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We need another anime boom over here. I’m sure they can throw some of those shojo titles on with a TV station that shows My Little Pony. I think Sentai could put that sugar fairy on TV for girls.

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You know Anime use to be like gold. TV networks were like this is going to get us a lot of ratings. Now it all like “Do we really want to deal with those weirdo’s?”.


It might come down to “The Wierdo’s are the only ones left with money.” :side:

Mark Gosdin

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That channel is currently showing the new Duelmasters show, anyway The Hub is just one big toy ad for Hasbro, with a few good shows. I wouldn’t mind seeing a show or two end up there, but Section 23 or whoever would have to give toy rights to Hasbro and make sure the show isn’t too violent, etc. Plus with Toonami back, the late night anime spot isn’t there anymore for everything else.

Kairi Shimotsuki’s Brave10 S Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2011-07-13 06:22 EDT
Continuation of Brave10 manga by artist of Madness, Makai Ishi Mephisto adaptation

Okinawa’s Shimanchu MiRiKa Anime Gets 2nd Series

posted on 2011-08-13 06:23 EDT
All-new TV series this fall with Noriko Hidaka (Touch, Inuyasha, Ranma)

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 4-Panel Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2011-08-26 11:08 EDT
Ru Tatsuki’s 4-panel manga about “spherical cat” and its family

Chibi Devi! Shojo Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime in October

posted on 2011-09-01 09:25 EDT
Hiromu Shinozuka’s comedy about middle school girl & devil baby

Experimental Ad Lib Anime Kenkyusho to Air in October

posted on 2011-09-05 13:55 EDT
Lucky Star’s Emiri Katou, Kaori Fukuhara create each episode’s script entirely from scratch

Sengoku Paradise Mobile Game Community Gets TV Anime

posted on 2011-09-11 04:30 EDT
Site for female players with handsome figures in Japanese history

Morita-san wa Mukuchi TV Anime Gets 2nd Season

posted on 2011-09-16 06:15 EDT
Anime shorts of Tae Sano’s 4-panel comedy manga premiered in July

Maya Miyazaki’s Gokujyo— Manga Gets TV Anime in 2012

posted on 2011-09-27 02:38 EDT
“Slightly risqué” story set in high school girls’ dormitory

Cross Fight B-Daman’s Toy-Based Anime Promo Video Posted

posted on 2011-09-29 09:00 EDT
New TV anime based on Takara Tomy’s marble-shooting game to launch on October 2

Nihon Omoshiro Mukashi Banashi TV Anime Debuts Next Month

posted on 2011-10-24 08:30 EDT
Japanese folk stories animated by Nico Nico Douga artist 5-gatsu-byo Mario, Akiba Koubou

Yurumates 4-Panel Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2011-11-22 12:00 EST
Story by saxyun about girl facing life without college in apartment of tenants in same fix

Square Enix’s Gyrozetter Card Game Gets 2012 TV Anime

posted on 2011-12-01 04:05 EST
A-1 Pictures anime, manga, 3DS game tied to 2012 game with transforming robots designed by Shoji Kawamori, others

Savanna Game Suspense Novel Gets TV Anime in 2012

posted on 2011-12-06 15:00 EST
Mobile phone novel about state-sanctioned killing game that spans space-time continuum

Yappo Island Picture Books Get Stop-Motion TV Anime

posted on 2011-12-08 18:00 EST
Adaptation of Yammie’s children’s books about a girl and her monkey to air in January

Kimi to Boku/You and Me’s 2nd Season Titled

posted on 2011-12-26 23:55 EST

Shiba Inuko-san 4-Panel Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2012-02-14 20:45 EST
Manga began serialization in Manga Club Original magazine in 2010

Furusato Saisei Nihon no Mukashi Banashi Anime Announced

posted on 2012-03-01 17:45 EST
New TV series telling Japanese folklore stories to premiere on April 1

Kuromajyo-san ga Tōru!! Children’s Novels Get TV Anime

posted on 2012-03-02 00:30 EST
Fumiko Orikasa, Romi Park star as cynical witch-in-training & her instructor

Rico’s Panda no Tapu Tapu Character Gets TV Anime Shorts

posted on 2012-03-21 10:55 EDT
Kachidoki Studio’s latest series to follow title panda & zodiac animal friends

Sapporo Beverages’ Ribbon-chan Mascot Gets TV Anime Shorts

posted on 2012-03-21 12:00 EDT
Idol group Sea☆A to perform theme song; series to premiere April 4

Minami-ke’s New Anime Listed as ‘4th Season’

posted on 2012-03-21 23:55 EDT

New Little Charo Anime Show Puts Title Pup in Northeast Japan

posted on 2012-03-22 04:50 EDT
Little Charo: Tohoku-hen slated for 12 episodes beginning in April

Moyashimon Returns to TV in New Anime This July

posted on 2012-03-22 21:21 EDT
Follows 2007 anime, 2010 live-action show of Masayuki Ishikawa’s manga in Noitamina

‘Butt-Biting Insect’ Kids’ Song Gets TV Anime Series

posted on 2012-05-03 01:20 EDT
2007 “Oshiri Kajiri Mushi” song inspirse 20 5-minute episodes this fall

Mangirl! Manga About Editors’ Lives Gets TV Anime

posted on 2012-05-07 09:31 EDT
Kagari Tamaoka’s manga about female manga editors who launch magazine with zero experience

Toei Makes TV Anime of Driland Fantasy Mobile Game

posted on 2012-05-09 22:00 EDT
Toei Animation producing animated version of hit Gree cell phone game

Robin with His 100 Friends Gets 2nd Anime Season

posted on 2012-05-15 21:48 EDT
Second season of five-minute shorts by PansonWorks to begin in July

Yurumate3Dei TV Anime’s 2nd Season Confirmed

posted on 2012-06-04 08:49 EDT
Ayana Taketatsu voices Sae’s sister in saxyun’s comedy about girl facing life without college

Bloody Bunny Mascot Gets TV Anime Shorts in July

posted on 2012-06-16 17:00 EDT
Kachidoki Studio’s anime of Thai mascot to debut on 23 Japanese TV stations

D.C.III ~Da Capo III~ Visual Novel Gets TV Anime

posted on 2012-07-07 10:08 EDT
Latest Da Capo visual novel from CIRCUS inspires January 2013 anime

GJ-bu Chūtō-bu School Light Novels Get TV Anime

posted on 2012-07-09 08:01 EDT
Shin Araki’s “4-panel novel” about 3 middle-school girls

Lychee Light Club Horror Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2012-08-05 10:39 EDT
Usamaru Furuya’s manga published by Vertical in North America

Haitai Nanafa TV Anime to Premiere in October

posted on 2012-08-14 14:45 EDT
Rei Matsuzaki, Hiromi Igarashi star in series about Okinawan family & tree spirits

Takara Tomy’s Beast Saga Franchise Gets TV Anime

posted on 2012-09-04 16:32 EDT

Chiisana Ojisan TV Anime to Premiere in October

posted on 2012-09-11 14:00 EDT
Kachidoki Studio to animate adaptation of Noi Asano’s manga about tiny old man

Dangerous Jii-san Ja Manga Gets TV Anime in October

posted on 2012-09-12 17:30 EDT
Kazutoshi Soyama’s Grandpa Danger manga gets new TV adaptation after 7 years

Ganbare! Lulu Lolo - Tiny Twin Bears to Air in January

posted on 2012-09-19 12:00 EDT
2 sisters from The Bears’ School picture books that also inspired anime film

Picchipichi Shizuku-chan Anime to Debut on October 6

posted on 2012-09-22 22:30 EDT
3rd kids’ anime inspired by Rikko Gibo’s rain drop sprite character

Anime of Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san Manga Briefly Listed

posted on 2012-10-05 06:15 EDT
Keiji Nashima’s comedy of mermaid caught by high school fishing club member

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san Anime to Air on TV

posted on 2012-10-12 22:43 EDT

Sōta Sugahara and Kōtarō Ishidate, Director, Writer Make Boku no Imōto wa ‘Ōsaka Okan’ Anime

posted on 2012-11-27 09:00 EST
Kana Asumi, Ryoko Shiraishi play siblings who live together after a decade apart

Monchicchiisu CG Anime to Premiere on Kids Station on Saturday

posted on 2012-11-30 17:45 EST
PansonWorks’ new anime series is based on Sekiguchi Corp’s stuffed monkey toys

Aiura 4-Panel High School Girl Manga Has Anime in the Works

posted on 2012-09-10 12:26 EDT
Chama’s niconico/Nano Ace manga about aimless daily life of 3 spirited school girls

Aiura to Air on TV Next Spring

posted on 2012-12-06 23:03 EST

Hot-Pot Character Oden-kun Returns in New TV Anime

posted on 2012-12-20 07:11 EST
Ganbare! Odenkun anime adapted from Lily Franky’s popular children’s book to air in January

Danchi Tomoo Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-01-04 05:21 EST
Tobira Oda’s award-nominated manga about 4th-grader’s misadventures in apartment complex

‘Straight Title Robot Anime’ TV Show Made With MikuMikuDance

posted on 2013-01-10 09:10 EST
Hatsune Miku’s KEI designs story of robots waging war long after humans’ extinction

Tenpo Suikoden Classic Story Retelling Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-02-01 08:41 EST
Japanese re-imagining of Chinese classic novel relocated to Chiba Prefecture

Boku wa Ō-sama Fairy Tale Classic Gets 1st TV Anime

posted on 2013-02-06 10:00 EST
Teruo Teramura & Shizuko Wakayama’s 50-book series have sold 5 million copies

GREE’s Odoriko Clinoppe Creature-Raising Game Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-02-21 02:30 EST
Surreal, comical life of palm-sized, squishy creature & office lady owner

Dibetagurashi Manga About Duck’s Life Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-03-06 20:30 EST
Taiki Matsuno, Juurouta Kosugi to star in series premiering April 7

Haitai Nanafa TV Anime Gets 2nd Season

posted on 2013-03-06 21:30 EST
Rei Matsuzaki, Hiromi Igarashi in story of Okinawan family & tree spirits with POP designs

New Line Town Anime Slated for April 3 With Shokotan Song

posted on 2013-03-22 19:00 EDT
2nd anime series based on stamp mascot characters from NHN’s voice-chat/messaging app

Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road Project Restarts as Fall TV Anime

posted on 2013-07-23 12:45 EDT
Project originally scheduled for 2005 as collaboration between Gainax, Takara, Broccoli

Bottom Biting Bug Gag Anime Gets 2nd Anime Series

posted on 2013-07-25 02:05 EDT
Anime based on hit children’s song about bottom-biting insect

Super Seisyun Brothers Slice-of-Life Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-08-01 00:25 EDT
Shin Shinmoto’s comedy manga of 2 pairs of strange but similar siblings

GJ Club Moe Anime Gets Sequel Green-lit

posted on 2013-08-07 13:02 EDT
1st season based on Shin Araki’s light novel series premiered in January

Disney to distribute Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Kaze Tachinu’ in U.S.

September 2013

Oneechan ga Kita Sisterly Love 4-Panel Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-10-16 00:00 EDT
Rikō Anzai’s comedy of boy who gains a strange new big sister with sadist & voluptuous friends

Strange+ Detective Gag Manga by Maka Maka’s Mikawa Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-10-27 12:00 EDT
Tomokazu Seki, Jun Fukuyama, Ryotaro Okiayu, Satsuki Yukino to star

Beast Saga Franchise Gets 2nd Anime Series

posted on 2013-10-30 09:10 EDT
New anime season moving the setting to the sky to come to Japanese DVD rental stores this spring

Sega’s Project 575 Gets Go! Go! 575 TV Anime in January

posted on 2013-11-15 01:45 EST
Oreimo’s Kanzaki designs characters voiced by Yuka Ōtsubo, Ayaka Ohashi for singing haiku-like songs

Rensuke Oshikiri’s Pupipō! Horror Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-11-20 01:25 EST

Gainax Makes Magica Wars TV Anime With Game Tie-Ins

posted on 2013-11-28 03:00 EST
Project also spawns phone browser game, 3D iOS shooting game

Sugar Soldier Shōjo Romantic Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-12-25 01:40 EST
Mayu Sakai’s story of social outcast who makes friends with popular boy

Romantica Clock Shōjo Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2013-12-25 02:50 EST
Aishiteru ze Baby’s Maki created story about competing twins

Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono CG TV Anime Gets 2nd Season

posted on 2013-12-29 00:30 EST
High school club’s remaining girls to attract members in the new year

Sega’s Hero Bank ‘Money Battle RPG’ Listed With Anime

posted on 2014-01-08 01:00 EST

An inside look at the anime industry

January 11, 2014

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san Yuri Manga Gets Anime

posted on 2014-01-17 10:25 EST
Sumire Uesaka, Nao Tōyama lead cast for story of girls with cat-like, dog-like tendencies

Morning Magazine’s Yōkai Zukan Monster Guide Gets TV Anime

posted on 2014-02-01 13:30 EST
Masafumi Gotō created TOKYO Yōkai Zukan inspiration for KutsuDaru anime

Super Radical Gag Family Sequel Manga Gets New TV Anime

posted on 2014-02-03 02:05 EST
1st Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku manga inspired 1998 anime helmed by Fruits Basket’s Daichi

Konami’s Social Game Dragon Collection Gets TV Anime

posted on 2014-02-15 02:30 EST

Sumo Manga Notari Matsutaro by Ashita no Joe’s Chiba Gets TV Anime

posted on 2014-02-23 22:55 EST
Abarenbō Rikishi!! Matsutarō to premiere on April 5

Tsukudani’s Cross-Dressing 4-Panel Manga Himegoto Gets Anime

posted on 2014-02-24 02:55 EST
Norio Tsukudani’s story of boy forced by girls to wear female clothes in high school

Cross-Dressing TV Anime Himegoto’s Cast, Staff Unveiled

posted on 2014-02-24 18:30 EST
Yūki Kuwahara, Yuka Matenrō, Saki Ono, Hisako Tōjō star in Asahi’s July anime

Sato, Okada, Kawamori Make M3 ~Sono Kuroki Hagane~ Anime

posted on 2014-03-13 02:15 EDT
Director, writer, mecha designer named for Satelight’s April TV anime

Tsubu Doll Anime Unveiled to Promote Sagamihara Area

posted on 2014-03-22 09:35 EDT
Story of 16 ‘local idols’ in Kanagawa Pref. city to premiere this fall

Fantasy Feline Character Dayan Gets TV Anime Shorts

posted on 2014-04-08 13:40 EDT
Series about star of Akiko Ikeda’s children’s books premieres on April 26

Feline Character Neko Pitcher Gets TV Anime Shorts

posted on 2014-04-11 12:00 EDT
Adaptation of manga by Neko Ramen author debuts on May 3

Gourmet Manga Medamayaki no Kimi Itsu Tsubusu? Gets TV Anime

posted on 2014-05-09 11:00 EDT
Gō Ōhinata’s comedy about man obsessed with how to eat inspires 4 anime/live-action episodes

4-Panel Merman Manga Orenchi no Furo Jijō Gets TV Anime

posted on 2014-05-13 05:45 EDT
Itokichi’s story of high school boy & handsome merman who moves into his bathtub

First “Hybrid Child” Anime Preview

June 5, 2014

Magic Kaito Manga Gets TV Anime by A-1 Pictures

posted on 2014-07-25 06:45 EDT

Miritari! 4-Panel Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2014-07-27 14:15 EDT
A high school student is caught between two warring Dukedoms

Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen Gag Anime Gets 2nd Season

posted on 2014-08-16 08:34 EDT
1st season parodying characters from Nihon Falcom games premiered in January

Silver Link Makes Yuri Kuma Arashi TV Anime by Utena/Penguindrum’s Ikuhara

posted on 2014-08-24 12:05 EDT
Etsuko Sumimoto adapts designs by Hanjuku-Joshi manga’s Akiko Morishima

gdgd Fairies Creator’s Narihero www Anime Gets TV Series

posted on 2014-09-10 15:30 EDT
15-minute episodes about 3 sisters in space to premiere October 6

Ganbare! Lulu Lolo’s 2nd Season to Air September 25

posted on 2014-09-15 15:20 EDT
2 new characters join series for young children

Bottom Biting Bug Comedy Anime Gets 3rd TV Series

posted on 2014-09-22 21:20 EDT
Issei Futamata joins cast in 5-minute episodes

Pankis! 2-jigen TV Anime to Debut in January

posted on 2014-11-24 23:30 EST
TV series about ‘spirits of sound’ is part of project that includes music, manga, stage play, voice actors

Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono’s 3rd Season to Have 30-Minute Episodes

posted on 2014-12-13 13:00 EST
Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono: Spin-off Puru Purun Sharumu to Asobō is collaboration with Shonen Sirius manga

Gainax Sets Up Studio, Museum in Fukushima

posted on 2015-01-16 13:00 EST
Studio to open in March, accept work from overseas

Sushi and Beyond Book About Japanese Food Gets TV Anime

posted on 2015-01-21 14:00 EST
Rareko to direct anime that chronicles British writer’s trip to Japan with his family

Digital Boys-Love Comedy Manga Narudoma Gets 2015 TV Anime

posted on 2015-01-21 05:00 EST
Kometokaita Meter’s story of narcissistic Hagito, masochistic Kei, other colorful characters

Onnanoko tte. Shōjo Advice Manga Gets TV Anime Shorts

posted on 2015-01-29 01:20 EST
Kanahei’s series explains matters regarding girls’ bodies, minds with experts

Shokotan’s Autobiographical Cat & Family Essays Get TV Anime

posted on 2015-01-31 17:00 EST
Omakase Mamitasu inspired by Shoko Nakagawa’s life with 10 cats

Kadokawa, Shizuoka Asahi Make BAR Kiraware Yasai Flash TV Anime

posted on 2015-02-03 01:15 EST
PUCHIM@S’ Mankyū directs anime shorts about vegetables children hate

Tales of the Industry: Job Interview

by Justin Sevakis, Feb 10th 2015

Sunrise’s Kids & Family IP to Spin Off Into New Bandai Namco Group Company

posted on 2015-02-12 02:00 EST
Bandai Namco Pictures to launch in April; rest of Sunrise to expand business aimed at anime fans

Nyuru Nyuru!! Kakusen-kun Flash Anime Gets 2nd Season in April

posted on 2015-02-23 14:40 EST
Aya Uchida joins cast of DLE’s anime about creatures who live on human skin

Nami Tamaki Performs Vampire Holmes TV Anime’s Theme Song

posted on 2015-02-17 08:00 EST
Anime starring unconventional Sherlock Holmes trying to solve vampire murders premieres in April

Shishō 2chan Novels Get TV Anime, Live-Action Film, TV Drama

posted on 2015-02-28 07:13 EST
Actor Mahiro Takasugi plays main character in adaptations of series that began in 2003

Wakako-zake Late-Night Cuisine Manga Gets TV Anime

posted on 2015-03-23 05:00 EDT
Series about 26-year-old who enjoys herself at bars alone

Gainax Founder, Evangelion Designer Make TV Anime About Female Free Diver

posted on 2015-05-23 00:19 EDT
Hiroyuki Yamaga reunites with Honneamise collaborator Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Aya Suzaki, Asuka Nishi’s Radio Program Gets TV Anime Adaptation

posted on 2015-05-24 04:35 EDT
2 voice actresses to voice themselves in studio feel. anime debuting in July

A, Abe Reiji Salaryman Radio Comedy Gets TV Spinoff Anime

posted on 2015-06-21 11:20 EDT
FROGMAN directs show about ordinary salaryman’s extraordinary life

Komori-san wa Kotowarenai Anime to Air in October

posted on 2015-07-26 12:00 EDT
I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying’s Cool-Kyou-Sinnjya writes about girl who can’t refuse to do favors

Aru Hi Inu no Kuni kara Tegami ga Kite Manga Gets Anime on DVD

posted on 2015-08-02 23:30 EDT
Anime DVD bundled with Ciao magazine’s next issue on September 3

Kyo-fu! Zombie Neko TV Anime Series Premieres on October 1

posted on 2015-09-06 17:45 EDT
Kanahei designs characters for short anime series about lovable resurrected cat

Neko no Dayan Short Anime Gets 2nd Season in Fall

posted on 2015-09-07 02:00 EDT
Neko no Dayan, Nihon e Iku series to take place in Japan

Cat Essay Manga Neko Nanka Yonde mo Konai Gets TV Anime Shorts

posted on 2015-10-07 09:00 EDT
Sugisaku’s manga will also get live-action film starring Junsuke Kazama

Ganbare! Lulu Lolo - Tiny Twin Bears Gets 3rd Season in January

posted on 2015-10-07 10:00 EDT
Popular kids’ series about 2 twin bear sisters

Puppet Anime Chieri to Cherry to Premiere at Tokyo Int’l Film Fest

posted on 2015-10-05 02:15 EDT
Nakamura’s “Cheburashka Dōbutsuen e Iku” to screen alongside film

Imagica, Cool Japan Buy Localization Company SDI Media

posted on 2015-02-21 13:20 EST by Karen Ressler

Rage of Bahamut’s Cygames Establishes Anime Division

posted on 2015-03-10 07:02 EDT by Sarah Nelkin
Mobile game developer also handles The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

Tales of the Industry: They Shoot Their Hostages, Don’t They?

by Justin Sevakis, March 10th 2015

Welcome to Tales of the Industry, a column where we will share stories from real working professionals in the anime business. These stories will be anonymous, and told in the first person. Names and unimportant details have been changed to protect people’s jobs, but the stories are otherwise 100% true. They might’ve taken place last year, they might’ve taken place a decade ago. They’re the things that the pros wish they could tell you.

Are you a current or former member of the anime business or convention staff? Do you have a story you’ve been dying to tell, but just can’t tell it the normal way? Get in touch with Justin Sevakis through any social media you like. His Twitter account is @WorldOfCrap, if you aren’t acquainted.

AnimEigo: DVD vs. Blu-Ray Pricing Survey

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Tales Of The Industry: Less Fanboying Is More

by Justin Sevakis, Mar 24th 2015

China Punishes Video Sites for Hosting Offensive Anime

posted on 2015-04-01 15:20 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda

Toyoki Ohta Takes Over as MAGES President

posted on 2015-04-05 06:00 EDT by Kiara Valdez
Former president Chiyomaru Shikura promoted to chairman of board of directors

Tales Of The Industry: Trapped at a Convention

by Justin Sevakis, Apr 7th 2015

Kadokawa Corporation to Restructure, Dissolve Brand Companies

posted on 2015-04-16 15:45 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Famitsu Magazine will move to Kadokawa’s parent company

Tales Of The Industry: The Mecha Saw Combat

by Justin Sevakis, Apr 21st 2015

ANN 2015 Reader Survey

Apr 24, 2015

Konami Delisted From New York Stock Exchange

posted on 2015-04-27 14:55 EDT by Karen Ressler

Study: New Entry-Level Animators Earn US$9,200 a Year in Japan

posted on 2015-04-28 06:30 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Government/industry study produce similar results to 2009 study