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Sentai Filmworks
Day 2 of @animeexpo, you ready? Clearly he is not…thedon


[size=16]Anime Expo: Digital Manga Inc. Announces DMG Payment Restructuring, Updated Release Schedule[/size]
posted on 2015-07-03 05:30 EDT


Sentai Filmworks
Day 2 @animeexpo: Our Parasyte outside event is ready! South hall entrance, come hang out and get some fluff ice! :wink:

(Click link to view short video)


Seven Seas
Seven Seas Visits the Afterlife with License of Angel Beats!: Heaven’s Door Manga!-heavens-door-manga/706


Sentai Filmworks
Come to the South hall to get infected in our Parasite photo op! Use the #infectax after for some FREE Fluff Ice!





Sentai Filmworks
At our special Punch Line in Video 3 screening handing out these super cute Mikatan buttons. :o @AnimeExpo


Sentai Filmworks
@OJessicaNigri is at booth 1301, make sure to stop by! She’ll be here til 4, don’t miss it!


Sentai Filmworks
Day 2 @AnimeExpo is done! Our Mirais are resting up and heading out, see you all tomorrow for Day 3!


Sentai Filmworks
Day 3, thedon is ready for the biggest day animeexpo. See you at booth 1301!


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[size=16]ANN: Anime Expo 2015 News Roundup: Day One & Day Two[/size]
by Zac Bertschy, Jul 3rd 2015


Sentai Filmworks
It’s Day 3 at @AnimeExpo and our booth is set for the day. Head to 1301 to take some pics and buy some merch!





Sentai Filmworks
The line for Jessica Nigri has already started…look at all these lucky bastards. :wink:


There’s 1 Velma Dinkley…
Two Velma Dinkleys…
Three Velma Dinkleys…

And a slightly older Shaggy Rogers caught with his hand in a bag of Scooby snacks.


Sentai Filmworks
‏@OJessicaNigri is at our booth cosplaying Jibril from No Game No Life! :slight_smile:


Sentai Filmworks
Cleaning up for the final day of @AnimeExpo. Visit us at booth 1301 for some last second March shopping!


Sentai Filmworks
It’s the last day of animeexpo and thedon saved his best for last. See you guys out there! :)…


Solid Snake is on the job.



[size=16]ANN: Anime Expo 2015 News Roundup[/size]
by Zac Bertschy, Jul 3rd 2015


Sentai Noticed You! #AnimeExpo2015 #SentaiNoticedYou #AnimeExpo