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Anime Network Forums - Internet Explorer 11 Deprecation

Anime Network Forums - Internet Explorer 11 Deprecation

Discourse will be ending support for IE11 on June 1, 2020. Users are strongly encouraged to move to a supported browser to continue using Discourse without interruption. Discourse will start showing a warning to users that IE11 support is ending at the top of the site. For full details, see Discourse is ending support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on June 1, 2020

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The reason for this is that Microsoft, like with Windows 7, is discontinuing support for Internet Explorer 11.

So please either use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge

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Actually, it’s only because Edge had replaced IE in terms of new features, so since Windows 8, it hadn’t gotten any new features since it came out with Windows 7.

Also, technically, IE is still supported in terms of security updates because it’s part of Windows 10…


Damn. I guess I’ll have to change my default to that garbage chrome if I want to keep posting here.

Why not Firefox?

Memory reasons.

My phone won’t download any apps from Google Play. I don’t know why the hell it won’t. Need to get a new one when I finish paying off this peice of shi+.

When im on my computer I prefer internet Explorer but guess Ill try it.

Lately Firefox uses less memory than Chrome.

Also, most sites are turning off support for IE now. It’s just too old.

According to that article, they would have to program special code just for Discourse to function properly with IE as well. :thinking:

Like I said, it’s too old. Most functions require special code for IE now because it doesn’t support most features modern browsers give us.

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Damn it