rei + Movie

That’s pretty much my 2018 wishlist, What’s on your wishlist for Sentai?


I want 'em all! :slight_smile:


It’ll never happen, but To Love Ru / Darkness OVA’s


a line of Funko Pop or similarly style figs.

think of the possibilities…:star_struck:

another line of tees with front and back covers of the dvd/bd releases…:wink:

and more Lewd Lita…:kissing_heart:


Rahxephon on Bluray here too. Fantastic, extras packed collectors editions for Made in Abyss and Princess Principal. Other than that, I just hope to see more simulcasts and dubs.